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Much anticipated MAMAGOTO has created quite a deep stir in the Kolkata’s Dining-Out space. My first take is on that name. ‘MAMAGOTO’ itself has something quirky about it that stirs up the imagination of a prospect to Go To!! And trust me the imagination meets up with reality in the form of a very quirky exterior and an even quirkier interior. An interesting experiment you must try after you’ve been there; tell someone who hasn’t heard of it before “I went to MamaGoto” sure enough you will hear the word “MamaGoto” repeated by the listener. Now try that again with a Golden Dragon. The first impressions, scores are rather high…The design team has done an exceptional job of the space.

mamagoto exterior.jpeg


MAMAGOTO has almost earned a legacy status among the food connoisseurs of Delhi.  I’m sure the Delhites here would agree. Although there is no dearth of Asian/Oriental outlets in Kolkata and over that the market has tough ham shackles to be dealt due to its own home bred Chinese.  MamaGoto was a welcome change waiting to happen.



Name, fame, location, interiors, service and affordability aren’t enough to earn the patronage of Kolkata’s nobility; end of the day it has to be the food. MamaGoto brings out the best in Asian cuisines with a super quick order to delivery timing. No more ‘saliwaiting’. Even in a sardine-packed Sunday afternoon, one doesn’t have to wait!! Although, if you walk-in as a guest it could be over an hour to get a table.


Starters were on the table in less than a jiffy. Trust me it‘s very important when you are undergoing pangs and salivating in expectation. Every second passes with a curse.  For starters, the Basil Cup Chicken is prettily packed in lettuce boats were really flavorful and filling as well. I quite liked their Honey glazed chicken as well, which was quite different and is coated in a punch of fiery and soothing honey well balanced.

MAMA Hot Basil cupcake.jpeg


Icing on the cake fortunately was not a dessert but their celebrated “ Chiang Mai Train Station Noodle” Again this name conjures up an imagination and if yours is fertile you would surely be in Thai countryside. This one dish lives up to my expectation of a perfect Coconut milk based curry. It was wholesome and unlike a Khaoksuey comes ready to eat, but, you do get accompaniments to beef it up further with some chilly / lime / peanuts and burnt garlic. It was utterly Lip Smacking and will surely take me back again soon for ‘once more’ for the Chiang Mai Station Noodle


Mama Chiang mai Noodle.jpeg

Mama Honey Glaze Chicken.jpeg

mama Street Style Spicy dumpling.jpeg

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