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    I was born in a nursing home by the rail-road. Ever since, I have been attached to trains. Else I am a loner, drifter, moody-as -a-mule.<br /><br />INTERESTS: Trains, cooking, short stories, movies, travelling through mountains, lakes and forests.

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    Salads, Mexican and juicy fruit
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    A Few Good Men, Ronin, Maya Bazaar
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    any rail-road junction
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    part of my body
  1. rangss

    Your Favorite Indian God

    [quote name='priya' post='12144' date='Aug 21 2006, 01:15 PM']Without doubt Ganesh is my first choice, but I'm having serious words with Lakshmi to help me get to India again........ [/quote] I plump for Shani
  2. rangss

    Soccer World Cup 2006 Germany Thread

    Over the week, I have turned into a big fan of African football...these men have super stamina and speed. Pity they fail in the last 18 yards.
  3. rangss

    Accommodation In Mettupalayam

    Do you have a booking for the Ooty toy train? If not, book it in advance. Else be at the station EARLY (4:45 Am, buy a ticket and stand at the beginning of the queue of passengers boarding the train. Beat the crowd!
  4. rangss

    Soccer World Cup 2006 Germany Thread

    [quote name='Yashodhara' post='4373' date='May 17 2006, 11:47 AM']Have you already seen the mascot? [url="http://us.news1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/fifa/gen/fifa/20041112/i/2345919002.jpg"]http://us.news1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/fif.../2345919002.jpg[/url] It has been mocked in German media, and now the company producing the soft toy has filed for solvency because the lion has proved to be a rather slow seller.[/quote] It looks like it has got hernia (look carefully) . The facial expression confirms it. No wonder it is a slow seller.
  5. rangss

    My Favorite Albums !

    Lot of Floyd fans Also, I dig anything by Tull. Can never get over 'Budapest', "Thick As A Brick" and "Heavy Horses". Bob Dylan's 'Jokerman' and Knockin on Heaven's Door and other song's ...All Along The Watch Tower Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication Dire Straits...Telegraph Road Doobie Brothers: China Grove All these numbers are gathering dust in my rack for currently I am digging Prasanna's Classical Carnatic Guitar numbers.
  6. rangss

    Camping Tents

    I found this recommended in Outlook Traveller Magazine: [url="http://www.essentialoutdoors.com/"]Essential Outdoors[/url]
  7. rangss

    Whats for Dinner Tonight

    Gee thanks Jyotirmoy...I was looking for this (Vishnu Bhog). BTW, isn't it called Gobind Bhog?
  8. rangss


    [quote name='jadedrose' post='1428' date='May 8 2006, 06:45 AM']What about those buses Deccan Air provide on the tarmac? Arriving in Mumbai recently all the passengers were waiting on the tarmac in the blazing heat... about 8-10 minutes. Then people were herded with verbal sticks onto very old buses, but only 2 instead of 3 or 4 were provided..Sweltering sardines; looked like crammed public transport buses. Well I refused to squeeze on and so 5 others joined me.. Can't understand why so many people did what they were told! It was a bit of a stinger to see pristine little red Kingfisher mini vans immediately taking people off their flight - a seat for every passenger [/quote] You might not know but probably half the folks you landed with would gladly do with those luggage train tractors leave alone a bus! The price says everything. If you do not like it, do my thing...travel Indian Railways Sleeper Class. My expereince with Air Deccan is so far positive 100% (14 flights). Since I flew empty stomach and slept most of the time (due to early morning hops) and travelled in too many trains, I did not notice much. But nothing sickens me more than the fungus-laden rust buckets of Alliance Air and their throw-up called airline catering.
  9. rangss

    Railways Ad

    Wait. Before you jump and guffaw at Indian Railways, they are probably being only more shrewd. It will take a combined effort of a hundred airlines flying at rock bottom prices with every type of aircraft possible so that they may cover every landing strip worth using to beat the giant Indian Railways. It won't be long before you see the air-line market re-adjusting and consolidating itself with some of these cheap carriers going down with their own burden or dramatically r-strategising themselves. So by placing airline ads in its own website (and a dig at its own expense notwithstanding) IR is just earning more money
  10. rangss

    India - A Price Guide

    Medimix Ayurvedic soap comes at Rupees Five (per their latest ads)
  11. rangss

    Public Holidays in India 2006

    Kudos to John! Typically, only 12 (or - 2) of these will be declared as holiday by respective state governments and private concerns. Which ones will they opt for is at their discretion although, as John points out, some of them are restricted.
  12. rangss

    Shout Box

    You can say that again for me Phantom...Chennai and its blaze are just unbearable. Today the temperature miraculously dropped to 33 degrees C and yet I am sweating. Nick...lucky or was it all planned?
  13. rangss

    Best / Worst Roads In India

    Whoever voted Madhya Pradesh...absolutely right. The poorer neighbour Chattisgarh is a symbol of a weak state doing the best. Its roads are very good. Anyone travelling to Amarkantak from Bilaspur would vouch for that. Three quarters of the route lies within Chattisgarh and passes through real Kipling jungle (Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book was inspired by these forests) and hills and yet the roads are smooth as a baby's kiss. The last 20 Km is a back breaking affair as you enter Madhya Pradesh. Interestingly for geographic as well as political reasons, Amarkantak provisionally within MP, is a disputed region on the borders of MP and Chattisgarh, with each claiming it. Parts of Amarkantak are in CG and the rest in MP. Amarkantak is the source of the mighty river Narmada and the source point is within Chattisgarh (so is the source of river Sone, a few miles away). But the bus station and most of the village of Amarkantak including Uma Bharti's Guru's ashram fall within MP.
  14. rangss

    Medical Kits For India!

    [quote name='cyberhippie' post='3239' date='May 12 2006, 07:53 PM']A tick pen looks just like a pen with two jaws instead of a nib, press the button on the top (like a pen) jaws open, you let go it grabs the tick, rotate clockwise and the tick is removed, withought leaving anything behind to infect the wound!![/quote] I wish I had one when my pets were alive! Poor things suffered silently while I de-ticked them!
  15. rangss

    My Favorite Albums !

    P*U*L*S*E by Pink Floyd I never listened to another album more than this one as a teenager. I guess this should be my all time favourite. I can still go numb with Gilmour's rendition of Comfortably Numb.