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  1. Heike

    Udaipur To Jodhpur By Taxi

    Hello Katt! I went by taxi from Udaipur via Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur to Jodhpurs at the end of November last year. For the taxi ride with a nice, still rather new small car without A/C I paid 2200 rupees. A day excursion from Udaipur to Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur and back to Udaipur should cost 1000 rupees. I cannot recommend a taxi-driver or a travel agency. I asked about the prices in several travel agencies and one wanted the same price everywhere. So I booked the taxi in the travel agency which belonged to my hotel. Greetings Heike
  2. Yashodhara and all the others! Since my next holiday stands in front of the door, here more of my Rajasthan journey Nov./Dec. 2006: (It was a long work to try it a little in greater detail in English (....sweat......)!) As I said, I had only 3 1/2 weeks time to travel across Rajasthan. With KLM I flew via Amsterdam to Delhi and with Jet Airways some hours later via Jaipur to [u]Udaipur[/u][b][/b]. To not have to go on hotel search after the long journey I booked a room by Internet for the first 3 nights in the Hotel "Udai Niwas" (500 rupees per night) and a airport transfer (350 rupees). Although I received a confirmation from the Hotel "Udai Niwas" by e-mail, I waited, however, at the airport in vain for the ordered taxi. This was not so dramatic for me. The airport of Udaipur is rather small and easily comprehensible and there is a prepaid-taxi-counter. I bought a ticket and the prepaid taxi tooked me to the hotel for only 280 rupees! Arrived in the hotel one told me one had forgotten to organize the airport transfer,....... sorry! I think one had forgotten not only the airport transfer (grin). I got my room also only after a further 3/4 hour. My room was quite ok and from the roof restaurant of the Hotel Udai Niwas I had a marvellous view of the town, the mountains and of the lake. However, I think I would not have booked the room for 500 rupees per night by Internet from Europe before, I simply would have appeared in the hotel, I could have had it well substantially more cheaply. The hotel and also other accommodations in the surroundings were not occupied fully by far end of November. At least the old town of Udaipur is rather touristly. One hotel or souvenir shop etc. besides the other one. Afterwards, I find it good that I have started with my Rajasthan tour in Udaipur since it shut actually rather quietly there. [u]I made, however, my actually only greater bad experience with obtrusive people in Udaipur:[/u] After I took off my shoes at the entrance of the “Jagdish temple” in the old town of Udaipur, a young man joined to me who wanted to explain everything. I said to him I would not be interested in a guide. He: “I am not a guide”. I: “Please leave me alone”. He continued to talk on me: “Bla,bla ........”. He was annoying like a “shithouse fly”! When I put my shoes on after my temple tour, he held back his hand after money and said he is a student and finances his studies as a temple guide. I said to him I have given him repeatedly to understand that I have not been interested in explanations. 2 men pursued our conversation. First they got angry because I did not want to give the young man money. They then asked money for themselves because they would have watched my shoes allegedly. But ..........When I tooked off my shoes, the men were not at the temple entrance yet!! So they could not know to whom which shoes belonged! ....... “”I got a thick neck !!“” When I did not give these men money either I was of these more or less out the temple thrown. (Grrrrrr....) Please do not think that I am a miser. These mens...... No, I had to keep my purse locked! What else I in Udaipur and surroundings have seen? Everything what are tourists so interested. I particularly beautifully felt my excursion with the Tuk-tuk to the [u]Monsoon-Palace[/u]. The view from there of Udaipur and the surrounding mountain -- simply terrific!!!!!! Merely 3 1/2 weeks and then with the regular bus and overnight stays in Kumbalgarh and or or Ranakpur? Hmmmm............................. I went to some travel agencies. A day tour by the taxi from Udaipur should cost approx. 1000 rupees. Leaving Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur out and driving to Jaisalmer directly further? It was possible to get a direct bus from Jaisalmehr to Udaipur, but not from Udaipur to Jaisalmer. The busses drove everyone over Jodhpur. I would have had in Jodhpur merely approx. 10 minutes to change into the Jaisalmer-bus. What is if the Jodhpur-bus is delayed? Then I have a look at Jodhpur first and Jaisalmer following. I asked for the price for a taxi to Jodhpur which stops in Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur: "2200 rupies". I began to calculate. My head gave off smoke. Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur or not Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur? A day excursion to Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur and another night in Udaipur and then with the bus to Jaipur? No, I ordered a taxi. And as said already I have not regretted the costs: [u]The landscape is simply lovely to Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur[/u][b][/b]. Woods, green hills, fields, some little villages .......................... Kumbalgarh Fort high above on a mountain and the view of the mountains from above..................... Two hours were far too short for the Kumbalgarh Fort! I will spend a little more time in this area sometime. The Jain temple of Ranakpur – puhhh................... Whole made of marble till into the smallest detail (figures and ornaments). The taxi ride got a little more boring behind Ranakpur. There was no longer much to see. Arrived in [u]Jodhpur[/u][b][/b] my taxi driver took me to the “Haveli Guest House” which is located in the old town. My double room was big and clean and cost 300 rupees per night. I had a beautiful view of the “Blue town” and the “Palace” from the roof garden. I still remember my conversation with my taxi driver during the journey. He asked me where I want to stay in Jodhpur. He would have a recommendation. I: "Yes, yes a recommendation.... You get arrangement charges if you bring me to that hotel". He: "No matter where I bring you, I get 20 rupees everywhere." 20, 30, 40 rupees more or less, I have had me taken to the hotel. It shut rather quietly in the old town of Jodhpur. It got rather lively only outside the walls of the old town. After two days in Jodhpur I had seen everything which had been interested. In the early morning I went with the Tuk-Tuk to the Goverment bus station. With my rucksack I got on the bus to [u]Jaisalmer[/u][b][/b]. I was the only tourist in the Bus. The fare was 92 rupees and took approx. 6 hours (approx. 330 km). The journey with the Goverment bus was not very much konfortabel. There was no place in the bus where I could put my luggage down. The bus filled fast and was overfilled still faster. Soldiers squeezed themselves around me on the seats. The poor boys next to me ....(grin)... Over hours had the boys my rucksack on her knees. The landscape which I saw during the journey was not particularly change rich: Sand, rubble, brushwood etc. .. When the soldiers left the bus after 4 hours, some boys got on the bus and looked after tourists. One pushed me hotel brochures into my hand: 100 rupees for an overnight stay! Transport to the hotel free! Why not. Looking costs nothing..... Shortly before Jaisalmer the bus stopped once again and I still had to pay a “tourist Tax” in the amount of 20 rupees. Arrived at the bus station in Jaisalmer I immediately became surrounds of a grape of men. Everybody wanted take me to the “best” and “most reasonably priced” hotel. I followed one of the men which brought me to the "Hotel Henna". One showed me a clean double room with bath, hot water and European toilet for 100 Rupees. I visited the roof restaurant. I had an incredible view of the Fort from there. I stayed in the hotel and I met there nice people. I have liked Jaisalmer very much, even much better than Udaipur. The village life was rather quiet outside the Fort. However, it was rather tourist within the Fort. On the first day in Jaisalmer I spent within the Fort walls more than 8 hours. So I must have liked it there: Have seen beautiful buildings, had nice views of the town, nice conversations with souvenir shop owners, was sitting on stairs and watching people and small details like a cow drinking at the dripping water crane........... I had a bad cold meanwhile. To a camel safari of several days was no more to think. So I made only a half day excursion to the desert (600 rupees). However, the three-hour ride on my camel "Michael Jackson" was also quite nice. And later, in the evening, we sat in the desert at the campfire at each other and had dinner there. Next day I then went with a Deluxe bus and not with a Goverment bus to [u]Bikaner[/u][b][/b] for 150 rupees. I was taken to the bus station by the boys of the hotel Henna free of charge. My luggage was packed into the boot. So I could sit on my reserved seat comfortably. The bus needed approx. 7-8 hours for the 326 km as far as I can remember. This time, I was not the only tourist in bus. Another tourist (1) drove with me to Bikaner. Also on the journey from Jaisalmer to Bikaner was not much to see: Desert, rubble, bushes, here a house, there a small village........... Arrived in Bikaner the owner of the Hotel “Kishan-Palace” already waited for me, organized by the boys of the Hotel Henna in Jaisalmer. I had got a clean room for "say and write: 120 rupees per night" in the Hotel Kishan-Palace with a bathroom with European toilet, hot water and even a “TV”. I was also the only guest in the hotel, though. The owner of the hotel wrote on a piece of paper for me how expensive Tuk-Tuk journeys are to the sights in and around Bikamer. After a short refreshment I wanted to get on the way to the old town. I put myself to the roadside and stopped a taxi. I wanted to visit the Jain temple in the old town of Bikaner. My driver stopped away 3 times and I had to tell to people being at the roadside where I wanted. The driver finally in front of the “Junagarh Fort” stopped. I said: Not “Junargarh Fort” .......”Jain temple in the old town”! (In me: ... grrrrrr....) The driver twitched with the shoulders. Irritated I left the Tuk-Tuk and walked in and through the old town. I saw some Havelis in the old town. In the past, the houses must have been lovely. Sad, that the façade paintings expire. Sometime, I then stood in front of the temple. The temple is painted lovely from inside everywhere. The paintings are received even particularly well. I have liked the temple even still more a lot than thes one in Ranakpur. I funny thought that I had no more communication problems with the Tuk-Tuk drivers in Bikaner later.................. as if the Tuk-tuk drivers in Bikaner had a look for people who have just arrived in Bikaner. I made the same experience in Jaipur later. For 14 or 15 rupees (approx. 36 km per way) I went by regular bus to [u]“Karni Mata temple”[/u][b][/b] to [u]Deshnok[/u][b][/b] the next day. The temple rats were all of them rather small. Much smaller than our "channel or drain rats". The temple is really a rats Paradis. The rats organized races, scrapped ... Rats ran over my feet again and again........... The food troughs were permanently refilled and the rats crammed themselves full with the sweets. And then I saw even a "white rat" ...... I was quite enraptured. In the late afternoon I still went to the camel breeding farm and next morning the Junagarh Fort. Than it was time to leave the rather dusty town. I booked a Sleeper place in a Deluxe bus, what is rather comfortable anyway if one drives in the night since one can lie in a sleep bunk. The journey started toward 10 p.m.in the evening. [u]Puschkar[/u][b][/b] was reached (approx. 400 km) toward 4 a.m. in the night. The journey defecated 150 rupees. I was the only tourist in the bus again. The bus otherwise was "overfilled" with a mega-extended family from Bikaner who was on the way to a wedding celebration in Ajmer. Arrived around 4.00 a.m in Puschkar, once again some men who would like to bring one to the best or most reasonably priced hotel waited for tourists. It was still pitch-dark. So I went with one of the men. For the room with double bed, bath with europ. toilet and hot water I paid 150 rupees per night. The hotel was not located at the bazaar street but on a hill in the middle of the quarter where the inhabitants live. An approx. 1,50 metres wide lane led to the hotel. I had to pass by to a cow from time to time. I then had thought always following: "The cow hopefully does not begin to pee or sh*t" I had always luck. (.... grin......I had seen a white rat in the Karni Mata temple some days before!) Puschkar was a Paradis after the dusty Bikaner. I found some quiet places at the lake and Restaurants with comfortable rattan amrchairs for relaxing and not these uncomfortable metal chairs like in the rooftop restaurants in the villages I was before. However, I breakfasted in the R.S. restaurant at the Brahma temple on every morning. I could watch the hurly-burly around the temple from there well. However, the meal was also good - Indian dishes! I spent 4 days in Puschkar. It was then time to go to [u]Jaipur[/u][b][/b]. For the journey (approx. 150 km) with the Deluxe bus I paid 150 rupees. On this journey, I was not the only tourist. Arrived in Jaipur I was immediately surrounded by Tuk-Tuk drivers. I said only 4 words to one of the Tuk-Tuk driver: "Hotel Evergreen, how much?" He: "OK, 30 rupees"............ I got in into the Tuk-Tuk. The Tuk-Tuk driver did not try to lure me to another hotel. However, he also had “dollar signs” in the eyes. He tried to persuade me to make a sightseeing tour with him the next day. ..... "Oh, you are German? I have already ......... bla bla bla........made with many German sightseeing tours.... . . . " . I was not interested in a sightseeing tour with him. I took a clean room in the “Hotel Evergreen” with bath, europ. toilet and warm water for 350 rupees per night. The big, green garden within the hotel complex was an "oasis of the quiet" within the lively town! Next morning I stopped a bicycle rickshaw driver. I told him where I wanted. We agreed on the price. I sat down. He drove off. The driver stopped repeatedly like in Bikaner and I had to tell people at the roadside where I wanted. Like after my arrival in Bikaner I was fed up sometime and I walked to the Hawa Mahal. Like in Bikaner I had no more problems with my bicycle ricksaw drivers from there. What I in Jaipur have seen? Everything at which tourists have a look. I went to “Fort Amber” from Hawa Mahal by regular bus. The fare was only some rupees. I was disappointed by the palace actually a little. If I read the brochures of the journey companies, Fort Amber is usually a highlight of a Rajasthan journey. Ok, the Fort to himself already lies very beautifully in the hills....... However, I hope, that one has not begun too late to restore and to protect the Fort........many walls are painted by tourists...... .. glazed tiles and mirror broken off...... ceiling frescos and mural paintings have to be foreseen only.... Time had to be driven to [u]Delhi[/u][b][/b] back. I had a place reserved for me at the bus station. The bus of the Silverline needed for the journey approx. 7 hours (approx. 260 km) and not 5 1/2 hours as announced actually. We were in the traffic jam in front of and in Delhi for a long time. I was not only the only tourist also in this bus again. In Delhi I wanted reasonably priced accommodation again, however not absolutely direct at the Main Bazaar Road in Pahar Ganj but at the a little more quiet Arakashan Road. During the journey still I chose the Hotel Ajanta for me as the first contact point and laid out ready, what I tell to the Tuk-Tuk drivers after my arrival in Delhi would, would these try to bring me up to another hotel. I had almost no problems, however, with the first Tuk-Tuk driver whom I met in Delhi. He just asked me, whether I a room in the Ajanta would have ordered in advance and I said simply “yes”. During the journey the driver tried once to extol another hotel. I told him I would meet in the Ajanta friends. After that he gave quiet. I found accommodation at the “Ajanta” in a small, clean room with balcony and big television set for 500 rupees per night. I did no longer much in Delhi. I strolled to the Connaught Place and back once. I otherwise only strolled through Pahar Ganj. After 2 days in Delhi my holiday ended and I then flew back to Germany. Summarized: Although I travelled alone across Rajasthan, I have not even felt unwell or insecure. During the journey I was not alone. I met people from the whole world. We met, spoke with each other, our ways then divided. I still have contact with some people. I had heard much of the hotel mediators in Rajasthan. Actually I wanted not to let myself in for the offers and look on the spot respectively for a hotel myself. Then I let myself in for the hotel mediators anyway and was always more than content with accommodation and primarily the price. I hate in Germany to get into a regular bus or train for a 1 hour! Not in India. I love the people studies. The men usually look as if I came from the moon. Primarily the women are curious and fast one comes as a woman with these in a conversation. Oh, I remember a bus ride. The bus was overcrowded and I had two small children over hours on my lap sit (grin). I met many Indian tourists particularly in Rajasthan. I permanently had to answer the same questions: What are you called? Where do you come from? Why do you travel alone? Are you married? Do you have children? Thank God I can develop after some days something like an answer automatism. It was nice to have seen something in Rajasthan. But I love more the greenery and the mountains. I already look forward to being in the Indian mountains within 23 days again...................juhu, juhu.....!!
  3. Heike

    Ticket Reservation - !need Help!

    I tried it just once again. Have my ticket! Heike
  4. Heike

    Ticket Reservation - !need Help!

    :grin: Hello! I have just tried to buy a train ticket by Internet. I wanted to pay by VISA card of my German savings bank. I selected the Citibank as Gateway since the Citibank is everywhere in the world. However, the Citibank and my German savings bank probably do not work with each other. The booking is put down under "failed Payments" now: ................................................................. Total Amount: Rs.163.0 Total Availability at IST 20:09 AVAILABLE- 0006 SL Note: This availability is for all berths,not of your prefered berth type.As tickets are booked throughout the country across PRS counters, any confirmed status shown above may decline into RAC/Waiting List Status, while your payment is being processed. Payment Options : Choose one of the option and click on continue booking Note: If for any reason, the reservation output details are not displayed on your screen after you have made payment, please check the details in "Booked Tickets" under "Booking History" in left navigation bar. You may also check your mail for the details of your booking. You are also advised to contact IRCTC before trying to book your ticket again. You have chosen to pay using the Citibank Payment Gateway. Please provide your Credit Card Information. (This information is passed on to the payment gateway securely using 128 bit SSL mode. No credit card information is captured/stored by IRCTC. Once the payment is authorized you will automatically proceed with the booking confirmation) Credit Card .No : Credit Card Expiry : Month:010203040506070809101112& Year:2006 2007 2008 2009 20102011 20122013 20142015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 CVV Number : . You are being redirected to process your payments... Click here to replan your journey before making payment .................................................... I have tried to amend Gateway. I pushed the button "buy" - no more reaction! What now? There is nothing under "booked tickets"! There is nothing under "booking history"! I hav'nt got a E-Mail! Thank you for your help Heike
  5. Thanks for the information, cyber. I have printed your Kumaon travel stories for me. With further Internet information I will make my own little guidebook. Thanks for the link to the road map of Uttaranchal. Have a little more summary now. The card in the LP is a little too small for me (or I need glasses). I will look after the train connection now. Heike
  6. Hello friends of India! I have decided to travel to Uttaranchal now. I fly to Delhi on 27.05.-2007 and it goes back again to Germany on 15.06.2007. So I have only 2 1/2 weeks time. I orderd the guidebook "Uttaranchal Kumaon & Garhwal" at "Amazon.de" of " The HarperCollins Travel guide ". I thougt the guidebook would be useful and perhaps also useable card material contains. I am absolutely disappointed about this guidebook. So I have only the LP and the Internet and as now no map. I hope for your help now. Is it possible to drive with a “night bus†from Delhi to Almora? I would like to make excursions to the surroundings from Almora. Do you have some tips? From Almora I would like to drive by bus to Kausani. Which excursions can you recommend from Kausani? Is there the possibility to drive by bus or jeep from Kausani in the direction of the Garhwal? If yes, where you can recommend stops? I then would like to go from Rishikesh / Haridwar back to Delhi. Heike
  7. Heike

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Thank you for your congratulations! I had a peaceful birthday..... only a little party. It is carnival in Germany. I had to prepare for "Altweiberfaßnacht" = "old woman day". I work in the city hall and on Thursday our city hall was stormed by the carnival associations around 11.11 a.m.! Much was danced, sung, laughed and drunk. The work was fun on this day. I did not have to "schlepp" myself to work on Thursday.
  8. Heike

    Shout Box

    Carnival in Germany! The day before yesterday was Altweiberfaßnacht (old woman night). Our city hall was stormed by the carnival associations around 11.11 a.m! A day on which the work has been fun and I did not have to "schleppte" myself to the office! [attachment=5583:IMG_1092_t.jpg] [attachment=5584:IMG_1098_t.jpg] 11.11 a.m.: bed
  9. Heike

    Save The Dancing Bear

    I just remember a holiday in Goa. In one evening the children of the owner of the guesthouse we lived called us we should come fast to outside. A dancing bear was demonstrated outside. The family of the guest house-owner and his neighbours had a lot of joy. We tourists were all of them rather horrified. Our guesthouse family and his neighbours not understood why we tourists were horrified.
  10. Hello! Many thanks for your opinions. I know now where I will fly at the beginning of May! I think I will not fly to the south and also not to Uttaranchal or to the northwest in May. I will go to Uttaranchal to another season and I was in Himachal Pradesh before. I have seen the area around Kumbalgarh on the way from Udaipur to Jodhpur only 2 months ago. It is very, very beautiful there and I still was not in Mount Abu. I think I will go to this area, however, on another route and to another season later. I am hungry again on “Momo’s†and Sikkim comes quite well there. No, no, ...... (grin).....not only the “Momo’s ...... Have searched on the Internet. The view shall be quite good on the mountains at least in the early morning hours in May. I can protect myself against rain but I hope that it does not rain non-stop. Have just looked on the Internet after flights - For example : Emirates: Düsseldorf – Dubai – Dubai – Kalkutta and back = around 610,00 Euro Jet Airways: Kalkutta – Bagdogra and back = around 216,70 Euro (Or booking only the flight to Bagdogra and driving back to Kalkutta with the train – ..... I must look....). I have a Kalkutta-Airport-question. I have not found a concrete answer on the Internet. Is the international and domestic part in the same building? (In any case it looks that way.) (If I would fly with Emirates, I would arrive in Kalkutta at 8.15 a.m. The next machine with Jet Airways in the direction of Bagdogra would take off at 12.10.) I know that one can apply for the "Sikkim-visa" directly with the "India-visa" in Germany. However, my India-visa ends only in October 2008. Have read that one can get the “Sikkim-visa†in Siliguri, Darjeeling ..... and also at the border to Sikkim. I would best of all go from the airport directly to Gangtok. I cannot imagine that the visa is immediately issued to me at the border. At the border I really should certainly wait for some hours? Does anybody have experiences? Have a beautiful weekend Heike
  11. Puhhh...... boys and girls - my head gives off smoke! Have only the LP and a old map "Northern India" from Nelles and the map ends exactly in Nainital. Must look and buy another map in the next days. Darjeeling/Sikkim? Also a good idea! Perhaps even the better alternative “in May� For Yashodhara: =========== I think I cannot give you any good tips. Even if I already often was in India within the last few years, I always have my flights booked rather quickly, approx. 1 -3 months before take-off. Since I always get only 3 to max. 4 1/2 weeks holiday at one piece and I can not go either on holiday when I would like, I never had a very cheap ticket. I have just had a look how much I paid for my last ticket: I have booked my last flight at Travelchannel.de in the middle of September: KLM-flight from 22.11.06-15.12.06 = 588,94 Euro - Düsseldorf - Amsterdam, Amsterdam – Delhi and the same way back. The flights with Lufthansa and Britsh Airways were approx. just as expensive. With KLM I finally have flown for the following reasons: Only approx. 3 1/2 hours stay at Airport Amsterdam on the outward flight. Return flight from Delhi already at 1.30 in the night. Only 1 hour stay at Airport Amsterdam on the return flight. (To reach the machine to Düsseldorf I ran quite a number of people down at the Amsterdam airport and my luggage was delivered to me home a day later. I had already expected at my booking that I would not get my luggage at the airport of Düsseldorf would I come into the from me booked machine Amsterdam – Düsseldorf.) Before I have flown with Emirates from Düsseldorf via Dubai to Cochin and back from Trivandrum, with Emirates from Düsseldorf via Dubai to Cochin and back from Mumbai, with Lufhansa from Düsseldorf via Frankfurt to Delhi, with Delta/Air France from Düsseldorf via Paris to Mumbai, from Düsseldorf via Vienna with Austrian Airways........... and some charter flights from Düsseldorf via Frankfurt or Munic to Goa with LTU and later with Condor/Thomas Cook. I like the search engine of Checkfelix. Checkfelix still filters the most reasonable offers of suppliers like Opodo, Travelchannel and, and, and ....and the airline companies out. But then, I enter my desired flights in search engines like Opodo, too. I look also on the sides of the airline companies. Heike
  12. Heike

    Shout Box

    Hello Yashodhara (and all other friends of India)! Short for smiling: I have read that you (Yashodhara) thought I shall write more of my Rajasthan journey. I have begun with that sometime. Sometimes I gone with the boys who arrange accommodation for one. Had to look in my dictionary what a "Schlepper" is called in English. A """"""tractor"""""""? A "tractor" is a country economic machine! I have turned the PC off and stopped to write at my report. By the way I live in the middle of the Ruhr district, not far away from you..! Heike
  13. Hello friends of India! After to many big cities, desert, dust, dust and dust in Rajasthan in November/December last year I would like to spend my next holiday in May /June in the hills. I know, May/June is not the best time for travelling to/in India. M first thought was: Flight to Cochin and back from Bangalore. Tour: Thrissur, area around Ooty, visit of one of the national parks, Mysore and surroundings like Belur, Halebid and Sravanabelgola. I then thought: Flight to Bangalore and also from Bangalore back to Europe. Tour: Listed how before and leave Thrissur out. In the meanwhile I find the Hillstations in Uttaranchal quite interesting too: Flight to Delhi and from there to Mussoorie, Haridwar, Rishikesh, the Rajaji or Corbett national park (and perhaps to Nainital.) Now I am completely helpless! The guidebooks are saying, that the Hillstations in the north and in the south are full of Indian tourists. It shall not be easy to get reasonably priced accommodation. The weather is not the best.......... Among other things I was in Kumily and Munnar/Kerla last April. There I had no difficulties to get a room in one of the guesthouses and paid between 250 and 400 rupees per overnight stay. Munnar was full of Indian tourists at that time, too. These stayed predominantly at the larger hotels.. I made 2 day tours by the Tuk-Tuk from Munnar among other things. During a journey it began strongly in the afternoon to rain. The next day, however, the sun shone again. I had a lovely view from top station nearby Munnar on the surrounding mountains. Of Mussoorie I read that it is only seldom cloud free there. What do you suggest me? Which experiences have you made? My idea: Only some places in the 3 weeks. Making excursions to the surroundings from the places and enjoying views of the mountains from there (like in Munnar). Visit a national park. (In Periyar I was for 3 days in the park - a organized tour - walking and camping in the park. It is possible to do a similar trip in one of the other wildlife parks? (Hmmm, I have found nothing in LP or Internet)) I thank you for your answers. Say hello from cold and rainy Germany Your Heike
  14. I love Google Earth. After I discovered Google Earth I "googled" my notebook ""too hot"". Only after approx. one week of hard break I could switch on the notebook again. The buttons simply did not want to work during the rest period. Meanwhile, thank God, I have a (stronger) PC again. Google Earth is very helpful for holiday planning. One gets a greater idea what kind of landscape one expected and how greatly or smally the villages are to which one would like to go. Is only pity that the quality of some of the maps still is not so good. Heike
  15. Hello, I am here again! Happy New Year! I would like to thank you for the many tips and suggestions which I have got in this forum. As an alone travelling woman I have not felt unwell one times! Here a short report. (Sorry for my bad English. I looked frequently in the dictionary and hope that some words have also the correct meaning.) 3 1/2 weeks - a short time for Rajasthan. So I have gone from Udaipur by taxi via Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur to Jodhpur. The investment of the 2000 rupees was worthwhile. We drove to Ranakpur through a beautiful and varied landscape. I would have enjoyed spending some days in the surroundings of Kumbalgarh. I have gone from Jodhpur with the state bus to Jaisalmer. This really was not a good idea. There was no filing for luggage behind or next to the driver's seat like in other states. I sat in the bus like a chicken in a hen battery - squeezed next to some soldiers. The poor boys had all the time over my rucksack on the lap. Jaisalmer -- simply beautiful and somehow unreal. The Fort looks as if it had arisen with baking tins in the sand playground. It is really sad that everything begins to rot. I had a room outside of the Fort. During a walk by the Fort I came with an Shop owner into a discussion. He did not understand, why I did not have a room within the Fort. He was the opinion that the owners of the hotels would invest a part of the profits into the restoration of the buildings (????) Because of a bad cold I made merely a short excursion by camel to the desert. However, this one was also beautiful. I then have gone from Jaisalmer with a private bus to Bikaner. Bikaner - not my town - too dusty (However, I had not recovered from my cold either)! By day my arrival in Bikaner I had little stress with the Tuk-Tuk drivers. Those could not or did not want to understand me. On the next day I had however no more problems. I believe, the Tuk-Tuk drivers have a view for it, who a newcomer is, whom one can ‘strike over the ear’. The Jain temple in Bikaner is painted lovely - and next to the temple a hospital for cows. The Havelis - it is sad that the Havelis rots. The splendour of earlier days can be foreseen at some façades only. The visit of the Karni-Mata-Temple was the absolute highlight of my journey. It was to be observed quite impressing, how the pilgrims admire the rats. If a fodder dish was not yet completely empty, sweet was already again refilled. And not only quite a number of rats ran past at me - I saw a ""white"" rat I booked a place in a Sleeper-Night-Bus for the route Bikaner - Pushkar. Pushkar was an green oasis after all the dust of the last days ........ and comfortable Rattan armchair to staying and no more the uncomfortable iron chairs, with which the roof restaurants were equipped in the places visited before Often I sat also in the R+K restaurant (low-priced and tasty Indian meal). For hours I could watch from there the multicolored driving around the Brahma temple. If I mean absolute peace to have wanted, I went the lake along and sat down outside of the locality on the ghats. That I remember at the moment: I strolled over the Bazar road, when a group of singing men passed me, who pulled secondly hand trucks of full red blooms. From one the hand truck took they the blooms and strewed these on the road. I looked on the other hand trucks and discovered under the bloom sea a Turban. A wonderful smelling big bloom carpet led by the half city. Which for a parting! From Pushkar to Jaipur I drove then again with a Deluxe bus. The Hotel Evergreen in Jaipur was an oasis of the peace in the lively city. With the riksha drivers in Jaipur I had the same experiences as in Bikaner. On the first day those did not want to understand me and on the next day folded everything in the best way. Ok, it is not really simply in Jaipur a road alive to cross - from the large cities Jaipur pleased me however best. To the Amber Fort I drove for few rupies with the regular bus. The Fort lies really beautifully on and between the hills. Unfortunately also at this Fort probably with the restoration work one began too late. In many areas one can suspect the painting at walls only. That is sad. With a bus of the Silverline I drove back to Delhi. In Delhi I spent my last 2 days by Pahar Ganj and had each evening a Kebab and Chicken Tikka of the Chicken Corner at the roadside – delicious, delicious, delicious! I will set some pictures in the next days into the gallery. (Must the pictures still with Infanview make smaller and English texts (sweat - ) write. Summarized: During my 3 1/2 weeks city journey by Rajasthan I saw much. Sometimes I was overwhelmed, sometimes something disappointed. The experiences, which I made and the impressions, which I had won, I would not like to miss. My next India vacation will lead me however again into the nature, into the mountains. Whether into the south or into the north I do not know yet. Heike