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Nivedita Thadani

Chota Packet, Bada Dhamaka - Ching's SECRET NEW SCHEZWAN Miracle Masala

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Tried and tasted by Nivedita
 Hi All,
Scene ONe: Its a tiring and a very long day at work, you are back home, and nothing is there except some left over rice in the fridge. And luckily some cut vegetables in hand. Then.....
Scene TWo : Suddenly you have that craving to have some Chinese food, and you really love the rice you get in that Chinese Restaurant. But you are not in a mood to go out of home, or you know there will be rush in the restaurant or the restaurant is far from home... In any case.. Then....
Scene THREe : You  will get a call from your hubby that few people are coming and you have to fix some quick lunch Then....
Scene FOUr : Your friend circle will decide for a short picnic and will give you the task of making rice for everyone and bring. Then...
The number of scenes will continue......


But the Solution is only ONE ; And That is[b] Ching's SECRET  NEW SCHEZWAN Miracle Masala  [/b]:-))))))))
Yesss!! I just loved this chota packet.. It has a real Chinese taste in it..
Simple and easy but you can definitely fill you stomach with satisfaction, it can impress your guests, it can satisfy your craving or it can make you the Super star of your friend's circle and the list goes on..
Coming to this product,
It is available in a small packet which costs you only [b]Rs.5/-[/b] !!! Yes only five rupees and only 1gm, You can make rice for 2 people according to the instructions. But I felt its too spicy so I prepared it for 3 people.  
And I added extra GINGER AND GARLIC flakes(finely cut) to give that extra Chinese flavour.

I mean it :-)
[i](Its totally my personal opinion and my view about the product. I am not paid for this post or this is no where connected with the promo of the product.)[/i]

Keep Smiling,


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