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How to prepare Sago/sabudana papad

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I like sago/sabudana papad a lot. always get it from the store..any idea how to prepare it in bulk at home?


coolsandy,  I don't know about fine textured papads but you can try these sabudana wafers. Soak half a cup sago overnight, next morning boil 2-3 cups water, add salt, cumin seeds, finely crushed green chilies, and soaked sago. Boil until sabudana is plump and well cooked. Do it over medium low flame. You will get transparent thick consistency. On a large metal tray or thick plastic sheet  drop spoon by spoon batter and create small rounds. Dry it out in hot sun for 3 days. Deep fry and enjoy.


Now it is winter time so not sure how you will do it?  You want me to look for fine textured papad recipe on net?

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thx for that recipe... my mom prepares the ones you have mentioned

i am basically looking for the ones in the pic attached.


i know one method where sabudana with needed spices is steamed in idli moulds and then sun dried.




but i am looking for to prepare in bulk. any clue abt that?

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