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Madurai Experiences

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I have gone with regular buses of Munnar to Madurai about Tehni in the middle of April 2006. the journey took approx. 6 hours.
Arrived in madurai I went to the "Hotel Chentoor" by rickshaw. Of course the rickshaw driver recommended me another hotel. I, however, didn't have persuaded myself.

I only can recommend the "Hotel Chentoor" (www.hotelchentoor.com).
My room was big and clean and equipped with a bid double bed and television set.
Is paid althogether 1.323,00 rupees incl. luxury tax for 3 overnight stays in the "non air-con" room.

A restaurant is located on the roof of the hotel. The view of the town and the Sri Meenakshi Temple is marvellous.

One can reach the temple on foot in approx. 10 minutes from the hotel.

It was extremely impressive to watch the Hindus at the god adoration.
I watched the temple elephants for a long time which blessed the people for a consideration, too.
In an afternoon in the temple it began suddenly to rain.
After half an hour of firm rain I was in the water up to the knees. All streets also were in the surroundings of the temple flooded. A walk back to the hotel didn't have to be thought of.
So I took a ricksaw. This one took me back to the hotel - soaked totally.

The hustle und bustle on the Madurai Market (vegetable and flower market) was also extremely impressive.

[u]After my third overnight stay in madurai I wanted to go to Kanyakumari by regular bus.[/u]

By rickshaw I went to the bus station.
A kind man intercepted me and asked where I wanted to drive.
He took me to a ticket counter.
There another kind man told me that it is fundamentally more pleasent to go to Kanyakumari with a "private bus". The journey wouldn't be 6 hours but merely 5 hours and have merely one break!
The seller presented a plan of the seats to me and told the seat no. 15 (window seat, left side) is still free. The ticket would be merely 102 rupees.

[u]I remembered the explantations in the Lonely Planet 2003 - page 1014:

..... However, beware: many agencies will sell you a ticket to vertually anywhere, but you'll find
yourself dumped on a state bus having paid substantially more than required ........[/u]

I pointed out on this to the seller what I had read.

He: "No, no ........ I don't deceive the tourists ......."

I imagined: "Ok, only 102 rupees"

How it went on you surely can already imagine (grin): :)

I was taken to an old bus later. I sat down on the alleged place no. 15.

I should show the seller my ticket once again.

He collected the ticket and handed over me a ticket for a journey in a goverment bus!!!!! :) :) :D

The seller left the bus quite fast. The driver started up the engine and drove off.

The first stop was inserted after few metres at the regular bus stop where the bus then filled with people who weren't as stupid as me.

I crushedly sedentarly "survived" the bus journey which took more than 6 hours.

I am, however, annoyed about my stupidity, approx. 40 rupees too many to have paid, certainly today
(grin, grin) :D :) :D

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