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Found 28 results

  1. Restaurants In Nashik

    A compilation of best places to have food in the city of pilgrimage - Nashik! Misal is considered to be a favoured breakfast recipe in the state of Maharashtra and our personal favourite too. The taste of this signature dish differs from place to place in Maharashtra but we prefer the Misal of Nashik because it possess a perfect balance of taste and spice as per our analysis. There are many restaurants in Nashik where you will get to eat quality Misal but one that tops our list is definitely Sadhana Restaurant, located in Satpur. Read full post on http://www.happeningheads.com/2017/09/breakfast-outing-at-sadhana-restaurant.html
  2. Aloo Halwa

    Aloo Halwa is a popular and delicious dessert made with boiled potatoes, milk, ghee and sugar. It is generally made during festivals. INGREDIENTS Boiled mashed potatoes - 3 Ghee - 2-3 tbsp Sugar - 4-5 tbsp Milk- 1/2 cup DIRECTIONS In a pan add ghee and mashed potatoes and let it roast for 5 minutes. STIR CONTINUOUSLY. When the color changes add milk and sugar. Later add chopped almonds and stir for another 5 minutes. Serve Hot !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0C7Xw-n_P4
  3. Veg Manchurian

  4. Masala Chili Corn

  5. Do you like Amla Candy? If yes then this news could be useful to you. Jasco.in, the leading online health food store has recently launched one special offer for its customers. Using this offer, one can enjoy 3 packets of amla candy at the price of 2. These candies are available in different flavors especially Anardana, Jaljeera, Jasco.in is the popular online retailer of organic aloevera, amla and triphala products in India. Jasco online store was launched very recently. To make use of this special offer, you can check out this page here - http://www.jasco.in/product/amla-candy-special-offer/
  6. How to prepare Dabeli at Home.....Indian Fast Food. Please check the below links https://youtu.be/qPURMdbdrSM https://youtu.be/kaFl4dwTy-E https://youtu.be/4B6-6RYq3QE
  7. Voolsy – The Way For Quicker Service Dining out with the family at the weekend or celebrating a special occasion with friends at a new restaurant is a wonderful experience. But the whole fun ends up in a few moments when you need to wait unnecessarily long to catch the attention of the waiter to make the order or to get the bill. And, with so many restaurants coming up in the vicinity, its time the restaurant owners take this thing seriously. So, if you are the new restaurateur and looking for some cool solution then we are sure Voolsy can help you. WHAT MAGIC DOES VOOLSY DO FOR CUSTOMERS? By, using this app, the pleasure of dining becomes completely relaxed and the excitement with which you came to the restaurant stays till the end as everything is done quickly for you. No longer waits anymore. Generally, people spend more time in getting the attention of the waiter than talking with their own people. SOLUTION: VOOLSY A significant and simple app that informs waiters about which table needs their attention. This amazing app works by scanning your table and automatically connects you with the waiters. The app is fast and hassle-free, offering one- click solution to order your drinks and foods. All you need to do is order the food on the Voolsy app and the process starts. So, now with Voolsy you don’t have to wait longer to get your favourite dessert served! VOOLSY FOR RESTAURANTS If your restaurant gets fully loaded during the weekends and you don’t want to displease any of your customers due to longer waits, the best solution is to use Voolsy app. Getting this app installed makes your staff quicker and more attentive because it helps you in getting more organized in serving the foods and drinks and it reminds which table needs their your attention. AIM OF VOOLSY APP Voolsy’s aim is to become a widely recognizable badge of excellence for customers and restaurants. Customers will know that restaurants having Voolsy app definitely offer a supreme dining service. The app is amazingly designed to keep personal service at the highest priority to give the best dining experience. Restaurants using Voolsy are sure to have more positive reviews about their food and the services. Using Voolsy is in the favour of the business where managing the staff and the order especially during the peak time becomes easier. Let Voolsy make your dine-out experience a yummier affair! To download and test our app, Please download in this link: https://goo.gl/qiQ2Q8
  8. Gourmet Food at Home

    How easy is it to make gourmet food at home? Any businesses helping this process?
  9. It’s the weather, it’s the traffic – both factors have led to a rise in the new trend of neighbourhood eateries. People no longer want to travel long distances and brave unseasonal rains and dreadful traffic. So every locality has, out of necessity, spawned its own favourite places and with the good logic of maximising available time. The arrival of new players in the Andhra restaurant space is hardly surprising, as they do offer value for money menus, though we are yet to discover any differentiating factors between most of them. Check out more regional favourites here. Maybe it’s been there all this while, but we are also noticing a resurgence of pork. It’s become the buzzword with every bit of it, especially pork belly, showing up on menus across town. Looking at reviews from around the country, I think Bangalore leads the way in this new porcine obsession. Plus, in terms of hotels, the Shangri-La announced its arrival with a glitzy event beneath its massive chandeliers, which drew out the cognoscenti to this lovely property. And finally, keeping up with true Bangalore tradition, the bar and nightlife scene too is much more vibrant now. Late-night restrictions have been relaxed with extended hours on weekends, providing a much-needed break for establishment owners as well as consumers, who can now step out for a drink late after work. Of course, the success of microbreweries has proved to be a magnet for many new brands.
  10. The Best Food Photo Competition

    Here is the Best Food Photo Competition. Check out my clicks and Show off your best food clicks here http://goo.gl/ECFiHi
  11. If you like this recipe show more hereGrill fish with olive oilPreparation Time : 5 minutes Cooking Time : 10 minutes l Ingredients 2 kg of fish AellatA bouquet of coriander and chopped Almadnos2 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped2 tablespoons argan oil1 tablespoon of red Avfil1/2 teaspoon cuminSalt 1/ Wash well and remove fish heads (used in soups) and spine, cut into cubes of 2 cm2/ Mix with it the elements mentioned above 3/ Leave the mixture soak in a cool place for an hour 4/ Enter 4 pieces of fish in each nail, add argan oil before grilling from both sides for 5 minutesIf you like this recipe show more here
  12. Republic Day Brunch - Flavours of India   On the 26th of January as India celebrates the 66th Republic day, Hyatt Bangalore MG Road is all set to welcome its guests with an exotic menu showcasing the varied flavors of India specially crafted by our culinary team   The lavish spread will comprise of various live stations focusing on the traditional cuisines of India. North Indian cuisine station includes live Cholley bhature counter,  kebabs from sigdi with traditional condiments, Paneer Shabnami, Sarson ka saag, Kashmiri nihari Western India cuisine station includes Live bhel, pani poori, ragda patice with accompaniments, Gatta curry, Sev tamatar, Subz Kohlapuri, Lal maas South Indian cuisine station includes live kuttu parota with traditional toppings, Urlai patani roast, Kori gassi, Nellor chapla pulusu, Malabar beef coconut fry Eastern India cuisine station includes Jhal muri and varitites of dim sums, Macher jhol, Aloo posto, Niramish daal and many more.   For reservations call 080-4936 1234 / 9538066187  
  13. Greetings from Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield.   I'm Siddharth Verma, representing the hotel and our promotions and events.   I am delighted to announce the launch of our Streat Food Wednesdays. Here you would find your favourite street specialties such as chaats, kebabs, doasa, vada pavs, pav bhajis and much more.   Head over to MCafe on any Wednesday for dinner and experience the local street flavours come alive right in front of you.   Every Wednesday at MCafe, 7:30 pm onwards.   Please call 080 4943 5000 for any additional information or just post your query on this forum.   Streat Food Festival.pdf
  14. Food Tour In Gujarat

    Hi Friends,   I am new here on this portal. I am not sure if I am posting this on right forum. Kindly assist if I am not.     I am planning a Food Tour (Gourmet Tour) of India. The soul of this trip is to explore the authentic local cuisine dishes and eat them at the most authentic places I can get (Home stays with having homemade dishes in home kitchen, authentic restaurant etc).   This obviously will take months to cover whole India.     But currently I am planning to start with Gujarat. Can you please suggest me the famous dishes of Gujarat (Veg and Non veg both) Cities / places / restaurants to have them? Not to miss dishes in all 4 parts of Gujarat  (Kutch, Saurashtra, North Gujarat & South Gujarat) Attractions / sight seeings I can cover along with the food tour   Some examples I have already pen down are: Dhan shak in Udvada Undhiyu in Surat Ponk in Surat Locha Khaman / Dhokla in Surat Ghari in Surat Peanuts in Bharuch Lila Chevda & Bhakharvadi in Vadodara Milk Products in Anand Gota in Dakor / Anand Bhusu (farsan mixture) in Nadiyad Fafda in Ahmedabad Dalvada in Ahmedabad Khajli in Porbandar Ganthiya in Bhavnagar Halwasan in Khambhat Sev Tamaeta Curry in Rajkot   I am sure there are lot lot more authentic dishes in Ahemedabad and rest of Gujarat to have specially saurashtra and North Gujarat (Patan etc).   Kindly suggest me guys!!!     Thanks for all help in advance!     --- Anand Desai      
  15. SUSSEGADO - JUST LIKE Goa!   The Goan food festival at Hyatt Bangalore MG is a journey through the rich culinary heritage of Goa. The festival features traditional Goan dishes like Vindaloo, Sorpotels, Balchao and Caldine. Our chefs have handpicked the best of ingredients to provide an experience of authentic Goan flavors.   Select from the à la carte traditional Goan menu specially crafted by Chef Edridge Vaz from Park Hyatt Goa or choose to try the tasting menu crafted with a modern Indian twist by Executive Chef Gautam Chaudhry from Hyatt Bangalore MG Road.   Date: Starting from 25 July – 3 August Time: 7:30pm onwards Venue: The Pink Poppadom For reservations please call 080-4936 1234/ 9538086118   For details click: http://Bangalore.hyatthotels.hyatt.com/en/hotel/news-and-events/events/sussegado---just-like-Goa-.html          
  16. Haleem Khichda

    From the album My Pixels

  17. Celebration Sunday Brunch by the Poolside   Spend a relaxed Sunday afternoon at with a delectable spread and some refreshing drinks at Lido, Hyatt Bangalore MG Road.   Our chefs have crafted an extensive buffet covering the best of international cuisines, and some exquisite desserts by the poolside which will surely  make you crave for more.    For details and reservations call 080-4936 1234/ 9538086118
  18. Several months ago, @Suresh Hinduja and  @Srinivas Velidanda :           The state of Andhra Pradesh is now split into two and keeping aside the politics of it all, there is now some focus on what is AP cusine (with some restaurants in Chennai are planning  to do specials on Telangana cuisine, I read somewhere). Is it what you get in generic 'Andhra' restaurants? Can one draw a similarity to what is called 'Indian Food' abroad?   So, here you go, to start off, a 2012 article (when things were beginning to heat up):    
  19. Dinner Experience with Allegrini Wines at The Pink Poppadom   Hyatt Bangalore MG Road, welcomes you to sip and savor the outstanding Allegrini wines paired with the progressive Indian six course menu designed by executive chef Gautam Chaudhry on Saturday, February 22   The host of the evening will be Ms. Anastasia Roncoletta, ambassador of Allegrini wines from Italy. Indulge in delightful specialties such as chicken tapenade, saffron orange glaze, ricotta kebab, nilgiri lamb rack and many more exquisite dishes paired with the classic wines from Allegrini.   Wine Tasting Notes:   Corte Giara Valpolicella: Color - Intense and inviting ruby red. Bouquet-  The characteristic hints of cherries and pepper are particularly enjoyable in this wine, followed by subtle nuances of officinal herbs. Taste - Dry and well-balanced. The traditional acidic note marries well with the softness   Corte Giara Soave: Color - Fairly intense straw yellow with green highlights. Bouquet - This classic Veronese white wine is striking for its fresh and inviting breadth of aromas, sketched out with wild flowers and white peaches, and vibrant,vegetal notes. Taste - Fresh and simple with a supple body, dry and smoothly rounded on the palate.    Allegrini Amarone della Valpolicella Classic. The result of the Allegrini family’s expertise, a true classic of the appellation, this red wine embraces tradition, territory and the know-how of country ways. It has imposing structure and depth, as much in its aromas of mature fruit and spices, as on the palate, where the alcohol is sustained by the right degree of acidity and refined tannins.   Corte Giara Merlot: Color - Bright and intense ruby red. Bouquet - Vinous and brimming with red fruit with just discernible vegetal notes in the background. Taste - Full and embracing on the palate, succulent, medium-bodied, with a good acidic backbone and texture of soft, evenly-woven tannins.   For more details and reservation call 080-4936 1234 //  9538086118
  20. Dear All,   I had been and will remain hungry for Indian food, with which I soul-connect.  I have over 16 years of experience in culinary with blessings and learnings with few great chefs.   Currently working with The Lalit, Mumbai as Master Chef - Indian cuisine.   [attachment=5068:Femina_Faceoff_25.jpg]
  21. Introduction

    Hi Friends I am Suresh from Bangalore. I am an engineer having own industry in Industrial Automation sector. I love visiting various South Indian veg. Restaurants in Bangalore and wherever I travel. Look forward to interact with all Warm regards Suresh
  22. A dashing Italian, great cook and a warm person, the rendezvous with Chef Alfonso Montefusco of Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield was a memorable one. Read about it in my latest post on The Fork Tales: http://theforktales.com/2013/08/26/why-we-love-a-dashing-italian-chef/#more-556