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  1. fromusawithluv

    Shout Box

    Haalllllllllllllllllloooooooooooo everyone! It's been AGES! I thought I'd drop in to say hi Hope you've been keeping warm in these cold cold winter times... I'm back in the states..and am crazily missing India!
  2. fromusawithluv

    Best Way To Learn Hindi?

    Dani, lucky you!! wish I could stay here for navarathri AND deepavalli (diwali)... I don't think i'll be able to extend my airline tickets any further... you'll have a BLAST here in India..esp. if you're in the North plus you'll be able to put your Hindi skills to use..
  3. fromusawithluv

    Shout Box

    CH, ABsolutely loving India!! Hoping to make it my home one day! doing well...just tired!
  4. fromusawithluv

    Best Way To Learn Hindi?

    That's really admirable Dani! When are you planning on visiting India? Indojinguy!!! I'm here!! Sorry maan...been really busy...travelling..blah blah blah.. of course I'm interested... lehkin..abi tak...kannada chaiyeh, quikeen mei Bangalore mey hain.
  5. fromusawithluv

    Spas, Beauty Salons, Etc.

    Thanks for the recommendations, SB!! I was looking for something in the city. I'll check out Spratz. hopefully, they're really skilled with the shears too. So....what did you end up doing?? Did you try out any place??? Do tell There's a new nail "treatment" at the Forum... but haven't tried it...don't know what it looks like. yes, Sees, men go for treatment too. Exactly SB - it's no longer too girly to get a manicure or pedicure either. I've heard of men going to the Taj for pedicure. In India (at least where I've visited), the the majority of the treatment places seem to be separated by sexes...but more places (unisex) are emerging in big cities.
  6. fromusawithluv

    Shout Box

    Hey everyone!! been missing in action...been travelling and busy like crazy!! am in B'lore and loving it!! will be going to Chennai (doc appt & wedding) next week..then back (I think?) then off north again how are you??
  7. fromusawithluv

    Where Are You Now? .... And How's The Weather?

    I'm finally here in Good 'Ol Bangalore. It's gorgeous here! Rained like crazy last night, but made the walk this morning through the neighborhood more adventurous jumping over puddles
  8. Jagjit Singh..(Solid Gold vol-1 & vol-2) very soothing, romantic, beautiful songs...
  9. fromusawithluv

    Best Way To Learn Hindi?

    [quote name='dani' post='6179' date='May 29 2006, 12:28 AM']their meaning can be similar in specific situations, but they are not exactly synonyms. 'ke nazdik' means 'near of', 'in the vicinity of' 'ke saamane' means 'opposite of' 'ke aage' means 'ahead of', beyond, farther for 2) I don't know, never heard those words for 3) 'ki taraf' means 'in the direction of' (pay attention for the gender here, it has to be 'ki' not 'ke') There's a nearly similar word with a different meaning: 'ki tarah' means 'like' what do you mean with 'aur'? I only know that word as 'and', 'additional' or similar (disclaimer: main bhi Hindi ka expert nahin hum, sirf vidhyarti hum)[/quote] Dani - Thanks for the information.. vidhyarthi muhthlub "student", hey nah? tho accha baath hey. 2) (because of) key kaarn, key maarey probably I did not write them properly.. 3)here are some examples of "aur" a ) keynteen mandir key daayeen aur hey. the canteen is on the right side of the temple b ) unkee baayeen aur unkee patnee baitee hain. his wife is sitting on his left. just don't know when to use which! or does it even matter?!
  10. fromusawithluv

    Shout Box

    ddutta!! You're a dawling! THANK YOU!! just wrote the recipe out..will try it out
  11. fromusawithluv


    Would love to see it. More than seeing, I want to read Saratchandra Chatterjee’s novel. I wonder if it's in English?! ok..answered my own question..looks like amazon and oxfordbooks have 'em.
  12. fromusawithluv

    Treating cuts/wounds

    There is such a thing as urine therapy. It does sound yucky, but urine is quite sterile and beneficial. A lot depends on what you feed your body!! Remember that! Don't try urine therapy if you're on antibiotics. I personally haven't tried it, but I do know some people who are continuing to drink/snuff their own urine and they're reaping the benefits. Did you know that Morarji Desai used his urine daily for general health! Here's one [url="http://www.indiangyan.com/books/therapybooks/Uropathy/index.shtml"]link[/url]. Another [url="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/product-description/0963209159/002-0440260-0097644"]link[/url]... but always be under a guidance of a doctor when attempting this or any therapy. good luck and good health!
  13. fromusawithluv

    All in one suitcase?

    Larki, yes - if you're carrying a knife it has to be checked in..not as a carry on...you're not even allowed to carry a nail file (the last time I checked)!! 70sNeil! isn't that the truth?! seriously though.. toilet papers are widely available in India...it may not be "charmin" - well I have seen them very occassionally too in metro areas.. other thing IF you have room..is to get those disposable toilet seat covers..u know the plastic ones?? most things you can get in India, even those sanitary wipes, handwashes... unless you're backpacking..I wouldn't worry so much about plastic cover for your suitcase...while you're in Delhi, you can even get your suitcase cover (stitched)...my friends did that while in India. You just have to figure out whether your suitcase will be exposed to the extremeties or not...I have an american tourister (cloth)..never had a problem (knock on wood)..been through cold, monsoon, hot summers ...and worst yet those baggage handlers in the airports! For clear identification..you could tie a colored ribbon on your suitcase.. a rope or (2) around the suitcase (if cloth) for added security...but these days..I don't think it really matters..they open up all of the suitcases, and you're supposed to leave them open...they give you those plastic ties to lock in place. I did however find those small (snack sized) zip lock bags for storing rupees/dollars during the monsoon weather.. I would just bring a few of those.. so I would travel light. I wish I knew all of this before I came in 2004. will be travelling with oversized on my way back to the states though I like reading & journaling...so I brought my reading light with me..u know those mini ones you could put in your pocket?? I also brought my mini cassette recorder (for audio journaling)..if you're into that...PLEASE get extra (90) min. tapes. Those mini tapes are a rare find...in Kottakkal, Chennai, Bangalore, and Jabalpur..and when I do find them, I grab them even though they're little more than $1 PER ONE (60) MINUTE Tape!! Very expensive in India..or better yet..go for the digital kind. didn't read the earlier posts..but next time I travel to India..i'm buying an Ipod! It beats carrying all these CDs!! bring you cd walkman if you've already got it..but it gets too tempting to buy CDs! that's all for now
  14. I'm in need of a long overdue haircut (coloring too ), and I'm pretty pick about the hair stylist. and pedicure, manicure, facial..u get the picture.. Back in the states, I used to drive an hour away to reach my hair stylist. You know..you have to "connect" with the stylist to get what you need. I've had some ROUGH experiences with hair stylists, aestheticians.. Last experiences: Lakme was [b]ok[/b] at several locations, but I didn't find them too clean for pedicure. You can end up with some gross fungi if you're not careful about those things! They were very accomodating, polite gals though. Bounce - total rip off! too $$$ for the service ( SLOW & uncaring). The guy who cut my hair/did my color acted like he knew exactly what I wanted - but it was [i]several[/i] INCHES off and color was wrong!! disappointed thoroughly ! Positive things were that it was clean...and the only place that waxing didn't hurt too much..they use plastic instead of those cloth pieces, which sometimes rip your skin off along with hair. Do you know of any other places, which use plastic instead of cloth pieces for waxing?? I haven't ventured to any other place..heard the pedicure at the TAJ was ab fab...have you been? Have you been to any other places? What about Kaya (I think?)? or small (unadvertised) places who are caring, but professional? Need to hook up in B'lore before heading to Chennai for a wedding late June.