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Trawling Fishing in Goa

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Trawling Fishing in Goa is mainly for adventure and recreation enthusiasts. In Bottom Fishing, one uses artificial baits or lures which are designed to resemble the appearance and movement of prey, usually small fish.
Best Features of Artificial Baits/Lures
•    Lures are simply fun to use! Catching a fish on a lure always seems especially satisfying.
•    Lure fishing is an active, engaging pursuit, and you can cover a lot more water with a lure.
•    Lures tend to catch slightly larger fish on average and attract less unwanted by-catch.
•    Lures nearly always hook fish in the jaws, lips, or mouth, facilitating easier, safer catch and release.
•    Lure collecting can become at least as addictive (and pleasurable) as lure fishing!
The key words for fishing in Goa are patience and tranquillity. In Goa, we provide Bottom Fishing at two locations – Sinquerim and Donapaula. We provide the fishing equipment along with a guide to assist you while fishing. While you fish, you are also provided some light snacks and refreshments too. You need to ensure that you also carry along sun glares, camera, sun screen lotion and a hat to save you from the blazing sun.

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