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  1. Judi

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Happy Birthday, Malkers - hope you have many, many more of them xx
  2. Judi

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday, Jyoti ..... I hope the next year brings all you would wish !
  3. Judi

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Happy Birthday Somerset ..... hope 2009 brings you all that you would wish for yourself !
  4. Judi

    Stockings ~

    World Peace would be fabulous .......... but I'll simply settle for people being kinder to each other this coming year. :party:
  5. Judi

    Mumbai Rocked By Deadly Shootings!

    My Jyoti Da I know it may sound easy for those of us far away and seemingly unaffected by the terrible situation you all face ........ you may easily think that we don't understand. But many of us, too, have lived in fear of terrorism - do live in fear of terrorism, indeed - and have a little insight into the pernicious effects that that has on society. I suspect I speak also for others here when I say that it is a sad day indeed when men of your worth and standing are expressing those sentiments Know that we stand solidly with you in your plight, and that whilst we cannot share your day to day horros, we certainly share your hopes and dreams for the future.
  6. Judi

    Mumbai Rocked By Deadly Shootings!

    Jyoti Da ...... our Giver of Wisdom, our beloved friend ........ It is better to light a candle than complain about the darkness Keep the faith, Jyoti Da - the world needs good men. With deepest respect Judi
  7. Judi

    Mumbai Rocked By Deadly Shootings!

    Hear, hear to all that (Sorry - to clarify, I was replying to Malk's post) I'm appalled and saddened by this - was glued to a tv set in a transit lounge in Nairobi airport all yesterday afternoon and evening, having not heard any news at all the day before. What on earth makes someone - anyone - stand on the steps of a hospital for women and children, firing shots indiscriminately, and think that those actions are in the name of whatever god they believe in is utterly beyond my comprehension. My heart goes out to all those caught up in this dreadful scenario - and our Indian friends out there, who must wonder what their world is coming to .........
  8. Judi

    Shout Box

    Going back to the Obama thing ..... I've just flown down to Africa from Europe using Kenya Airways. A couple of Tanzanian guys took the seats behind me, and asked the Kenyan steward which part of Kenya he was from. "Obama's area" he said proudly, and this was followed by whoops of joy and congratulations from all the Africans from several rows of seats around me! I was completely perplexed, but my Malawian friends all assure me that this is a great victory for Africa too. I just pray nothing goes wrong ...... Oh, and this particular piece of bling is my all-time favourite so far
  9. Judi

    Train Berths And Seating Layout Diagram

    Good diagram: sorry, my photos aren't clear enough.
  10. Judi

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Happy Birthday, Shilpaks - hope you are having a great time.
  11. Judi

    F1 2008 Season Opens

    Fishy ??? Fishy ??? I thought Hamilton was a racing driver not a fisherman, or am I wrong ?
  12. Judi

    Shout Box

    [quote name='priya' post='43754' date='Nov 5 2008, 03:09 PM']A very powerful speech it was too. You must all be enjoying the moment, and what a big moment it is.[/quote] Priya - I think we should [b]all[/b] be enjoying the moment - as it has the possibility of being a huge and defining moment for us all !
  13. Judi

    Shout Box

    What an historic night ! Let's hope a 'new world order' really does come to fruition out of this.
  14. Judi

    Shout Box

    [quote name='dzibead' post='43736' date='Nov 5 2008, 02:32 AM']I am [b][i]glued [/i][/b]to the live coverage on the Internet at MSNBC. I have been absolutely [i][b]OBSESSED[/b][/i] with this election for months, and I'm not alone. The whole country has been in its grip. So far, so good (from my perspective ), knock wood.[/quote] Me too - glued to the coverage, that is! Mr Judi is away from home at the moment, so ther's no-one to complain that I'm sitting up in bed with my laptop It's going to be a long night .........
  15. Judi

    Happy Birthday To You!

    [color="#800080"][size=5]HAPPY BIRTHDAY YASH [/size] [/color] Come and share the party with us !!!!!