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  1. shilpaks

    hellos there

    hey ppls, i have been active on the travel forum of this section previously. basically a bangalorean who loves and loathes the city equally :) (have stayed in delhi for 3 years for work....rest all of it has been in namma blore) when ud meet me ud know that i live to eat and dont eat to live (it would be pretty evident trust me :P) i love to try new cuisines, new restaurants, different experiments...so anything new n im game to try. hopefully will make new friends and discover many more cuisines and loads more about food in the process through this site
  2. shilpaks

    Shout Box

    IWTGB i was in mlore for a wedding but couldnt resist traveling around for a bit
  3. shilpaks

    Shout Box

    Photos from a recent trip to Mangalore & some parts of Kerala (bekal fort) http://picasaweb.google.com/shilpaks7/MangaloreBekalFort2010_05_15?authkey=Gv1sRgCOrFw9ix2Nrz8AE&feat=directlink
  4. Change of fortunes in the first semifinals of the IPL

  5. shilpaks

    Bangalore Meetup

    o john why didnt u give me a buzz, we could have met up for a bit.
  6. shilpaks

    Bangalore Meetup

    Any meetups planned in Bangalore anytime soon?
  7. shilpaks

    Shout Box

    heloooos everyone hows everything going
  8. shilpaks

    Bike Ride To Nandi Hills

    Photographs from a bike trip to Nandi Hills http://picasaweb.google.com/shilpaks7/Nand...feat=directlink
  9. was amazed to see how nice the Mysore Zoo now is, remember going there as a child and feeling sad for the animals. http://picasaweb.google.com/shilpaks7/Whir...feat=directlink
  10. shilpaks

    Shout Box

    o grt lets catch up then
  11. shilpaks

    Shout Box

    jyoti u in blore? the only way to get a connection here to to apply to one of those "bharat gas" or one more company(forgetting the name rite now, can check with mom and let u know). these are the biggest ones and they generally have fixed rates for everything so no chance of you getting scammed. n o if ur in blore lets catch up soemtime. blore meetup due i think!
  12. shilpaks

    Floods In Ooty?

    was in ooty over the weekend....sorry john couldnt drop by coz I was there to show a friend around and she didnt have much time since she had to catch a flight back on sun morning! yes most roads to ooty are blocked due to landslides - the 36 hair pin bends road from masinagudi and the kudalor road are still open though. even inside the city many trees seem to have fallen and loads of land slides seem to have happened- but all roads inside the city are all now clear. @ john - loved the ooty - kudalor road - was remembering u the entire stretch coz u had mentioned how scenic this road was- especially loved the large trees on both sides for one stretch and the stretch that had the lake next to the houses. unfortunately couldnt stop n take pictures though- will surely go back there again.
  13. shilpaks

    Shout Box

    Congrats iwtgb and jyoti, all the best
  14. shilpaks

    Happy Birthday To You!

    thank you guys for all the wishes. sorry for the delayed response but was traveling as part of the bday celebrations had gone to the jungle resorts at galibore, beautiful - lush green and next to a river- but unfortunately no photos this time coz i was too lazy to pull out the camera