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    Being the best friend of my five year old, China, china, China, travel, food, observing humans, enjoying nature, living life.........

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    You wouldnt wanna know !!!
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    Too many to think of and name... romantic comedies is a good category
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    Its not the place its the mind and those around you which matters
  1. Sudheer Poppa

    A Glimpse Of 2010

    I only hope I have the energy of 2009 in 2010.... looking back - at work built four new teams totaling to over sixty members. screwed up health eating junk food with all the long hours.. health counts were worse than my dad's who is 70+.. decided to learn driving, got a license, bought a car and drove 13000 kms in three months.. almost met CH in my drive to Amsterdam and did meet CH in my second drive to Amsterdam... biggest highlight was a four week drive around europe with parents - frankfurt - paris - hague - amsterdam - berlin - czestochowa - wroclaw - prague - zurich - lucerne.... overall feel like I aged a decade in the last year.... capped it with a hibernating december break in frozen poland...
  2. Sudheer Poppa

    Mumbai Rocked By Deadly Shootings!

    Anti Terror squad chief among those killed and some of the main encounter specialists..... Mumbai would take a long time to recover from this tragedy given that some of the top anit terror minds have been lost.
  3. Sudheer Poppa

    Dd's Odds And Ends

    I hope this wasn't the inspiration DD We had the same idea of all white people... when sun is blasting and most of us would carry an umbrella to school for the shade, had these strange western men and women coming to our beaches and lying down in the scorching sun... half naked (thoughts of a 10 years old Sudheer many decades back :ranting: )
  4. Sudheer Poppa

    Serial Blasts In Delhi

    It goes on... another blast in New Delhi...
  5. Sudheer Poppa

    Approx Taxi Cost, Bangalore New Airport To Town

    I have heard a fair bit of good remarks about the bus service.. especially from the business travellers who do get reimbursed if they take the more expensive taxi, but still prefer the bus. So if you are reaching a spot which close to your final locale, you can consider that option. Also if you are in a hurry, there is another option ... :bigsmile: click here
  6. Sudheer Poppa

    Which Ayurvedic Hospital To Choose

    If you are able to get a reservation plus accommodation in Kottakkal, you should go for it. From what I know its very difficult to get a room booked or fix appointments due to the mad rush. Infact there would not be many other places that could compete with Kottakkal on that account as they even treat president's and other national leaders. From a site seeing perspective, Kottakkal may have a minor advantage with regards to distance to many interesting green spots of Kerala whereas Coimbatore would have more easier connections to different locations in south India like pondicherry, madurai, Ooty and so on.
  7. Sudheer Poppa

    Shout Box

    [quote name='vinayverma' post='41322' date='Aug 2 2008, 12:25 AM']Where is Sudheer? long time huh? do you have his phone #? lets all call him to wake him up.[/quote] Thanks for the wake up call Vinay After almost sleeping through the first 18 months in the land of Po, got hit with a whirlwind of work! Still struggling under loads, and even now too tired to go home.. so sitting at work and scanning the tree.. But did manage to take a quick break, head out to India for three weeks and one week in Singapore last month. But as against vacations where you relax, was more of running pillar to post being the first visit in two years. End result came back more tired, with loads of work outstanding and ofcourse 6 extra kilos around my belly
  8. Sudheer Poppa

    India Looks To Asia For Support On Zim Issue

    Z was one of the most prosperous countries in Africa.. and its now competing with Darfur in terms of humanitarian catastrophe... While many other African countries have very similar conditions, the problem with Zimbabwe is that its moving in the opposite direction of the remaining continent with regards to development. Lets draw a parallel, should the world keep its mum if say for example see Singapore with a despotic leader ending up as North Korea or Myanmar? We cannot sit back and say, there is a myanmar and north korea in the Asia with similar condition so why should we do anything about Singapore?
  9. Sudheer Poppa

    I Am Ashamed And Very Upset!

    It almost looks like a miracle that happened right in front of our eyes....... Great job BDR, and thanks for the thought to keep us updated as it evolves... May god bless you for your contributions here...
  10. Sudheer Poppa

    Please Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome Kathy... Hope you find the tree as the next best to being in India in person
  11. Sudheer Poppa

    Honeymoon In Kerala In July

    Monsoon in Kerala has been very mild this year, and the state electricity board has even recommended power cuts (scheduled daily blackouts) for the first time in monsoon season which was something unheard of! So from a safety perspective, I would expect it to be rather safe as the rains are very mild. As for tour operators, I can add another recommendation - operations@gitctour.com .. No personal experience yet, but they have been one of the big names in the industry when I used to work about a decade back for tourism dept in Kerala..
  12. Sudheer Poppa

    A Great Experience In Tirumala

    I just heard someone complain about an 8 hour train ride earlier this morning, but now reading this thread, 8 hours can be the average waiting time for the ticket queue on weekend and there is still another free queue that can be even longer
  13. Sudheer Poppa

    Please Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome India chick... If you are planning to catch up on some ayurvedic rejuvenation for a week or more, monsoon is a good time to head to Kerala. You can catch some notes here, valid now as well though it was written in 2005. ahttp://www.thehindubusinessline.com/2005/07/19/stories/2005071900391700.htm
  14. Sudheer Poppa

    Central Europe Meet Up?

    Jyotirda... could you give me your detailed iternary? I am leaving Berlin on 25th morning around 10am..
  15. Sudheer Poppa

    Central Europe Meet Up?

    Oh No..... I am in Berlin the previous weekend