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  1. Bijapuri

    Who's In Town These Days? (Bangalore)

    Haven't really any plans other than coffee, kinda casual. mebbe afternoonish for an hour or so?? . . .
  2. besides me, obviously . . . and who wants coffee saturday?
  3. Bijapuri

    S.f. Bay Area Meet-up 2006

    [quote name='dzibead' post='12829' date='Sep 1 2006, 01:51 AM']Of course![/quote] I hear from IM the meet has moved toi SFO, away from the provinces
  4. Has anyone used the consulate in Kolkata to get their Myanmar visa? If so, any tips and tricks, and how long did it take? Thanx for your reply!
  5. Bijapuri

    S.f. Bay Area Meet-up 2006

    I'm here, not to worry
  6. Bijapuri

    Book Recommendations!

    best book I read in 2005 was Shalimar the Clown. Not another bad-0acid book of Rushdie's earlier stuff. I also read Hungry Tide, Maximum City and Shantaram last year, and IMHO it beat them all, fine tomes that they are. Most FUN book was the desi cult instant classic "One night at the Call Centre" Hilarious
  7. Bijapuri

    If You Had Only One Month In India...

    I'm surprised that the votes for visiting the South don't take into account the SE Monsoon, which pours down on Tamil Nadu from October thru January. Other than visiting the Himalayas, February is the best month for the rest of India, IMHO.
  8. Bijapuri

    Shout Box

    HI friends, longtime no see (on my part) I felt that my little brain couldn't handle 2 forums, but . . . . I miss you all that and the quality on our alma mater has slipped, th mods, IMHO, letting sketchy characters get away with crap
  9. Bijapuri

    What not to take to India

  10. Bijapuri

    Registering When You Get To India

    gee . . . last few times I've been in Ma India (2004, 2005/o6) I've stayed at my friend's house for several months on end, and never even knew about registering. of course, I never stayed more than 6 months,that would be a sticky wicket at the airport home. wonder if it's even possible to do so in BLR without being stared at in amazement . . (until they fugure out a "fee" could be had)
  11. Bijapuri

    Madurai Experiences

    when in Madurai, my most fun thing to do is to throw butter at those statues in the Meenakshi temple ))
  12. Bijapuri


    pictures I've yaken