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I am very passionate about Food. It gives me immense pleasure to cook and serve food of various regions of India or International. I love to innovate recipes, from salads to mains on the Menu. My innovations also serve as Amuse bouche for any classy restaurant. Amuse Bouche adds to the curiosity and craving to taste the mains on the Menu.

I am from IHM dadar, trained under the strict eyes of Chef Ramu at The Taj Hotels and Palaces.

My recipe innovations range from finger foods to mains that can be served at a QSR/ food take away/ vans / kiosks at cinemas, private parties, bars.
Its interesting to deconstruct some snacks and serve them in a more innovative way.My talent and passion lies in there!!! The fun is in creating new tastes, creating Indian sauces and wraps and rolls and many more fun type foods. Such food items work wonders commercially.
Bite size desserts are the best as most of us now are conscious of how much sweet we consume!!!     
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