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Sudheer Poppa

Welcome Dzibead And Iwanttogoback To The Mod Team

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FANTASTIC NEWS I have had lots of good solid advice from you both, I think its great. Good luck look forward to hearing you're input here at the India Tree. As a first timer in India, travelling on my own some of the time, I was given some really fantastic advice. Thanks keep up the good work, and help lots of others to discover a country that I have fallen in love with, the people, the countryside, the food, even the noise and the poverty. Superb Love Susanj :(

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Thanks to all of you for all your good wishes. It's a little embarassing ... :( ... and now I feel I have to behave myself. Uh oh! :(


The first assignment to the mods !!!! :(


dzibead & iwanttogoback – plz click here….



Very sneaky, Somnath! I was afraid to click that thing! (Turned out to be nice ... thank you!)

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