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Problems with Chilli Paneer - need a good restaurant type recipe

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Hi guys,

I hope my english is good enough. When you find mistakes please write the right form, would be nice ;)


I always order Chilli Paneer from a delivery service here in germany. Its the restaurant type and the sauce is pretty dark and spicy.

Yesterday I did it by a recipe from the internet and the sauce was red and like a soup.

Unfortunately the paneer I did a day ago was crumby. Very disapointing.

1. Is there anybody how could tell me whats in the Chilli Paneer from the delivery service?

2. Is there anybody who could give me a recipe for that dark restaurant type Chilli Paneer?

3. I dont know why my paneer was so crumby. I think it should be more solid.


Chilli Paneer Maharani.jpg

I am thankful for recipes on the internet - but this was the result of those recipe:




But that was not that type (or my fault) I was searching for. 


Unfortunately (but I can understand) the delivery service dont want to support me.

Chilli Paneer Fail.jpg

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