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Registration Terms

GourmetIndia Network Terms & Rules

Forum Rules

The GourmetIndia network is provided as a free service for members and guests.

We hope that you enjoy being part of our forum, exchanging food and drink experiences , asking questions and providing answers!

Our Forum Moderators (Mods) have set a few guidelines and rules, based on common sense and common courtesy which we ask you to respect.

The GourmetIndia network GUIDELINES & RULES

1. We at The GourmetIndia network, are as the name suggests, primarily a food and beverages forum!

Of course we all tend to get off on tangents at times but the aim of the mod team will be to keep Food and Drinks as the main thrust of the forum. So Threads that get seriously off track will be looked at by the Mod team. In the first instance we will try to gently prod the thread back on track.

By registering at The GourmetIndia network you agree not post, transmit, submit, refer to, make available or link to or from (or authorize or permit any other person to do the same) any material which:

a] you know to be untrue, fraudulent, inaccurate or incomplete; and/or

b] is obscene, threatening, menacing, offensive, defamatory, abusive, causes annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety, is in breach of confidence, in breach of any intellectual property right (including, without limitation, copyright) or otherwise is in breach of or violates any applicable law or regulation or code.

c] pertains to matters and events that relate solely to another internet forum. It is not the policy of The GourmetIndia network to allow members to post comments here that relate solely to events, issues, controversies, or other matters pertinent to another internet forum or forums, or to allow members to import such matters here.

Whilst you acknowledge that we do not necessarily per-screen any material that you have submitted to The GourmetIndia network, we reserve the right to edit or remove, at any time and without reason or prior notice or any liability to you, any material that you have submitted, editing or deleting posts and closing threads if deemed necessary.

2. As a Food and Beverages forum we do not want to see the site spammed by hotels, restaurants, food product makers, agents or anyone else advertising for business purposes. So NO ADVERTISING!

If you wish to promote your service, product or establishment for a fee, please contact team@gourmetindia.com with the word ‘promote’ in the subject line.

The mod team will take strong action in these cases and people joining simply to advertise, will have their posts removed immediately. A second offence will receive an automatic lifetime ban from The GourmetIndia network and submitted to the worldwide spammers directory! Yes there is one which is shared globally and by Internet Service Providers, you don’t want to be that famous do you?

3. Abusive behavior, swearing, racial or national slandering or discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, creed, sex, or sexual orientation will be viewed in a very bad light here on The GourmetIndia network, as will inflammatory generalizations aimed at people or countries. We will also discourage personal remarks based on a person's race, colour, creed, sexual orientation, etc. Well, you get the drift, don't you?

Keep it polite folks and think about what you're posting and its potential to hurt, anger or upset other members! The mod team will look long and hard at people who post any of the above.

Behaviour of this sort will almost certainly impact on people's reputation here on The GourmetIndia network. Censorship and in extreme cases banishment will follow!

4. Of course, what constitutes "off track", "racist", "spam", etc. will be decided by the moderator team and members will have to show faith in the team's judgement.

5. The Personal Message (PM) system is just what it says: Personal!

Publishing PM's on the public forum, without permission of the sender, isn't allowed, period; and these kinds of posts will be removed immediately.

This is a food and beverages forum, not a dating agency, and we expect our members to allow each other to enjoy The GourmetIndia network without harassment.

Personal messages that do not respect this rule will be reported to the Mods and the team will take immediate strong action.

6. Please try to post new threads in the correct forums for the ease of everyone. The mod team will move threads posted in the wrong forums, so please think about where you post new thread and make our life easier

7. Instances of banishment from the forum will be done in a democratic committee-like manner.

No single member will ban anyone for misbehavior (with the exception of spamming the site or extreme abuse). The automated reputation system will be used to inform members that they are treading the wrong path and a personal warning will also be issued. After two personal warnings the mod team will discuss banning you.

The ban in the first instance will be a temporary ban, after which you will be invited back after promising to desist from the type of behavior that got you the ban in the first place.

A failure to promise this or a repeat performance will see you receive a lifetime ban with no appeal!

8. Lastly let's keep it friendly here. A forum affords you the chance to walk away from arguments and post back on the topic later, after cooling off. We suggest that you try to use that inbuilt function to keep the arguments to a minimum and make for a happy informative forum. It would also make life for the Mod team much easier!

Best wishes from the Mod Team

The GourmetIndia network