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Kamal Arora

how to temper chocolate without thermometer perfectly?

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I know NOTHING about this Kamal. Below is copied entirely from here : http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2005/08/tempering-choco/

Obviously, if you're incorporating chocolate into cakes or whatever, tempering is NOT necessary. Tempering provides sheen and snap and prevents a fatty "bloom". From reading David Lebovitz ( author of this material ), it is clear that a thermometer, or absence thereof, is not the key thing. EXPERIENCE and sensitivity is, and I suppose the only way to get experience is trial and error. Good luck.[indent]
[b]Tempering Chocolate[/b]
1. The first step is melting the chocolate in a clean, dry bowl set over simmering water, to about 115° F.
2. The second step it to let it cool to the low 80°s F. I drop a good-sized chunk of solid (and tempered) chocolate in, which provides insurance by ‘seeding’ the melted chocolate with good [i]beta[/i] crystals. While cooling, stir frequently. Motion equals good crystallization, aka, tempering.
3. The last step is the most important.
It’s bringing the chocolate up to the perfect temperature, where it’s chock-full of those great [i]beta[/i] crystals. This occurs in most dark chocolates between 88° and 91° F. ( about 31-32C ) (Check with manufacturer if unsure about your particular chocolate.)
4. Remove what’s left of the chunk of ‘seed’ chocolate, and your chocolate is dip-worthy: you can dip all the chocolates you want and all will be perfectly tempered. Don’t let it get above 91° F or you’ll have to begin the process all over again. If it drops below the temperatures, rewarm it gently to bring it back up.[/indent]
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