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  3. jyoti14

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Happy birthday, Jorge! Happy birthday, Priya! May this year be absolutely amazing!
  4. jyoti14

    The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge

    Wish I had the time for it! Well, maybe part of it. With that many people it'd be fun, though, and you are certainly visiting a lot of India ... in 15 days! Great idea.
  5. jyoti14

    Shout Box

    I'm in Delhi, but I'll be in Bangalore in December for about a week ... before heading to Goa for Christmas!
  6. jyoti14

    Mutton curry farmer style

    I just finished making this recipe for Thanksgiving dinner -- Thanks Jyotimroy! I wanted something special but not too complicated so I can study for a final tomorrow also. It is excellent. Served along with raita & basmati rice. I did do it on the stove rather than open fire, by the way, and it turned out quite nicely. I cut the chilies by a few, and it's still pretty spicy (and I like spicy!) so be aware of that. (DANG! As I finish off my dinner ... even 10 chilies is WAY too many. Hoo-boy! I think my mouth is on fire...) I didn't have time to marinate -- would have been even better that way. I did it in a wok then moved to a kadai for covered cooking, but a pressure cooker would have worked, too, and probably made the meat a bit softer.
  7. jyoti14

    Rent A Baby

    lol. ... can't type ... too funny ... you two thought ... heeheeheeheehee ...
  8. jyoti14

    Rent A Baby

    Well, what do you expect when you find things like this on Craigslist (Delhi)?:
  9. jyoti14

    Shout Box

    Thanks, Shilpaks! I'm excited. So, anyone know where I can get an empty gas can? I've been told that's the only way to avoid getting scammed on trying to get a gas "connection."
  10. jyoti14

    Setting Up House

    I came to about the same conclusion for Big Bazaar. Though I'm totally ready to raid the shelves for fun knick knacks as soon as I have a stove and fridge! Thanks for the tip about the rickshaw wallah. We've decided to hold off on the beds until I measure the apartment, but I have several trunks that will certainly need to be moved. That makes a lot more sense than trying to hire a taxi or hiring a whole moving company for 4 things! I definitely need to check out Karol Bagh soon. I found some decently priced stuff in Masood Pur. I think I am just going to buy from there & bargain them down a bit, but worry about deeper discounts when I'm not in such a hurry & not in the middle of end of semester.
  11. jyoti14

    Setting Up House

    Hahaha. Maybe we should compared "before drinks" and "after drinks" advice. *grin*
  12. jyoti14

    Setting Up House

    13 km on a 3 wheeler? For two beds? With mattresses??? Really? I went to Big Bazaar today in vasant kunj-- was a bit disappointed by the choice in appliances & the lack of sales help, but they are very competitive on household goods. I love all the gadgets. Then I walked across the street to the shops in Masood Pur and found several electrical shops. And, darn it, anyway! None of them hiked up the price or gave me outrageous prices just because I am a foreigner! So I am going to have to choose by who will give me the best discount/service. That means, basically, whoever I liked the most.
  13. jyoti14

    Setting Up House

    P.S. I have some friends who have offered to sell me two twin size beds cheaply, but they are in Dwarka. How do I get them to this side of delhi??
  14. jyoti14

    Setting Up House

    So true! I am totally up for some company. *grin* I am going to find Big Bazaar today, just to have a peep at what's there, but the place isn't quite ready. @Kabaary: Great idea. And, of course, I'm up for buying drinks after. What good friend wouldn't make sure you have some water after such a tough day shopping! I might even splurge for cold drinks. But, seriously, in the US friends coming to help move usually meant pizza afterward ... I've no issue with combining a treat for my movers and a celebration of the new place! @dzibead: And in the US the stove comes with a connection of whatever sort! I have to figure out how to buy a gas can, too. But, it's really not harder except that at home I have people to give me hand-me-down furniture, garage sales to scout, and know where to get the good deals and how much things should cost. But it's fun -- I have been waiting a long time to have my own place. I looked at yuninet. All the foreigners selling things at the moment are a bit out of my price range, but maybe it's not the right season for good moving sales. Ah, I miss garage sales!
  15. jyoti14

    Setting Up House

    Jyoti -- Do they have good prices on things like refrigerators? I've never been to Big Bazaar -- can you imagine!? If so, that's easy for appliances! I'll go Saturday.