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    Too many...the hills up north, kerala, kodai, goa, rajasthan....
  1. Satty

    Challenge Us!

    Go to a bar in Anjuna, Goa. Walk up to the bar guy and say "We'd like to leave our nubile virgin daughter in your care for a month..". Now the challenge is you gotta grab the bar guy before he runs away
  2. Satty

    Random Incoherent Mutterings

    The errections are round the corner!! I'm a Rum-bhakt myself Don't tell mummy. Catcher in the rye Paranoid again about the kids....gawd, the UNDERTOAD
  3. Satty

    Joke Of The Day

    Does China believe in human rights? Don't Tibet on it....
  4. Satty

    Random Incoherent Mutterings

    Public Hair. Don't Phish Hear and Their. Baaaa.....beee.....lawn... Jesus Saves, Allah is Great, Ram saves too (the lanka episode) Too many genres Who do you love? Who do you trust? Bouncy trip......here comes the sun
  5. Satty

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Have a great day & cheers!!
  6. started the afternoon with Hot Tuna Medeski Martin & Wood playing now
  7. Satty

    Animals On The Runways

    Today's TOI report on Bangalore' new Devanahalli airport: "There is a new threat to the Bangalore International Airport..........jackals, pangolins, snakes, monitor lizards, cats, mongoose...." Wow!
  8. Satty

    Dynasty Of The Sun- Part 6

    Great series you have going Jyoti-da.....look fwd to fresh installments......cheers
  9. Satty

    Toy Shops In Bangalore

    Been a while now since I logged in!! Good to be back and salud, alors and greetings to familar folks and fellow travellers.. Toy shop in Blr huh? used to live there - miss the place. Try Saphire - it's on Brigade Rd Church St cross. Or Crossword on Residency Road - the toy section is smaller.
  10. Another great old west coast band.....Quicksilver Messenger Service
  11. Satty

    What's For Dinner Tonight?

    Very simple fare..... Masoor dal (plain) and rice with Kasundi (a kind of mustrad sauce) & lime. Mocha torkari (a preparation with banana flower - very tedious doing this right but ny cook is great at it) Regular Rahu fish curry with potatoes and Bari. With rice again.... Tomorrow's dinner is what I'm looking forward to......Soma (my wife) is flying back from Calcutta with a whole lotta stuff......all frozen and packed. Cheers
  12. Satty

    The Lunatic Was On The Grass...

    You'll probably see Syd when you look up on a starry night.... ......Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds .........Keep shinin' on
  13. Satty

    Was Sacred Soma Bubble Hash?

    [b]One of the interesting theories.........[/b] "Tradition in India maintains that the gods sent man the Hemp plant so that he might attain delight, courage, and have heightened sexual desires. When nectar or Amrita dropped down from heaven, Cannabis sprouted from it. Another story tells how, when the gods, helped by demons, churned the milk ocean to obtain Amrita, one of the resulting nectars was Cannabis. It was consecrated to Shiva and was [the godess] Indra’s favourite drink. After the churning of the ocean, demons attempted to gain control of Amrita, but the gods were able to prevent this seizure, giving Cannabis the name Vijaya (“victory”) to commemorate their success. Ever since, this plant of the gods has been held in India to bestow supernatural powers on its users. The partnership of Cannabis and man has existed now probably for ten thousand years – since the discovery of agriculture in the Old World. One of our oldest cultivars, Cannabis has been a five- purpose plant: as a source of hempen fibres; for its oil; for its akenes or “seeds,” consumed by man for food; for its narcotic properties; and therapeutically to treat a wide spectrum of ills in folk medicine and in modern pharmacopoeias. Mainly because of its various uses, Cannabis has been taken to many regions around the world. Unusual things happen to plants after long association with man and agriculture. They are grown in new and strange environments and often have opportunities to hybridize that are not offered in their native habitats. They escape from cultivation and frequently become aggressive weeds. They may be changed through human selection for characteristics associated with a specific use. Many cultivated plants are so changed from their ancestral typed that it is not possible to unravel their evolutionary history. Such is not the case, however, with Cannabis. Yet, despite its long history as a major crop plant, Cannabis is still characterised more by what is not known about its biology than what is known." [b]I however prefer to think of Soma as...[/b] "Various cultures throughout the ages have used psychedelic fungi for shamanistic and other purposes. Mesoamerican mushroom stones of the pre-classic Mayans representing deified mushrooms date back to approximately 500 BC, while rock paintings in the Sahara of mushroom effigies date back to 7000 BC. Some scholars believe that Soma, the drink mentioned in Vedic literature, was derived from psychedelic mushrooms (R. Gordon Wasson suggests that this was amanita muscaria), while Albert Hofmann and Carl Ruck contend that the Eleusinian Mysteries made use of the psychedelic fungus ergot (not strictly a mushroom) in the Kykeon. Amanita muscaria is known to have been used in Siberian shamanism. Psilocybin mushrooms were a revered tradition in native Central American cultures at the time of the European invasion and have been in continuous use up to the present. Named teonanácatl ("flesh of the gods") in Nahuatl, they may have been employed for healing, divination and for intercession with spirits. Since the beginning of the Latin American colonial era, their use has been hidden due to persecution by the Christian church, which branded all native religious practices and especially those employing entheogenic sacraments as "pagan." That Nordic Vikings may have used fly-agaric to produce their berserker rages was first suggested by the Swedish professor Samual Ödman in 1784. Ödman based his theory on reports about the use of fly-agaric among Siberian shamans. The notion has become widespread since the 19th century, but no contemporary sources mention this use or anything similar in their description of berserkers. Today, it is generally considered an urban legend or at best speculation that cannot be proven. According to the BBC, the first documented use of psychedelic mushrooms was in the Medical and Physical Journal: in 1799, a man who had been picking mushrooms for breakfast in London's Green Park included them in his harvest, accidentally sending his entire family on a trip. The doctor who treated them later described how the youngest child "was attacked with fits of immoderate laughter, nor could the threats of his father or mother refrain him". [b]Right time of the year to head to Kodai........[/b]
  14. Chandrabindu - Aar Jani Naa Love this band......
  15. Satty

    Was Sacred Soma Bubble Hash?

    Have done a bit of research on this as Soma is my wife's name Check out [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soma"]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soma[/url]