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  1. Hello Everybody, Thank you for your Kind Wishes. Sure there would be a discount for all India Tree Members. Please feel to email me at amit@buycomps.com for any help of any kind in Manali. Although I am in Delhi, I have lots of friends and my office staff there now. Styler - Amit
  2. Hi All, I recently opened an I.T. / Computer Store in Manali. It was not to earn money, but instead to have a permanent connection with the mountains, and so that I always have an excuse to go there. The Computer Store is by the name of Excel Systems. It's at shop # 5, Govinda Shopping Complex, it's just behind Mayur Restaurant, next to the Airtel Shop, 20 Mtrs from the Mall Road. If anybody is in Manali, do visit my store as it's just opened and my guys sitting there need encouragement and would love to see any visitors. Thanks Styler (Amit)
  3. Hi, A Lot of people here wanted to see the pictures of the snow in Manali in the last week. You can see a few at http://www.wildadventures.in/manalifeb2007/ Here is the update to the situation in Manali and Around. Electricity which was cut off in all of the area after Kullu towards Manali is restored in the Mall Road Area, and some parts of Manali Town. Rest of the areas will probabaly get Electricity by Sunday - Monday. The Road From Nagar to Kullu is Cleared for Light Trafic Now. The Road From Raison to Manali which was closed for the last few days is now open for Traffic. The Road From Manali to Vashist is still not open. It will probabaly be opend by Tues-Wed. I will be driving back to Manali on Tuesday, when things ease off a bit. More when I am back in Manali on Tuesday. Enjoy, Styler
  4. Styler

    Rewalsar Lake

    Hi KK, Here are some pictures from my last trip to rewalser. It's really a very quiet and serene place with an aura of spirituality. Here is the link to the details and placemark that I put on Google Earth. http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showthreaded.php/Number/528944 Enjoy Styler
  5. Styler

    Monk Crawls From Lasha

    Doc, When are you heading up north ?? And what's the news on your blog ..??? Styler
  6. Styler

    Demolitions At Palolem!

    Doc- do you have a backup of your blog on your Laptop or something..??? It will be a tragedy if that wealth of travel info and humour is lost forever. If you want space I could give you some space on my server for free....just ask me. I stayed in Famafa because I could park the car there. I drove through entire Goa in a friend's car last feb. A Primary factor for choosing a place to stay then was if I could park my car safely. The two things that shocked me in Goa were relating to driving. When I told my friend at the Airport that I would be driving to Pepper Valley resort near Palolem, he flipped. He talked like it was the other end of the world. "Oh that place is tooo far, you should not drive there" was his reaction. Ask a guy in Majorda or some place to drive you to Candolim, and he'll have the same reaction. I was thinking we should put all these azzholes into the Delhi-Leh Bus for a 3 day ride, and they will never again call the Airport to Palolem drive a long one. The other thing that shocked me was that there are no gas stations on the highways or for matter on any road in Goa. In north India we are used to finding Petrol Pumps every 2 kms on highways. I promise there would be at least 100 Petrol Pumps between Delhi-Jaipur. It was shocking to just not find petrol Pumps on Highways in Goa. As of Today there are 6 Gas Stations in a remote place like Manali. Get some Gas Stations on Goa's roads.... Doc , Yes Fellini it is. Great Italian food for anybody in Arambol. They have a clay oven outdoors for pizzas made from fresh dough. The best Kingfish I had was in a beach shack in Morjim. It was a big king of Kingfishes and really nicely cooked. Styler
  7. Styler

    Demolitions At Palolem!

    Hi Doc, What's up with IBLOGS. The server is scrwed or something. I'm missing your blog. I was in Arambol and stayed at Fa-Ma-Fa in Feb 2006. I paid Rs 400 a night for a great room with an attached bathroom and hot & cold shower. I'll be there on Jan 15th. Doc where do you stay ? Please recommend a better place than FaMaFa. Will you be there in Jan, maybe we'll meet up. I'm missing the Pizzas and Lasagnas at the Italian run Restaurant. What's it called Doc ? In Palolem - Palolem Beach Resort is For Rs 600-700 for a room with attached bath a night, or Rs 400 odd for a hut. I stayed there last year. I also stayed at Bhakti Kutir, priced at Rs 1200 a night with no running water or taps in the bathroom. Styler
  8. Styler

    My August Trip To Ladakh

    Hi Serena, It was great reading about your trip. Sad, I couldn't meet up with you in leh. Actually my trip got delayed. No reason to feel sad, you've earned yourself memories for a lifetime. So are you back in Italy or are you still in Delhi ?? Bye for now, Styler - Amit
  9. Styler

    End Of Season Leh!

    Hi Howie, It's been great reading your travelogue. Hotel Brighu is my favourite Place in Vashist, Manali too. The Basho restaurant is great. You would be enjoying the Wide Screen TV there. The best restaurant in Vashist is the Freedom café just next door to Brighu. Try the Pizzas there. How crowded is Vashist and Old Manali right now ? I'm just stuck in Delhi right now because of the screwed up sealing drive. There's a possibility my office will get sealed. Probabaly I will shilt to Vashist for good then ...with no office in Delhi..... I am very close to the family that owns Hotel Brighu, Mr Gupt Ram Thakur and his son Hans Raj. You could say my hi to them, I am Amit from Delhi. Styler - Amit.
  10. Styler

    Leh Meet Up?

    [quote name='Serena' post='11309' date='Aug 5 2006, 07:52 PM']At last it's time to leave I'm happy but anxious. Backpacks are packed, hubby is upset and probably soon I will be a divorced woman!!!!! If someone will be in Leh (or around) during August it should be very nice if we can meet somewhere Joolay! Serena[/quote] Hi Serena, I will be in Leh around 15th of Aug... My No in Delhi is 9811079113, but it wont work in Leh. my email is amit@buycomps.com , so do stay in touch, and maybe we'll have a meetup in leh for the online community. Bye for now Styler - Amit
  11. Styler

    Expensive India! I'm Not Sure

    [quote name='kullukid' post='9522' date='Jul 8 2006, 09:11 PM']What exactly do you want us to feel? Is it free? It's Chonor actually, I stayed at Pemathang 2yrs ago & I agree with what you say but i'm sure I paid RS500 inc tax. KK I like your Avatar of Kailash, Kailash. KK[/quote] Hi KK, I'm confused now if it was Chonor or Chinar.... Just a slip of the fingers.....I meant feel free to ask me. Styler
  12. Styler

    Expensive India! I'm Not Sure

    [quote name='susanj' post='7560' date='Jun 9 2006, 11:44 PM']Hi its me again, got to be quick I have to go and get Husband from Gatwick. I have been quoted a cost of from 1900 Indian Rupees to 2200IR's a night for a room at Chonor House in McLeod Ghanj. As those of you who have been reading my questions know I have yet to travel to India. Should I email back and ask if they have cheaper, don't even know if this is just room only basis, just know that it has a nice view! My first week or 2 will spent at Sherabling Monastery, I sponsor a Lama and I am going to met him. Also starting to wonder if I am going to be bored, I need 1 week there for the teachings being given by HH Dalia Lama after that any suggestions don't think I can do big cities on my own too scary so to sum up I've got 1 month flying into and out of Delhi the only definite plan at the moment are the teachings are from 14-18th August Thanks for all your advice, so far. Suze[/quote] I have been to the hotel you're talking about. It's Chinar Not chonor. It's on the Top end of The Mall Road in Mcleodgunj. Just Adjoining chinar is Hotel Pemathang. They would charge Rs 700 - 800 for a room with as good as Chinar I think. Pemathang is run by a tibetan and to top it Pemathang has the best Vegetarian Continental Restaurant in McLEodganj. Opposite Chinar is the HPTDC (Govt) Hotel Bhagsu which is also nice with room rates around 1200-2500 at that time of the year. A Little before these hotels on the same road is the Best Hotel Called Surya. I stayed there too. It has the marble floors etc...and is slightly upmarket, tarriffs would be around 2000-3000. If somebody needs a cheaper option, Bhagsu (the Place) has some good hotels for Rs 400-800. But the best value for money hotel in that area according to me Hotel Pemathang. And I am talking from experience as ive been to all these Hotels. I have been going there as I have set up the systems for the digitising of the LTWA (Librarary of Tibetan Works and Archives), a part of the Tibetan Govt in Exile. I think Dharamshala would be good for max 2 weeks. If you have more time I would recommend you go to Manali / Shimla in the Hills, or if you want to see History head for Agra Jaipur Udaipur etc. If there is anything else you want to know, please feel to ask me. Styler
  13. Styler

    Who is going to Ladakh?

    [quote name='Serena' post='2956' date='May 12 2006, 01:48 AM']Me, me, me [img]http://users.pandora.be/eforum/emoticons4u/happy/1219.gif[/img]pick me! Meeeee! I'll fly in the 6th of August and back from Delhi the 1st September. Maybe an TIT meet up in Leh in that period? [img]http://techhelpers.net/e4u/drink/trink29.gif[/img][/quote] Hi Serena, Im driving from Manali in my Scorpio around 20th Aug.. May be we'll meet up then. Styler
  14. Hi, I was in Keylong Last week. Now i'm back in Delhi. Missed Doc in Manali it seems. Doc you had a trip of your life..... Where are you staying in Manali, if you want help with accommodation in Vashist let me know. My friend runs the Hotel Bhrigu there. How can you get such long holidays.....I envy you. I had a 5 day break and all I could do was go to Keylong and come back.. There were a few bad patches between Gulaba and Beas Nala on this side of rohtang. Otherwise the road was in good shape. I will somehow get a longer break and drive to Leh in August now. Styler
  15. Styler

    Leh accomodation in June

    Hi Doc, Does Shanti have a Parking for a Car ? Can you recommend a good place like with a Parking. I am going to be driving my Scorpio to Leh, and I need a place which has a parking. My Scorpio is precious to me, so it has to stay where I stay. You're a lucky man to be there for a few more weeks.... Regards Styler