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  1. sadhuji

    hi - i'm back

    This is a message to all my friends and well-wishers – Many of you must have wondered whether I have moved my residence to the nether world – but, rest assured, I am still very much among you … in fact, for the last couple of years I have been trying to get a new identity for myself … I took up Citizen Journalism as a new hobby of retired persons and got myself attached to a website of Texas … and, my efforts are paying off – some of my reports have begun to appear on Google News … I am giving the link and you can read the reports and form your opinion on how I am progressing in this new field.. http://news.google.com/news/search?aq=f&pz=1&cf=all&ned=in&hl=en&q=prabirghose
  2. sadhuji

    Citizen Journalists Never Say Die

    an update - the last date for eligibility has been extended upto 1st may 2009 - I should get my $100 soon ...
  3. sadhuji

    Citizen Journalists Never Say Die

    pl send me a mail and i'll let you know provided you are really serious and interested ...
  4. sadhuji

    Submissions For Palki 7

    I have received information that those who organize Palki, a Bengali-English e-zine published from faraway Canada, is planning the 7th volume for release by 15th June 2009. Last dare for submission of entries id 15th May 2009. . Details are available at the following link – http://calcuttans.com/palki/submissions/
  5. I pride myself on being a very dogmatic and determined individual. I have never shied from any task, no matter how impossible it might seem. Therefore, when I came to know of this fantastic offer for freelance Citizen Journalists, I sat up. The target date was 15th April 2009 and I learnt about it only on the 20th March 2009. I had hardly 25 days in which to get at least 10,000 hits to become eligible for the incentive of $100 … well, believe it or not, I very nearly did manage to get it. My 180 odd reports received nearly 9,000 hits … hopefully, the website would extend the target date and my $100 would arrive. This would be the beginning of a new association because the website does not stop at 10,000 hits – the incentive continues in multiples of 10,000 … if you want to know more, please send me a mail – prabirghose at gmail.com
  6. sadhuji

    How To Live Within Your Budget

    the scenerio remains more or less the same even after one year ... right now the general elections are on ... let us see if a new batch of politicians can reverse the trend ... that is what they have promised - to give relief to the commoners whho have a hard tine to make ends meet ...
  7. sadhuji

    What To Have In A Thali?

    I stay in maharashtra and have gone down south as well ... the thali system is quite popular in these places and usually consists of a wide variety of this and that with rice and poorie as the main items ... there has to be some curd stuff and a sweet dish ... and, of course, pickles are a must and papad... the dal and vegetables are the local favourites ... in the south it is sambar and rasam ... in maharashtra, it is usal which is nothing but sprouts cooked in an assortment of masalas ... the rates of thalis are within reach of the common man but, there are eating joints that offer high range thalis ... therefore, dear jyoti - I have given you innmuerable options - and you are at liberty to choose the ones your want... :yahoo:
  8. sadhuji

    My Story Published

    Good news for all - my story 'Tomorrows are full of promises' has been published in the Valentine's Day special of PALKI 6 ... the link is given below ... http://calcuttans.com/palki hope you like it ..
  9. We have got accustomed to Kolkata being a place where bandhs and road blocks are as common as road accidents and bus burning – no, bride burning is not that common. Kolkata is also famous for lovers of literature and fine arts – during film festivals, there is a veritable rush to lay hands on tickets which come at a premium. The reason is more connected to enjoying uncensored movies rather than appreciating art forms. Another area where Kolkata rules the roost is in pollution – the Maidan is a huge sprawling open space fondly referred to as the heart of Kolkata. But the torture that this beauty has to tolerate is unthinkable. The beginning was way back in the 70s when the Red Brothers painted the Ochterloney monument in a gorgeous red and allowed the area to be converted into a market place-cum-bus terminus-cum- venue for conducting public meetings. Politicians cannot survive without the masses and what better place to accommodate the masses who come from interior villages than the Maidan. And, where there are hungry mouths to feed, the most economical option is to arrange for free lunch at the venue itself. Obviously, cooking involves natural litters plus setting up temporary ovens – and these take the toll on the environment. The Maidan belongs to the Army and despite the Kolkata High Court having passed orders against polluting the environment meetings continue to be held. Leaders issue instructions to their sincere followers to abide by the directives of the Honorable Court but no one seems to be bothered.
  10. sadhuji

    Movie On Sonia Gandhi

    that is what the producers etc are saying - we'll have to wait for the final output ...
  11. sadhuji

    Movie On Sonia Gandhi

    There was a movie called ‘Aandhi’ in which the legendary Bengali actress Suchitra Sen played the role of a woman politician who bore a startling resemblance to Indira Gandhi. It is rumored that a similar exercise has been undertaken by Prakash Jha to portray a character on the lines of Sonia Gandhi. It would be restricted to the first 40 years of her life and would not venture into the political arena as such. Katrina Kaif might be playing the lead role in the movie called ‘Rajniti’. Ranbir Kapoor might play the role of Rajiv Gandhi. Other prominent actors likely to be seen in the movie are Nana Patekar, Arjun Rampal and Ajay Devgan – this was disclosed by one of the TV news channels.
  12. sadhuji

    Dhoni Creates A Record

    M S Dhoni, the jubilant captain of the Indian cricket team is going great guns – there is no stopping him. He now holds the record for the maximum number of successive wins for any Indian captain. Nine!!! With the Sri Lankans a totally demoralized lot, it would not be a surprise if Dhoni completes the whitewash by winning the last of the 5-match series on Sunday. It has now been proved conclusively that the Indians have discarded the tag of chokers. The team has arrived at a stage when dependably on individuals has given way to collective efforts – if one fails, there is always someone else to continue. If Sehwag and Yuvaraj score centuries in one match, Gautam Gambhir belts a 150 in the next and Dhoni promotes himself up the batting order. His utilization of bowlers is superb, the strategies that he employs are leaving everyone flabbergasted. There had been innumerable occasions when India managed to succumb to defeat when poised for victory - the seniors who had, until now felt themselves to be indispensable, can now hope to jump with joy at each win of the men in blue. The hopes appear to be bright for the forthcoming World Cup 2011.
  13. sadhuji

    Kolkata Boi Mela 2009

    that blog is not mine - I loved it, hence added the link - praises should go to the creator of the blog...
  14. sadhuji

    Kolkata Boi Mela 2009

    Kolkata Boi Mela 2009 tit-bits A minor fire broke out in the Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar stall at Calcutta Book Fair on Tuesday evening, a day after two small fires broke out on the Bypass fair ground. Fire officials said the sparks were spotted on the stall’s ceiling around 8.40pm. Electrical lines were shut down immediately. The fire was extinguished by the stall staff before tenders arrived. ***** The biggest problems for visitors were lack of proper drinking water and sanitation facilities within the fair ground. Also, with no road map or pointers, the visitors had no clue where these facilities were available. The stalls look scattered and the absence of maps added to the woes of visitors who had a tough time locating the stalls. …. There were permanent washrooms here, but most people were unaware of them. There were neither any signboards nor direction charts for visitors to know where they could get these facilities. For some wonderful photographs, please visit the following link - Kolkata Boi Mela (Book Fair) http://emailbookmarking.blogspot.com/2009/...-book-fair.html
  15. sadhuji

    What Do Bengalis Really Want

    its a topsy turvy world - if by chance mamata does come to power, the roles of CPM and TMC would be reversed ... mamata might want indusdtries and the leftists would agitate to prevent that ...