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Children Walking Tall : Charity News

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Just wanted to let you all know that I have uploaded a new set of photos on our website :

The monsoon has never been conducive to outside play, but if the rain stops and the skies lighten we take the opportunity to get out side for a game of football, cricket or just a run round the local playing field. There's a lovely piece of land which we have 'adopted', the land ends with a stream and in the monsoon is a bright green from the broad leafed grass that grows there. Unfortunately the foot pitch has turned into a muddy brown colour from excessive use, but the children really don't care and it makes those sliding tackles even more fun. The volunteers are just as keen and can be seen giving their all, trying to beat the children at their own game. For the more reserved, small games of tig or skipping is fine to while away the time. * ( Photos courtesy of Amber Mezbourian )



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Well, It's Christmas Day today (So happy Christmas everyone! :D ), It's been madly busy here, but wanted to let everyone know about our soon to stage performance....

Babu and the Mango Tree

With the festive season fast approaching, our thoughts once again turn to our foray of theatre. After resounding success in 2007 of Cinderella, the pressure was on to put on a production bigger, better and even more humiliating for everyone involved. To make it as engaging as possible, Steve came up with the idea to perform some in Hindi, which initially was greeted with enthusiasm, a task which proved more easily suggested than performed.

Having carved himself a reputation as being very much the man of the Mango House; building, fixing, acting masculine, Matt revealed a completely secret side by suggesting a number of his favourite pantomimes. Although hard pressed to choose, he convinced us that Jack and the Beanstalk was the one.

Whilst at home, we are all very aware of Jacks environment; giants, giant beanstalks and golden eggs are a bit less common in this particular part of India. So before we knew it, Jack had metamorphosed into Babu, the giant into an ogre and the beanstalk into a Mango tree.

With our semi Hindi panto decided on and all amendments made, all that was required was to cast. When looking around the Mango House, some of the roles seemed obvious. Whilst I would dearly love to see matt dressed in drag, being a mean, bad tempered ogre seemed like the natural choice. Besides, the ogres wife could only ever be played by Rob!

Another role was for a dodgy, drunken, scoundrel who sold the magic beans, and slowly all eyes drifted onto Steve. In the few rehearsals we have had so far, he plays a convincing character.

Jack had aspirations to play the lead role and lets face it, he qualified by sharing the same name, at least. He has since been talking to his agent in London (and will not let you take his photograph without written consent from the them!)

A tremendous amount of effort has been made by everyone so far, none more than Heena, playing a convincing yet giggly market trader. She has made a fantastic cow costume for the Dynamic Duo ‘Lizzy and Steph’. who are trying to translate ‘Moo’ from English to Hindi as we speak!

With the recent departure, of the, ‘A is for Apple, Barbara’, Anna has bravely stepped in to take on the role of Babu’s mum. She has shown particular enthusiasm when she gives Babu a good beating and clearly rules the house with an iron fist, so far we are yet to hear Sangee, (played by Paulina) speak. That could be sibling rivalry though!

The pantomime really has opened our eyes to many of the Mango Houses secret talents. None more so than the angelic voice of Mareike, whose rendition of Jingle Bells will bring a tear to the eye of the most hard-nosed Scrooges amongst us. Rumour has it, that Matt has even been found sobbing in the shed, leaning against his shovel after rehearsals.

You may remember, in the performance 2 years ago, one of the cornerstones of the Mango House, Ali, played the prince. In keeping with the royal theme, this year Ali convinced us that he could play an equally elegant Princess! With all those beautiful flowing locks, and sexy swagger he has been attracting intriguing glances from men and women alike! Be careful what you wish for Ali!

Goodness knows what newcomer Ingrid must think, after 1 week of volunteering she’s found herself pretending to be a market trader, in a pantomime, in a tree house, with a troop of cross dressing wierdos!

Just another week in the Mango house!

*Unfortunately Robert had to step down as the Ogre's wife in the charity panto due to illness. We are happy to say that Jonnie Irwin was kind enough to stand in for the role. Jonnie, the presenter of "Place in the sun" on Channel 4 and the up coming BBC TV Series "To buy or not to buy" will undoubtedly fill the Ogre's wife's shoes and provide a stunning performance.

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[quote name='iwanttogoback' post='47592' date='Dec 27 2009, 06:59 PM']hi rob

thanks for the wonderful update, i hope christmas went as well as you hoped.[/quote]

Christmas was a blast! - Absolutely shattering, but so much fun! The play went down a treat and the children loved seeing Ali (the house parent) in dressed as the princess... Very funny...

Christmas photos aren't up yet, but I have uploaded some more from Oct/Nov (I'm a little behind this year) [url="http://www.ChildrenWalkingTall.com/Pictures.htm"]http://www.ChildrenWalkingTall.com/Pictures.htm[/url]

Hope everyone has a fabulous 2010



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