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New Rules For Booking Train Tickets Online

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Posted 27 June 2008 - 09:01 AM

IRCTC has recently revised the rules for online booking you can now print out waiting listed E tickets, cancel the master passenger on a E ticket without rendering the other passengers on the ticket null and void. Modification to the passenger list can now be done a booking offices across India, provided that the new passenger is a blood relation.

Advance reservation is now 90 days instead of the old system of 60 and women passengers over 60 will receive 50% discount instead of 30%.

In the Railway budget fares were reduced in several of the passenger classes. Tickets bought before 01-04-2008 now qualify for a partial refund

You'll find details of all these changes below


An additional facility of booking waitlist e-tickets is now available for all trains. The salient features are as under:-

1) Name of the passengers whose status is fully confirmed / fully RAC after chart preparation, their names shall appear in
charts & they can undertake their journey.

2) Name of the passengers whose names are partly confirmed/partly waitlist or partly RAC/partly waitlist, their names shall
appear in charts including the waitlist passengers.

Cancellation of e-tickets by the customer/Agent through Internet is permitted only before chart preparation of the train.For
any claims on e-tickets to be cancelled after the preparation of Reservation charts, the user has to send an email at the
earliest possible time to etickets@irctc.co.in giving full details of the ticket and stating the claim,which would then be
processed by IRCTC with the Railway administration offline and refunds as sanctioned by the Railway administration
would be credited back to the user's account.

3) Names of the Passengers who are left out fully(all the passengers in the transaction) on waiting list after chart
preparation,their names will be dropped and will not appear in charts. They are not allowed to board the train. If detected
traveling in the train, they shall be treated as passenger traveling without ticket as per extant Railway Rules.Their
cancellation shall be done by IRCTC after chart preparation and refund shall be arranged from Railways by IRCTC and
credited to customer/Agent account electronically.


1) Cancellation of Master Passenger:-

a) Cancellation of Master passenger can now be done by user. The entire ticket will not be cancelled, if master
passenger is cancelled. At the time of cancellation of master passenger, any passenger in the same ticket can be opted as
Master passenger by the user.

:) Whenever user wants to cancel Master passenger, user is required to click “Cancel Part Ticket” to change identity details
of earlier master passenger.

c) Identity details of new master passengers are required to be filled in.

d) After entering the identification details of new master passenger, user has to click “Cancel Part Ticket”.

e) User will get Cancellation Status and details. ERS with the new master passenger can be printed again.

f) Please note that in case user desires to cancel whole ticket, he can proceed with “Cancel Full Ticket” button.

g) Due care should be taken by user. The new identity proof should be carried by master passenger during travel. If not done,
he / she will be treated as without ticket and will be charged as per existing Railway Commercial Rules.
2) Change of boarding station & change in name of E-Ticket passenger:-

• For getting these facilities, customer can now approach the nearest Railway Reservation Office with ‘Electronic
Reservation Slip’ print out and photo identity proof mentioned in the ‘Electronic Reservation Slip’ at least 24 hours before
the scheduled departure of train as per extant Railway rules.

• Facility of change of name in E-ticket is not available for the master passenger (which is being shown with star
indication*). Hence change of Master Passenger will not be done. However the facility of cancellation of master passenger (in
case of partial cancellation) and entering identification details of any one of the passengers in the same ticket has been
provided on-line only.

• Please note that reservation offices can not change photo identity particulars mentioned in ‘Electronic Reservation Slip’.
Reservation Office can only change ‘Boarding Station’ & ‘Passenger Name’ (other than master passenger), on production of
proof for the same.

• Facility in the name change of passenger holding confirmed e-reservation has been permitted ( except for the ‘Master Passenger’
shown in the e-ticket with star indication *) as per extant Railway rules noted as under:-

1. Where the passenger makes a request in writing 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train to the nearest
Railway Reservation office. It can be transferred to an-other member of his family, meaning, Father, Mother, Brother,
Sister, Son, Daughter, Husband and Wife. He should bring the ‘Electronic Reservation Slip’ print out along with photo
identity card proof & a proof for blood relation desired to be changed .
2. Where the passenger is a Government Servant proceeding on duty and appropriate authority, makes a request in
writing 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train.

• Such request will be granted once only.

REFUNDS on tickets purchased before 01-04-2008

Since fares of 1st ACC, A/C 2-tier and 2nd class ( seats) are reduced in the Railway Budget 2008, the passengers who booked their I-tickets through Internet prior to 01-04-2008 for journeys commencing from 1st April 2008 and beyond, are hereby advised to exchange their I-tickets with the revised fare tickets from the nearest Railway Reservation Counter. The difference of fare for the I-tickets so exchanged through PRS counters shall be credited to the customer’s/Agent’s account electronically.

For e-tickets for the journeys as mentioned above refund amount shall be worked out and sent to Railways for verification. On receipt of refund from the Railways, the refund amount shall be credited to customer’s/Agent’s account electronically.

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Posted 27 June 2008 - 09:35 AM

[quote name='cyberhippie' date='Jun 26 2008, 08:31 PM' post='40413']
... and women passengers over 60 will receive 50% discount instead of 30%.[/quote}
Yesss!!! :)
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Posted 27 June 2008 - 09:38 AM

I thought that would cheer you up Dzi, get yourself on a AC Garib Rath to somewhere and you can travel incredibly cheaply and in comfort.
Garib Rath Expresses are almost as fast as Rajdhani/Shatabdi Exp and about a third of the price. A great way to travel cheap and comfy.
Nice new carriages too.

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Posted 27 June 2008 - 09:54 AM

Here's a comparison between the Rajdhani and Garib Rath to Mumbai in 3AC even though the arrival/departure stations are different you'll still get my drift.
333 Rupees from Delhi to Mumbai, on a fast AC train, can't be bad eh.

2910 BDTS GARIB RATH NZM 15.50 BDTS 08.05 Travel time 16.15

Costs AC3 Rs 667
Discounted(estimate) AC3 Rs 333

2952 MUMBAI RAJDHANI NDLS 16.30 BCT 08.35 Travel Time 16.05

Costs AC3 Rs 1495
Discounted(estimate) AC3 Rs 747