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  1. YETI

    The Yeti Is Off Again

    Aye. Your welcome, Alan. Glad to be returning the favour, really - I gleaned loads of info from your posts on Indiamike years ago when I was planning my first trip. I've done my bit in the East for the time being now. I don't get culture-shocked in India any more so I'm heading for pastures new. A new country where I don't speak the lingo, know little of the culture and will be very lost again appeals to me hugely. Check this place out! Little Corn in Nicaragua Sounds right up my street.
  2. YETI

    The Yeti Is Off Again

    Amen to that.
  3. YETI

    Shout Box

    [quote name='kullukid' post='39000' date='Apr 30 2008, 05:59 PM']It's a 4 letter word,he's quite good at them Priya. KK[/quote]
  4. YETI

    Shout Box

    Well, just a bit at first, I hope. Maybe get Christmas out of the way first - it's never a good idea to rush into these things.
  5. YETI

    Happy Birthday To You!

    A belated but nonetheless Happy Birthday to you, dzibead. Hope you had a nice day. I bought a nice genuine original fake dzi-bead in Tibet recently and I thought of you. I didn't think of actually [i]buying[/i] it for you or anything but it's the thought that counts. Or so tight-fisted gits like me reckon. Happy birthday. And also a big happy birthday to Somnath. Have a good 'un.
  6. YETI

    Shout Box

    [quote name='priya' post='38780' date='Apr 22 2008, 01:02 PM']It looks like the same island you gave me for xmas the year before last. Happy snorkeling you lucky *#@+........ [/quote] The very same. Unfortunately Ko Nang Yuan's fully booked so I couldn't stay there. I thought you might've sorted something out for me, to be honest, Priya, what with me being so generous and everything. Honestly, some people. Anyhow, things aren't too shabby because I'm staying [url="http://www.pbase.com/jamieashley/image/18063925"]here[/url] instead. One more week in a hammock with a book and a beer, then it's two days in Bangkok and then it's home. And then (gulp) ... it's [i]work[/i].
  7. YETI

    Shout Box

    [quote name='dzibead' post='38560' date='Apr 12 2008, 02:37 PM']Did the cat look anything like this? [url="http://www.lolpictures.com/pictures/283.html"]http://www.lolpictures.com/pictures/283.html[/url][/quote] Yeah, not far off. Thailand's lovely. Got meself a great little bungalow right on the beach in Thaan Sadet, Ko Pha Ngan. Here for 10 days more or so then I'm off [url="http://www.nangyuan.com/mainpage.html"]here[/url] for a week.
  8. YETI

    Shout Box

    Anyhow, here's my shout for today. I'm posting from Kathmandu International Airport at the moment and I'm being hassled for food by a cat! That's a new one on me - I don't think I've ever come across animals in airports before - well, not in the departure lounge at any rate.
  9. YETI

    Shout Box

    [quote name='kullukid' post='38517' date='Apr 9 2008, 11:46 PM']Great for a short break. I only visited Marrakesh & a day trip by jeep to the Atlas Mountains, so didn't really see Morroco as such. It seemed to have all the right ingredients, great food, hot weather, pushy touts, snakecharmers, busy markets/souks etc etc but somehow there was something lacking (it wasn't India) it's verreeee touristy in Marrakesh, so although i enjoyed it i did come away thinking "been there done that got the T-shirt" no need to return, however it made me think maybe i should try some more "off the beaten track" places in Morroco. I'll post a few pic's shortly. KK[/quote] Someone told me they'd had a big govt. backed campaign in Morrocco to clamp down on pushy touts. Doesn't sound like it's worked, though. Kathmandu's going the same way, now, unfortunately and Pokhara has it's moments too. Just had a few days in Thamel and it really got to me. There's only so many times in a day that I can shake my head politely and say 'no thanks' and then I start blowing fuses. Heading off to Thailand today to recuperate by blowing lots of money on a swanky beachside residence for a month or so then I'm off home.
  10. YETI

    Deaths Reported In Tibet Protests

    I'm fine, everyone. Thanks for asking. I flew out of Lhasa a couple of days before it all kicked off. From the sound of it, most of the shooting took place outside my hotel. I'd echo cyberhippie's words about the West's attitude to China / Tibet. When you go there and see how the Chinese have systematically attempted to eradicate a culture, it's sickening, it really is. I'm not optimistic for Tibet's future, though, either. I picked up a spy disguised as a Chinese tourist who followed me around The Potala to ensure my Tibetan guide didn't say anything against the party line - that really brought it home to me what a paranoid, Stalinist society the Tibetans have to suffer. Tibet's the most beautiful and the saddest country I've ever experienced. It's people are inspiring, it's scenery is quite possibly the best in the World and it's occupied by a brutal oppressor. It makes me want to weep, it really does.
  11. YETI


    Well my most recent adventure invloved a taxi ride to Bodhnath Stupa to celebrate Lhosar, Tibetan New Year. I was after a bit of Buddhist peace and quiet, a bit of 'Om Mani Padme Hum', a kora, a few butter lamps and what-have-you. Instead I got a taxi-wallah-cum-pimp trying to flog me a Nepali girl for the night. You try putting that into words. I'm off to Tibet on Saturday, though, for the first time. Kathmandu to Lhasa overland with a side-trip to Everst Base Camp. If that doesn't solve writer's block then I dunno what will.
  12. YETI


    Yeah, I'd go along with Howie's comments about God's Gift - it's certainly changed quite a bit and the profusion of huts around the area has given the place a different atmosphere. Mind you, I'd say that about Arambol as a whole, really - each year it gets more different and moves away from the kind of place that attracted me in the first place. I've enjoyed this season in Arambol but I've got a feeling it'll be my last. For a while, at least. I'm up in Kathmandu at the moment and I'm glad to be away from Goa to be honest. Never thought I'd say that about Arambol but there you go ... places change, some for the better, some for the worse ... Had a lovely time down in Agonda a few weeks back, mind. Proper peace and quiet and all the things I look for in a beach. Goa's still got a few gems up it's sleeve.
  13. YETI

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, everyone.
  14. YETI

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Thanks, everyone. Back in the UK for Xmas although (predictably) we'll all be going out for an Indian meal tonight. Should be back in Goa early Jan then it's up to Nepal to attempt the Annapurna Circuit. Then ... I'm going back home to Britain and rejoining the real world of jobs and rent and stuff. Well, for a bit at least. Happy Birthday to Priya and everyone else I've missed while I've been away.
  15. YETI

    People Who Do Miracles

    This puts me in a weird position, then. Believing in miracles is, for me, superstitious. If I've got to carefully consider every word I use for fear of offending the sensibilities of some, then this forum isn't going to be much fun for me any more. Example: I've just got back from the sacred site of Manikaran where Sikhs and Hindus worship, perfectly peacefully, side by side. This greatly impressed me and I was going to start a thread about it. I'd rather not now. Someone will probably get the hump. This thread (and other recent ones like it) have made me wonder whether I want to be a part of this forum. I'll be taking a break from it for a while and see how it goes.