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Posting Images / Photos & Adding them to Post

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I have been asked by new members on how to post Photos and include them in Posts .

Gourmet India has kept up with changes in Technology to ensure members have a seamless experience posting photos and adding the same to posts.

To post Images .

[u]Create a New Album :[/u]

1. Click on the [url="http://www.gourmetindia.com/gallery/"]Food Gallery[/url] button on the top right of the website
2. Click on the [url="http://www.gourmetindia.com/index.php?app=gallery&module=post&section=image"]Upload[/url] button on the Extreme TOP Right below the main bar in Gallery.
3. If you dont have an Album created , click on New Album


4. In the Next Window that Pops up as shown below


5. Add the Album Name and Album Description and ensure you select Parent Album as Members Gallery and click save.

6. Now Click on Upload button in your newly created Album on the right .And select Choose Files as shown below


7. Give a name and description to your Image and save and you are Done.

Adding the Images you uploaded into a Post .

When you are posting and if you need to add Images to the Post that you uploaded earlier in your Album.

1. In the Posting Window click on the My media Icon and in the Popup Window select Gallery images on the left and select the Image you want to add to the Post . You can add multiple images to a Post .


Once done adding the image to the post complete your post and you are Done !
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Guest Guy Coute
Okay i understand the rules and i will follow you madam \ sir :D

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