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Found 7 results

  1. Restaurants In Nashik

    A compilation of best places to have food in the city of pilgrimage - Nashik! Misal is considered to be a favoured breakfast recipe in the state of Maharashtra and our personal favourite too. The taste of this signature dish differs from place to place in Maharashtra but we prefer the Misal of Nashik because it possess a perfect balance of taste and spice as per our analysis. There are many restaurants in Nashik where you will get to eat quality Misal but one that tops our list is definitely Sadhana Restaurant, located in Satpur. Read full post on http://www.happeningheads.com/2017/09/breakfast-outing-at-sadhana-restaurant.html
  2. MamaGoto in Kolkata

    MamaGoto Much anticipated MAMAGOTO has created quite a deep stir in the Kolkata’s Dining-Out space. My first take is on that name. ‘MAMAGOTO’ itself has something quirky about it that stirs up the imagination of a prospect to Go To!! And trust me the imagination meets up with reality in the form of a very quirky exterior and an even quirkier interior. An interesting experiment you must try after you’ve been there; tell someone who hasn’t heard of it before “I went to MamaGoto” sure enough you will hear the word “MamaGoto” repeated by the listener. Now try that again with a Golden Dragon. The first impressions, scores are rather high…The design team has done an exceptional job of the space. MAMAGOTO has almost earned a legacy status among the food connoisseurs of Delhi. I’m sure the Delhites here would agree. Although there is no dearth of Asian/Oriental outlets in Kolkata and over that the market has tough ham shackles to be dealt due to its own home bred Chinese. MamaGoto was a welcome change waiting to happen. Name, fame, location, interiors, service and affordability aren’t enough to earn the patronage of Kolkata’s nobility; end of the day it has to be the food. MamaGoto brings out the best in Asian cuisines with a super quick order to delivery timing. No more ‘saliwaiting’. Even in a sardine-packed Sunday afternoon, one doesn’t have to wait!! Although, if you walk-in as a guest it could be over an hour to get a table. Starters were on the table in less than a jiffy. Trust me it‘s very important when you are undergoing pangs and salivating in expectation. Every second passes with a curse. For starters, the Basil Cup Chicken is prettily packed in lettuce boats were really flavorful and filling as well. I quite liked their Honey glazed chicken as well, which was quite different and is coated in a punch of fiery and soothing honey well balanced. Icing on the cake fortunately was not a dessert but their celebrated “ Chiang Mai Train Station Noodle” Again this name conjures up an imagination and if yours is fertile you would surely be in Thai countryside. This one dish lives up to my expectation of a perfect Coconut milk based curry. It was wholesome and unlike a Khaoksuey comes ready to eat, but, you do get accompaniments to beef it up further with some chilly / lime / peanuts and burnt garlic. It was utterly Lip Smacking and will surely take me back again soon for ‘once more’ for the Chiang Mai Station Noodle
  3. Voolsy – The Way For Quicker Service Dining out with the family at the weekend or celebrating a special occasion with friends at a new restaurant is a wonderful experience. But the whole fun ends up in a few moments when you need to wait unnecessarily long to catch the attention of the waiter to make the order or to get the bill. And, with so many restaurants coming up in the vicinity, its time the restaurant owners take this thing seriously. So, if you are the new restaurateur and looking for some cool solution then we are sure Voolsy can help you. WHAT MAGIC DOES VOOLSY DO FOR CUSTOMERS? By, using this app, the pleasure of dining becomes completely relaxed and the excitement with which you came to the restaurant stays till the end as everything is done quickly for you. No longer waits anymore. Generally, people spend more time in getting the attention of the waiter than talking with their own people. SOLUTION: VOOLSY A significant and simple app that informs waiters about which table needs their attention. This amazing app works by scanning your table and automatically connects you with the waiters. The app is fast and hassle-free, offering one- click solution to order your drinks and foods. All you need to do is order the food on the Voolsy app and the process starts. So, now with Voolsy you don’t have to wait longer to get your favourite dessert served! VOOLSY FOR RESTAURANTS If your restaurant gets fully loaded during the weekends and you don’t want to displease any of your customers due to longer waits, the best solution is to use Voolsy app. Getting this app installed makes your staff quicker and more attentive because it helps you in getting more organized in serving the foods and drinks and it reminds which table needs their your attention. AIM OF VOOLSY APP Voolsy’s aim is to become a widely recognizable badge of excellence for customers and restaurants. Customers will know that restaurants having Voolsy app definitely offer a supreme dining service. The app is amazingly designed to keep personal service at the highest priority to give the best dining experience. Restaurants using Voolsy are sure to have more positive reviews about their food and the services. Using Voolsy is in the favour of the business where managing the staff and the order especially during the peak time becomes easier. Let Voolsy make your dine-out experience a yummier affair! To download and test our app, Please download in this link: https://goo.gl/qiQ2Q8
  4. Several months ago, @Suresh Hinduja and  @Srinivas Velidanda :           The state of Andhra Pradesh is now split into two and keeping aside the politics of it all, there is now some focus on what is AP cusine (with some restaurants in Chennai are planning  to do specials on Telangana cuisine, I read somewhere). Is it what you get in generic 'Andhra' restaurants? Can one draw a similarity to what is called 'Indian Food' abroad?   So, here you go, to start off, a 2012 article (when things were beginning to heat up):    
  5. social media and restaurants

    http://socialmediaweek.org/bangalore/events/?id=139511#.UuD_htK6YY1 A very interesting panel discussion being hosted by the noted culinary expert Suresh Hinduja at Social Media Week 2014.   Is Social killing Restaurants? A panel discussion. With more socially empowered consumers and constant changing consumer behaviour, there is a huge impact on the food industry. And good percentage of this impact can be straight away attributed to social media. Are consumers using social media to malign a brand/restaurant for vested interests or are they genuine about their comments on food? Are independent rating sites doing justice to the restaurants? Or there is more to what meets the eye?   #smwbangalore
  6. Hi everyone. I am a big time foodie and always in search of new places to eat at. Recently I went to Goldbrick at Mukti World. Now my love of food has made me visit a lot of restaurants but this one was just a whole new experience. I loved their food not only because it tastes good but also for their variety. Its a place where you can get sumptuous kebabs to mouthwatering risottos and everything in between. Apart from the food their ambiance is also great. I would surely suggest everyone to check it out.
  7. Smart Alec Questions

    Wanted to start a Topic about some smart Alec questions we may have , funny down right obnoxious or sarcastic humor specific to food , restaurants etc. From the Dictionary [quote]smart alec noun know-all (informal), wise guy (informal), smarty pants (informal), smarty boots (informal) Don't be such a smart alec. All right then, if you're such a smart a***, have you got any better ideas? adjective cocky, arrogant, conceited, brash, swaggering, egotistical, cocksure, overconfident, swollen-headed, full of yourself a fortyish smart-alec TV reporter I can do without your smart-a*** comments, thank you.[/quote] My Question . Why wont restaurants give even number of pieces of a particular dish if there are Two at the table ? I order for Chicken tikka for 2 and i get 7 pieces on the plate ! Should they be smart , or i am being a smart a***