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Found 9 results

  1. Hyatt Culinary Challenge2015 - People Cooking For People! 10 cites, 10 participants per city; will be cooking together to create delicious food trail across county. Participate in our online challenge and you too could be a part of this enchanting journey. To participate click: http://bit.ly/1ODEsCV ‪#‎CookWithHyatt‬
  2. This time I am involved in curating and refining the recipes. WAZWAN @ HYATT   Non Veg: 1400/- +taxes Vegetarian: 1250/- +taxes   APPETIZERS   TABAKH MAAZ Tender rib, Kashmir condiments gravy, shallow fried, served dry MURGH GADH Boneless chicken, fresh green chilies, tomatoes Or NADRU KABAB (v) Lotus stems medallions, shallow fried CHAMAN PAKODA (v) Cottage cheese fritters, mint chutney   SOUP   GOSHT YAKHANI SHORBA Lamb broth with yoghurt, scented with saffron Or KHUMB AUR PISTA KI YAKHANI (v) Mushroom & spinach stock, cooked with yoghurt & pistachios   MAIN COURSE   ROGANJOSH Kashmiri classic lamb curry, aniseed & ginger scented GHUSHTABA Pounded mutton dumplings cooked in curd, flavored with dried mint powder DHANIWAL MURGH Chicken morsels, green coriander and saffron curry Or RUWANGAN CHAMAN (v) Fried cottage cheese delicately prepared in tomatoes gravy flavored with Kashmiri ingredients NADRU YAKHANI (v) Lotus Stems, thin yoghurt curry   MAUNJ HAKH (v) Stir fried kohlrabi with asafoetida MUTTER HADDAR (v) Perfect match of whole button mushroom and green peas DUM ALOO (v) Small fried potatoes simmered in spicy red gravy RAJMAH (v) Red Kashmiri kidney beans cooked in mild Kashmir spicy gravy BREADS   BAKHARKHANI (v) Raised flour bread, aniseed & cashew GILAFI KULCHA (v) Naan with a filling of leavened dough   RICE   KASHMIRI PULAO (v) Rice preparation, nuts and whole spices STEAMED RICE (v) Boiled rice   DESSERT   APPLE FIRNI (v) Flavored rice pudding, sweetened apple preserve Or HALWA (v) Enriched with dry fruits     ON THE TABLE   GUND CHETIN (v) Onion chutney with green chilies and vinegar DOON CHETIN (v) Walnut chutney made in curd flavored with cumin seeds BEVERAGES   KAHWA (v) Kashmiri green tea flavored with green cardamoms, cinnamons and saffron  
  3. SUSSEGADO - JUST LIKE Goa!   The Goan food festival at Hyatt Bangalore MG is a journey through the rich culinary heritage of Goa. The festival features traditional Goan dishes like Vindaloo, Sorpotels, Balchao and Caldine. Our chefs have handpicked the best of ingredients to provide an experience of authentic Goan flavors.   Select from the à la carte traditional Goan menu specially crafted by Chef Edridge Vaz from Park Hyatt Goa or choose to try the tasting menu crafted with a modern Indian twist by Executive Chef Gautam Chaudhry from Hyatt Bangalore MG Road.   Date: Starting from 25 July – 3 August Time: 7:30pm onwards Venue: The Pink Poppadom For reservations please call 080-4936 1234/ 9538086118   For details click: http://Bangalore.hyatthotels.hyatt.com/en/hotel/news-and-events/events/sussegado---just-like-Goa-.html          
  4. Hampi - Travelling in Time

    Gilbert Chesterton said that the traveller sees what he sees, while the tourist sees what he has come to see. One must be a traveller in Hampi, and not merely a tourist. Hampi, the anglicised version of Pampa, the local name for the alternative identity for Parvati, consort to Shiva of Hindu mythology. Hampi, the timeless testimonial to the might and the ingenuity of the Vijaynagar empire. Hampi, the land of the boulders, often revered as the bones of Hanuman’s Vanar Sena from the erstwhile kingdom of Kishkinda. Travelling to Hampi is a part of the experience. Located a good 350-odd kms north west of Bangalore, modern-day Hampi lies on the banks of the Tungabhadra river. Having heard much of this place over the years, I’d always wanted to experience it first hand and did so over a long-weekend recently. Leaving Bangalore early morning via NH 4, the route turns off on to SH 19 at Hiruyur. And there begins the vast open spaces of the Deccan plateau. March sees the onset of spring in India but this place had already crossed into summer. The road shimmers in the heat as it approaches Bellary and the massive stones that mark the region make their appearance. These giants are perhaps some of the oldest land surfaces in India, pre-dating the Himalayas. It is therefore, in reverence that the dusty, weary traveller approaches Hampi. For a while now, I have travelled alone but wanderlust has always been a family trait and so it came to be that Mum and I wound our way to Hampi. With age, it isn’t feasible to throw on a backpack and travel rough. Especially in the summer, one needs refuge from the dust. The Hyatt Place, Hampi turned out to be an oasis of calm and green in the midst of the sun-beaten steel plant of the Jindal Steel Works (“JSW”).http://hampi.place.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html The Bellary – Hospet region of Karnataka is mineral rich in iron ore and so, the Jindal Steel Works, situated about 30 kilometers outside of Hampi, form one of the bigger townships in the area. The Hyatt Place, Hampi, is situated within this township, named Vidyanagar. It truly is verdant, with tree-lined avenues and a beautifully calm air about it. Amongst the hoteliers, big names are associated with impeccable service, with a stiff upper lip. But as we know, labels can be misleading. The Hyatt Place, Hampi, is staffed with some of very friendly people who take it upon themselves to welcome you. A business hotel that hosts a steady stream of the professional traveller from in and around the JSW plants but also an excellent option if like me you are traveling with family. For one, the layout of the hotel is easily navigable by the differently abled. Also, if you travel with children, feel free to ask the hotel for day care. With a clean and safe day lounge and very accommodative staff, the little ones are bound to enjoy their day away from mum and dad as much as you will cherish some much needed time by yourself! The Heritage Site of Hampi itself is about 30 kilometres away from the hotel but easily accessible by road should you want to drive. Otherwise, just ask the front desk and they’ll organise a day out for you. In fact, make a picnic of it and pick up some lovely cheese and tomato sandwiches from their café. Those, some chocolate chip muffins and a carton of juice and you’re all set for the day. I spent the next morning in Hampi by myself, the Mater having decided to forgo the heat and the dust (and the mild-to-middling strenuous walking). Be smart and carry an umbrella, lots of water, and slather on the sunscreen. Boulders and play-of-sunlight is all very well but it gets searing hot and dry very quickly. If it is the history and the architecture that attracts you, then you will certainly need to dedicate about four entire days to the site. It really is that vast. Sprawled across acres, the citadel of the erstwhile Vijaynagar Empire is a tour through a bustling urban centre. Stand a while, as I did, and let your mind recreate the bazaars and the busy roads for you. Watch the light play its way through the pillars and the domes of temples. Listen to the echoes of a woman’s laughter as she whiles away her afternoon in the Queen’s bath. Feel the cool air of the innovatively air-conditioned Lotus Mahal transport you to a time long gone. Walking around the King’s audience hall, one is can almost hear the clamour of a thousand feet. Of petitions and prayers. Cymbals and drums that must have resounded in the palace on those special days when the priests would dine at the bhojanshala – those intriguingly carved out stone plates that line the central canal, reportedly replete with honey and milk. Hampi has an eclectic mix of human living. There are bawdis (fresh water wells) and stark domes, reminiscent of more Islamic influences of the North jostling next to exquisitely carved musical pillars of the Vittala temple. The signature Hindu sun chariot stamps the place with its religious iconography and the temple of the Hazara Ramas (A Thousand Ramas) underlines the spiritual essence of Hampi. There is monolithic statuary such as the Lakshmi – Narasimha idol as well as the more civic and military edifices such as watch-towers and fort ramparts. For the more adventurous, climb up the rocky face to the Anjaneya Temple across the river, believed to be the birthplace of Hanuman, and you are in the mythic kingdom of Kishkinda. Being on a tight schedule, I had to leave the rest of the site to be discovered on subsequent visits. If architecture isn’t enough, try the Daroji Bear Sanctuary – about 15 kilometers away from the hotel. It is one of the first sanctuaries in India dedicated to protect the Indian black bear. Unfortunately, there is no literature to guide the visitor and staff is scarce as well. So call ahead and try to arrange and meet one of the forest officers if you choose to pay it a visit. A day out in the heat is exhausting you will certainly welcome the tranquillity of the lapis-blue pool of the hotel. Luckily for me, the weekend was that of a full moon and so, I had the pleasure of swimming by moonlight. Staying at the Hyatt Place has another advantage – the beautiful Kala Dham museum is a two-minute walk away. This is an interactive 3 D museum set up as a part of Project Hampi. This is a collaboration between the JSW Foundation and the University of Melbourne. Spend an evening walking through beautiful galleries that display some stunning pictures of the heritage site. A well-presented interview with the lead characters of the Hampi restoration project is well worth listening to. Just as you walk back to the hotel, you’ll wonder what to have for dinner. While the buffet spread is luxurious and indulgent, (tip: always have the baked yogurt dessert and one of the peach tarts, ALWAYS), one might be forgiven to want something else. This is when you ask for their Japanese menu. Let me just say that the Dashi Maki and the Sorobodon (spiced chicken mince served with sticky rice and green peas) are exemplary. Clean and fresh flavours, presented with a quiet self-confidence. Pair it with a select wine from the bar. To my mind, few things come close to a perfect day. Strangely enough, on holidays I am an early riser and one of those that needs to eat soon after. Starting the day on waffles, juices, and fresh fruits for breakfast was a good idea. You can also choose from croissants fresh from the oven or a more savoury Indian spread. Their café stocks apricot cake and oatmeal cookies amongst others, for a nibble with elevenses (which I indulged in, seeing how I was on holiday after all!) Mum spent time browsing through the hotel’s small but elegant collection of books while I went for a walk on the green lawns that surround the property. There is plenty to do if you choose to stay in and spend a quiet day. We drove back after an early lunch on the third day. Both –Mum and I, had had a wonderfully relaxed break. Apart from the beauty of the Hampi, staying at the Hyatt truly did make the whole trip memorable. As a wise friend told me, to do justice to travel, one must let the place come to you. For a weekend break, I’d certainly recommend you travel back in time and see the splendour of what was once the City of Victory. Courtesy: Hyatt Place Hampi Vidyanagar Township, Toranagallu Bellary, Karnataka, India, 583123 Tel: 91 839566 1234 Fax: 91 839566 1235
  5. Celebration Sunday Brunch by the Poolside   Spend a relaxed Sunday afternoon at with a delectable spread and some refreshing drinks at Lido, Hyatt Bangalore MG Road.   Our chefs have crafted an extensive buffet covering the best of international cuisines, and some exquisite desserts by the poolside which will surely  make you crave for more.    For details and reservations call 080-4936 1234/ 9538086118
  6. Listen to your favourite Jazz renditions every Saturday evening at Liquid Lounge Bar !  Frank Sinatra, John Coltrane, Miles Davis....enjoy the best of Jazz on the rooftop alfresco lounge bar and unwind with our special offers on select beverages.   For details, call 080-4936-1234 or visit bangalore.hyatthotels.hyatt.com   At Hyatt Bangalore MG Road, you are more than welcome.