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  1. RedDragon

    Adventure Trip To Sethumadai! (tamil Nadu)

    Hi, I stay in chennai and I own and run a media production house here. I am into tv productions and will soon be directing a movie. I have recently developed a passion for travelling and have started doing a lot of roadtrips. NEVER knew my India was so beautiful!
  2. RedDragon

    Adventure Trip To Sethumadai! (tamil Nadu)

    Hi priya, thanks. I think I am in the right forum...hopefully . Especially since this is about travel. oops! sorry...I get it now. my bad. :clapping:
  3. Hey guys, Since this is a travel section I thought it would be a good introduction to a tour which I am organising. I love to travel and most of it is backpacking. We recently have gotten into eco-tourism and organise weekend adventure trips for young corpoarates and people who just like to take a break from routine work. As I mentioned above I am organising an adventure trip to Sethumadai located at the foot of Aanamalai Hills. If you guys want more details pls PM me or goto our RoadtripsIndia Blog. You can view our brochure and also pass it around to your friends who might be interested. Thanks & Regards P.S.: Our trips our not commercial and for money making purpose. We are a group of friends who like to travel a LOT and share our trips with other people. Purely friendly basis. :clapping: RedDragon