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  1. Photographs of recent visit to South India

    [quote]would suggest you to use picasaweb @ google, which allows you to store images at original resolution.[/quote] Thankyou Infidel. I just tried Picasa & yes it has more storage than flickrs. Let me explore a bit more.
  2. Some Ladakh Photos

    Absolutely stunning pics! It is interesting to see that you went with kids. Just wondering if it is possible to visit Ladakh with my kids aged 3 and 11 years.Googling has not been of much help. Possibly a journey by road via Manali- Rohtang and returning via Srinagar.
  3. Photographs of recent visit to South India

    Thankyou dzibead, captmahajan & john.sw for the visit. [quote]Sleeper, how did you make your fantastic panorama of Vitla Temple, Hampi? Is it a panoramic camera or stitched photos?[/quote] It was simply a stitchwork merging four images.
  4. Photographs of recent visit to South India

    [quote]Nice pics![/quote] Thankyou Malkers.
  5. Photographs of recent visit to South India

    I have added some photos from Hampi, Badami, Srirangapatna, Aihole,Pattalkad, Belur and Halebid
  6. Barkul Or Rambha

    I will try Ashoka hotel. If nothing works I plan to reach Balugan by an early morning train from Gopalpur (Berhampur)and at night go to Puri by a direct train or via Khurda Road.
  7. Barkul Or Rambha

    Thankyo Jyotida and Abhijit. For past two days I have unsuccessfully tried to get a accommodation at Panthnivas Bark. Unfortunately it is all booked up from 21to 31 Dec, so no accommodation available. Any Alternative accommodation suggested or should I do a day trip and return at night to Puri.
  8. Barkul Or Rambha

    Thanks Jyotida for your tips. Any more helpful tips?
  9. Barkul Or Rambha

    Sounds tempting...... I am thinking of a night stay at Barkul and a day trip to Rambha while returning to Puri from Gopalpur at Sea.
  10. Barkul Or Rambha

    Incidentaly the manager at Panthnivas Rambha was of the emphasising about better availability of chilka prawn/crab at Rambha Panthnivas as compared to Barkul.
  11. Barkul Or Rambha

    [hill in front of the Rambha Panthanivas] That is what he was telling me. I got the impression that hills are beyond the lake and adds to the beauty. Anyway after your informed reply I have decided to stay at Barkul. Thanks again.
  12. Barkul Or Rambha

    Thankyou Jyotida and Abhijit. In fact confusion started when I spoke to manager at Panthnivas Rambha. In his view the scenic beauty around Rambha is much more than Barkul.
  13. Barkul Or Rambha

    Given a compulsion to choose, which is a better location to visit Chilka - Barkul or Rambha (prime criterion being scenic beauty)?
  14. Khemmangundi To Jog Falls

    Is there direct a bus service between Khemmangundi to Jog falls. Is it worth visiting jog falls in Jan. end?
  15. Modhera Sun Temple And Konark

    Thanks iwanttogoback. Waiting for the photos.