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  1. hello all, I have one favor to ask to people who are traveling to Mamallapuram or who are there now : check out the Gecko café in the Othavadai Cross St. 14. I did help a friend there to build it and finally he opened in December. Since I have no chance to go there in the next 2 month to have a look how it turned out, I would be grateful about reports from reality. Also pictures would be welcome. From all the pictures he did send, it looks like a cool place now - especially the 2 palmtrees right through the roof look great - and the view over lake and lighthouse seem to be nice. And the family-run café is still a quiet+friendly place to hang out. I also made him this website with all the info+history about the place: http://www.gecko-web.com.
  2. Peuks

    Mamallapuram Beach

    the beach where the fisher boats are is used by the fishermen as toilet - so better wear shoes when going for a walk along there and forget going for a swim - at least there. on the other side of the temple its quite ok, if you go a little further away from all the horse-guides and Indian tourists. any questions about where to go you can always ask Mani in the Gecko café (Othavadai Cross St) - he will help out! And they are serving Indian dishes as well as nice breakfast and delicious fresh pressed juices there.