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Upfront it's a very modish property virtue of being the latest (2016) in the Kolkata market. It almost gives you the feel of newly launched jewellery showroom with all the glitterati of chrome finish hangings and brilliant props. The All-Day Dining restaurant was pretty well setup with 4 distinct kitchens catering an array of World and Indian cuisines. The variety and the arrangement were truly hearty and enticing, though, the quality of buffet stuff wasn't above any regular buffet of a competing 5 star. However, a special word of praise for the outstanding desserts and the patisserie, it takes the cake. The waffle counter too was indeed a tribute to Abe Doumar!! That's where I splurged in the end. 


JWM interior.jpg


Going back to the variety question, buffets are a real trying proposition. Forget what to have, one can’t even try everything. The options outweigh your desires and ability. Thus, I tried some of the most basic items from the Indian section first, the Dal Makhani and Mutton Rogan Josh. I am a believer in the culinary fact: one can judge the quality of food of any institution by trying out the most basic preparation. In Chinese a simple and popular Sweet Corn Chicken soup can tell the entire story of the kitchen hands expertise. As a thumb rule I did not go with a pent up expectation from buffet. Thus, I would say that the fare was just about above average.  On the flip side at 899++ for Lunch and 999++ for Dinner, which of course are promotional rates, this buffet is far too good to miss out on, while it is there.

waffle jwm.jpeg

Jwm dessert 14.jpeg


The interesting stuff is always in the A La Carte menu and Chef’s specials, for which, I had reserved a section and must say that I don’t commend myself for it.  The Lamb dish with Asparagus and Cherry tomatoes on side was truly delicious in sight and prep. The lamb was juicy and smoky as well as surely char grilled to perfection. After this I gave a shot to the live pasta counter and tried a well made and a very robust seafood pasta, which also was a delight. 

JWM Mutton Rib.jpeg

In all it is a welcome addition to the Kolkata Epicurean map and surely many more outlets are planned out here, including a specialty Asian restaurant, night club and a rooftop lounge.  Overall a rather prestigious change Kolkata deserved to have. A line to compliment the service is most deserving and the entire gamut of the hierarchy are bent on displaying that true to their breed and virtue of being a rated property. Kolkata, we are beginning to get happening.



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