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Thank you sir, for taking time and answering my questions. What an honor to be with the master chef!!

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I am having hard time in finding the book "Classic Cooking of Avadh" written by Jiggs Kalra. Can anyone let me know where to buy(phone number or email address)? Any help on this is highly appreciated.

Thank you.


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RIP - 'Prince' Of Oudh or Awadh - Ali Raza .

In forests in the heart of Delhi, a family of three claiming to be the last descendants of the royal family of Oudh or Awadh in Uttar Pradesh lived for years, isolated and cloaked in mystery. Weeks ago, the last survivor of the family, Ali Raza, who claimed to be the prince of Oudh, died at the tumbledown structure that was "Malcha Mahal".

His body was found on September 2, in an old, broken-down couch at the "palace" allotted to his family by the government in 1985. The police believe he was about to have a meal when he died. He was found only two days later. The police reportedly waited for 72 hours for anyone to come and claim the body, but no one did.
The prince's sister Sakina had died some months ago in the 700-year-old building that has no doors or windows or even electricity and water.
The siblings made headlines in the 1990s when it was discovered that they had lived with their mother Begum Wilayat Mahal's corpse for weeks.

more at source

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