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  1. digital drifter

    Dd's Odds And Ends

    This is how a Gov. hatchet job on you will look like.... http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/04/us/04ant...;pagewanted=all Part libel, part pure scaremongering, part petty faults and finally the repeated insinuation that he "might" be the person though no evidence is/was available. And oh, the usual anonymous sourcing. Anyone want to bet the farm on that statement? And it's downhill from there. He's a stalker he's violated bio safety standards He's resentful and carries old grudges He's also psycho But there's nothing to link him to the actual events. Read the entire article from the newspaper of record and let it be known that that's how they will bury you. Dead men can't fight back.
  2. digital drifter

    Dd's Odds And Ends

    Where's Bono when you need him? Still hanging around with war criminals?
  3. digital drifter

    Dd's Odds And Ends

    erm....you're sure you want to go now?
  4. digital drifter

    Dd's Odds And Ends

    Atrocious behaviour! There's a local Reliance Supermarket about 100m from my house. And I tell you, whatever is the waste you can imagine in a major league football sized supermarket, the same amount is pretty much generated in 1/10th the size. What leaves me slack jawed is that the consumer behaviour is something that a normal greengrocer would literally knife them! One knucklehead lifted his full handcart and balanced it on the tomato bin. Another happily chewed one carrot as he went about shopping Another throwing the apples back into the bin with such a force, you know the entire bin is going to rot. One guy cut into the cash register line announcing "I have only 1 item to buy". So what, you retard? He brusquely told the old lady who was waiting and objected, " I didn't see you waiting" Among other things, the entire supermarket is about 5000 sq. feet with narrow aisles and you know it's time to play involuntary ass grab/graze with bady parts and hand carts. I managed to get myself groined and stepped on with handcarts. I never heard an apology. Every bit you know about supermarket waste, from packaging plastic to perishables waste is exactly happening at the same rate in EU/USA. nice globalisation.
  5. digital drifter

    Of Saints And Sinners

    A good article of all places in the economist http://www.economist.com/world/asia/displa...ory_id=12792544 Throughout Islamic history, Sufis and mullahs, dedicated to enforcing Koranic laws, have clashed. Mullahs demand obedience; Sufis tend to stress tolerance. In their poetry, which mullahs shudder to read, Sufis often represent the state of rapture that they seek in the language of physical love or drunkenness. “I have no concern but carousing and rapture,” wrote Rumi, Sufism’s greatest poet, whose followers, of the Turkey-based Mawlawi order, remember him in a whirling dance, the saga, which has become synonymous in the West with all Sufism.
  6. digital drifter

    Dd's Odds And Ends

    not quite derogatory enough. though it's legitimately correct that's where you'd find a bunch of them. I was thinking a 'vulture of crooks' but that's doing vultures a disservice.
  7. digital drifter

    Dd's Odds And Ends

    watching the financial scene is amazing. Amidst all the carnage, the NYT and other money magazines are on about making money or at least TRYing to make money. I sh** you not. So, we have a murder of crows, what's a bunch of financial crooks called? contriteness seems to be the new the emotion in the papers. Somehow, there is nothing emotionally satisfying in seeing the suits beg for money. One part of me wishes that we make the suits who want a bailout do what the bear and monkey charmers do in India? make the animal roll over in the mud, do tricks, beg...before the audience throws the 1 Rs or 50p in the bowl. nice thought but unlikely. *I'm probably racist.
  8. digital drifter

    Kovalam Beaches - Is It True?

    technically, there is supposed to no nude or topless sunbathing in Indian beaches. Not that, anyone who spots someone showing a pair is in a tearing hurry to object. And again, why are you so worried about it in the first place. you make it sound like someone might get emotionally scarred by seeing pair which approximately every 2nd person has. Next thing, I'll hear you say, you're American and you were scared by the wardrobe malfunction on live TV sometime last year or something like that.
  9. digital drifter

    Kovalam Beaches - Is It True?

    unlikely to be an issue in any of the hotels you book. And why should the mrs. be steered clear of that sort of thing. Shouldn't she worried about you, if at all?
  10. digital drifter

    Dd's Odds And Ends

    You know, I for one sometimes believe history should not be taught. Spotted a copy of "the case for India" by Will Durant and I must say, the few pages that I read left me shivering with rage. Put the book down; realised that I could "taliban" myself over acts done decades and centuries ago which, is sort of pointless. I dont want to end up like a bunch of Isrealis and Middle East fruitcakes. As it is, I'd go mental when a vehicle driver honks unnecessarily. foaming at the mouth and all that. So, do yourself a favour, don't read history. it messes the mind like crazy. And those who don't see what I'm talking about, the book's about how India went from one of the richest to the poorest in a span of a few centuries. Lots of big numbers in terms of wealth, death, taxes, war, pestilence and the standard fare of a subjugated country. Lots of big numbers. That's the lesson of the day, folks. *don't bother with lessons of history and all that. noted, filed and ignored. Indeed it is a blessing that we are mortal. Time heals, with all the scars and warts.
  11. stunning. especially the one racing across the mountain
  12. digital drifter

    Dd's Odds And Ends

    Malc, Taken logically, the gov. should be handing out money to get drunk in the first place. And in that article I can't quite make out which part of the actions by Police are true. Unless of course, Jacqui, had a hand in all of that. That nutty lady, I believe, can make the outrageous, a rather common act.
  13. digital drifter

    Dd's Odds And Ends

    watching the news is painful these days. If you thought Fox or any of the murdoch channels were bad, man, almost all Indian TV news channels are frightfully stupid. Due process--Zilch (should terrorists be entitled to fair trail?) Indian Law - nada (trial by public in Jessica Lal murder case) International law - you're kidding, right? (we should just go into Pak territory) Yakking it up, interrupting people versed in the subject, a question or multiple questions rolled in one long sentence of 2 minutes which elicits a terse yes/no; every retarded no-no you can think of, it's there. It's like an Indian market, gentrified with 10 mental guys going mental. I swear, it's just good for entertainment value only.
  14. digital drifter

    Stockings ~

    for some fecking time at least....peace and joy. Some happiness, for every bloody living creature on this wonderful bloody planet! I'd gladly give up my non belief for that. I swear on God.
  15. digital drifter

    Dd's Odds And Ends

    I get it, that child pr0n is obviously a sign of sickness. And then they descend into the farcical. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,24767202-2,00.html *head meet wall,repeatedly Just when you need a real case to lock up sickos, Fates conspire against rational cases. On my previous post, I mentioned 1984 Govs. and now this. I tell you, even if you win, you still lose.