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Please Introduce Yourself!


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[quote name='Alan123' date='07 April 2010 - 05:27 AM' timestamp='1270632429' post='47881']

Welcome here..Very nice to meet you. Well Last time I visited hyderabd and tasted Dum ki biryani..
oh..That's really spicy...mate.

Thanks for the welcome Alan123. :)

Where in Hyderabad did you taste the Biryani?

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Hello To All,

I am new here so thought to introduced first, I am From Kerala, India and interested in Traveling, Internet surfing and some times Forum Posting, as I thought this is also an one of the best way to enhance knowledge & grab new things, that is the reason me joined this forum.

Hope to learn a lot from here, and will stay long.

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hi to every one i m here finally i love the cooking food and recipes that`s why i connect with travel so i decide now i join this forum and get up date where i wanna travel for save and peace fully visit <3 thanks...

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