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  1. hfot2

    Lamb Dish At Tavern Mussoorie

    Thanks to all for the stimulating discussion, and especially to ever-dependable jyotirmoy for the recipe. We'll ty it tonight.
  2. hfot2

    Lamb Dish At Tavern Mussoorie

    At The Tavern restaurant in Mussoorie we had a lamb dish involving chunks of lamb in a sauce that included ground lamb. What is the name of the dish, and does anyone have a recipe?
  3. hfot2

    10 Year Visa In Expired Us Passport

    Has anyone actually done this - traveled to India with 2 American passports, the expired passport with the valid visa and the new current valid passport without the visa? Did you run into any difficulties? distaff half
  4. hfot2


    Thanks for the great information! So it seems perfect that we are buying a gift for a wedding we'll be attending in India from a store here in Vermont called Frog Hollow. The box will be green, decorated with a golden frog. Is the frog marriage celebrated or even known in Delhi and/or West Bengal [the groom and bride's hometowns]?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Rustic is not all there is to Vermont. [Why, we even have flush toilets now] Tiffany is a good idea but it seems a little tame for the occasion we anticipate. Here's what we've been thinking about: a very heavy blown glass multi-colour "showpiece" by Michael Egan, a Vermont artist. See the link below for some of his work [the things we are looking at are not photo'ed in his gallery pages, however] http://www.glassartists.org/Gal19987_Michael_Egan.asp His work is shown at Frog Hollow Gallery which has many very non-rustic art objects from Vermont. distaff half of hfot2
  6. What is an appropriate wedding gift for us to give to a couple we do not know? We have just been invited to a "formal" wedding in Delhi for the daughter of the Chairman of a large company. We do not know the family of the bride or the groom. We are good friends with the Senior Manager of the company, who extended the invitation to us because he knows we’re fascinated by Indian wedding customs. Besides adding formal clothes to our already packed and full suitcases, we now have to figure out what to get for a wedding gift that is small enough to be packable, that is unbreakable, that we can get through customs, and that we can proudly give to the couple. Any suggestions, from the amount we should spend in USD to what type of gift, would be appreciated. We understand something for the house would be appropriate - but we have no idea what - perhaps a decorative item made in our home state would be good...? distaff half of hfot2
  7. hfot2


    Do frogs have any special symbolic significance, positive or negative, in India - particularly in Delhi and West Bengal?
  8. hfot2

    All in one suitcase?

    [quote name='jyotirmoy' post='30438' date='Sep 9 2007, 12:56 AM']Try the Khadi store in CP next to Regal cinema. They offer big discounts in the month of October...[/quote] What about in November?
  9. I hope you haven't already addressed this issue - "Help Search Members Calendar Hotel Reviews Recipes Clan System Gallery Blogs" This list appears [in reverse order] at the top of the page under the India tree logo . When I click on some of the topics [but not all] I get the message: "IPS Driver Error There appears to be an error with the database. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here " Do you know what's up? For example, I can't access recipes this way, but I can from the side bar.
  10. Consulate General of India, New York website says: "TRANSFER OF VISA TO NEW PASSPORT Visa holders, whose passport has expired and who have obtained new passports can travel to India with both old and new passports so long as the old passport contains valid visas. They can also transfer the old visa to the new passport." Has anyone run into any difficulty entering India or traveling with the visa in the expired passport as described above?
  11. hfot2

    All in one suitcase?

    We've avoided FabIndia, but now my curiosity is piqued. Which branch stores are the best in Delhi and Mumbai and Shimla for both men's and women's items? Are the prices the same in all branches for the same/similar items or do the prices vary ? I am so used to street bargaining that I don't know what to expect in a store. How do the prices compare to the rupee prices on their website? [mention here is made of dollar amounts on their website, but if you look at the rupee prices they are way cheaper and more in line with what I'd expect in a store] And how does all of this compare with the stuff on the street in Karol Bagh or Palika Bazaar?
  12. Shall do. At least I know it's not just our photo or a computer error. Now, how about my other question on subscriptions. I think I solved it though, to see a list I have to ask for e-mail notification.
  13. hfot2

    Problem With Past Posts & Threads?

    I found that unless you subscribe for some form of e-mail notification you get no list. I cancelled the e-mail subscription and lost the new posts in list. Subscribe for e-mail - I chose weekly and will delete it as it comes, search for your name on TIT, edit your last reply in a small way - change punctuation or add something and now the post should appear in the list.
  14. We have a convection oven which also allows us to dehydrate on wire racks at the lowest temp with the door slightly open. We could easily dehydrate new leaves, but it sounds like freezing produces a better product.