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  1. Ants!!!!! Awesome photos Anil. Whats the dark item inside the bamboo ? (in Stick rice photo) Is there a country you haven't visited ?
  2. When in India, Mango was my favorite. In US, I have taken a big liking for the easily available fruits and berries such as Grapes (red/black), black berries, blue berries. Lychee is one that I have really liked at the Asian store, but not always available. Riddle: Is coconut a fruit ? Chikoo milkshake is amazing Vandy. You will enjoy it.
  3. Termz

    Quality Indian Sweets

    Looks like Boondi Laddoo and Rava laddoo!
  4. Termz

    mawlynnong food

  5. Termz

    Edo Retrospective

    Great clicks and nice review UPN bhai. 
  6. Termz

    Australia Fine-dining

    Fastastic photos and description EarnesTaster !!
  7. Termz

    Cricket World Cup 2015

    Looking superb Vandy !!
  8. Termz

    Auckland Bulletin #1

    Great clicks EarnesTaster !! Love them.   I must say I had that strong feeling : meat that looks the color you posted isn't safe/good for consumption. However when I came to US and started mingling with local folks, I came to understand it is normal to have steak that is cooked medium or medium rare or rare or even just bloody. Now I do not know whether the same applies to venison. I have had venison, however cooked in Indian curry style - so it was well cooked and am looking forward to getting a hold of more one day.
  9. Termz

    Food Photo blog II

    There is a chain of Mexican cuisine restaurant named ON THE BORDER. This was the 2nd time I had been there with a friend and took a couple of pictures of our plates. I loved their spicy salsa which they serve free along with the free tortilla chips. The deep fried poblano pepper was filled with melted cheese. 
  10. Termz

    Lovely weather around home

    It rarely snows in the Triangle area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) in NC - however this is the third time within 10 days that it snowed. Today it was wet snow which was quite heavy on trees and some even fell and got uprooted.    Sharing some pics.
  11. Termz

    Food Photo blog II

      Thanks EarnesTaster & Anil. haha yeah it was like a binge eating fest - after all I was on vacation. Am not that particular on visiting destination restaurants - however am keen on trying out all different cuisines and foods at least once. After all, my favorite show is >Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre foods.   The Carnival Cruise is like the economy cruise line. The buffet food is well......buffet quality like. Plenty of options to choose from and different cuisines stations to select as well. American(included Italian dishes), Mexican, Mongolian, Guy fiery's burger joint, 24 hour pizza station, cold and hot sandwich station to name a few. The fine dining food is at the seated tables - which is open to all (and included in ticket price). There is a set menu to choose Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts from. However, since the portions were not proportionate to my eyes and stomach I was asking for more than 1 appetizer and more than 1 entree and they were happy to see me enjoy myself. I tried some Indian food from the dinner, however I found it quite bland - the presentation was nice though. I was conversing with a latino lady on the ship who mentioned to me that she has had much better food on other Cruise ships. I must go on a luxury cruise next.   Anil - am jealous of you for all the places you have visited - a cruise is next to nothing in your bucket list.
  12. Termz

    Thoughts, Sayings, Quotes, Funnies

    What did the sergeant tomato say to the slacker tomato? "You better ketchup! (Catchup)"
  13. Termz

    Happy Birthday

    Wish you a belated Happy Birthday PriyaZim(Dec), Chef Hemant Iyer (TLG ji) - Jan, JyotiDa - Jan.