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  1. Phantom

    Happy Birthday To You!

    It seems like I missed Jyotida's b'day.. I hope you dont mind. You know that my best wishes are always with you.. right. So how did you celebrate it ??
  2. Phantom

    Mr And Mrs Y's India Adventure

    Nice post, yash. Did I miss you or did I miss you.. ah its destiny... maybe some other time, then. I met one of my long lost house mate from Bangalore yesterday, of all places, in Seoul. Its a small world.. !! I am glad you liked India. Cant wait to hear all your stories. Keep 'em coming !!
  3. Phantom

    Vestiges Of The Raj

    Of course.. europe faced 2 wars.. but look at it this way. Those two wars brought about a century of peace and prosperity while India is still struggling with pakistan and china.. !! And Not all Mughals were barbaric... if I am not wrong, Humayun, akbar, shahjehan and jahangir were very tolerant kings.. true they wanted expand their empire but I dont think I have read anywhere that they did mass conversions.. those happened either before them or after them. And anyways, mughals considered India their home not british. I am sure we wouldnt have done worse than any scandinavian country. But anyways, apart from the speculation, I guess the thread was about the raj era which is not a fond memory of our history but just something which we have to live with.. !!
  4. Phantom

    Vestiges Of The Raj

    Its common knowledge that the only reason britishers were able to rule this country was due to treacherous royals and their confidants. The infighting made the task of british very easy. There could be no arguing these facts. But I doubt that these events could repeat themselves in current scenario what with commerce binding the globe so tightly together. We dont romanticize Alexander.. only west does that. He rose from there and tried to rule the world, same with napoleon. Ever thought about why Genghis Khan is not talked in the same tone. Its just because he tormented and turned the whole of europe upside down that he is not romanticised. Secondly ppl dont perish if somebody takes away their work.. they always adapt. As an analogy, a lot of jobs have been outsourced from US to India but did the people perish... no .. they wont. Humans are generally pretty gud at adapting and surviving. And the argument about demand-supply doesnt hold becoz, one day or the other industries would have arrived in India but at its own pace and would have carved a niche for itself.
  5. Phantom

    Vestiges Of The Raj

    Ok.. long time since I got on to this thread. So let me just reply to some earlier points. First lets talk about the people who had said that they loved british era. You all have travelled a lot in India and must know what effects skin color has on people. secondly, I dont think anybody who has met you over a coffee or tea or in a train compartment gonna complain to you about the british rule. They all would like to say nice things to you to continue chatting. (I am not saying all of them will be like that.. but its a common scenario) Lets get back to the history.. as jyotida mentioned India was divided into very many smaller states. ... true very true.. but a lot of them were working hard for the general welfare of the peasants.. tipu sultan and marathas come to mind. It might be possible that India would not have been one big country as we know it today. But isnt europe so developed because of the smaller states and less population which makes administration easy. Maybe a lot of states here would have been developed countries, you never know. Ppl say british brought trains to India.. tell me about it.. does it mean that those countries where british didnt rule, doesnt have train these days ??? or they dont have any industries ?? In fact if I remember correctly, british never setup any industries here.. they just destroyed all the cottage industries and used India as a market to dump the products. How the entire Indian handicraft industry was destroyed by british is a very well documented fact.
  6. Phantom

    Vestiges Of The Raj

    I really doubt that any "Indian" in his right state of mind will be "proud" of its colonial history. That era will always be remembered as the dark ages of India and Indian culture as we know it. The leftovers of the raj are not a problem, they represent history in some way or the other.. but they are not to be cherished but be used as a warning of something never to be repeated again. Having said that, the normal people have no malice against any foreigner. Most of the uneducated lot dont even know of this history. I really wonder what would have been had british never set foot here.. !!
  7. Phantom

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Thanks luckywoman. A very very happy b'day to Bluerose and Paan wallah.. !!
  8. Phantom

    Happy Birthday To You!

    [quote name='malkers' post='28103' date='Jul 26 2007, 12:32 PM']Happy belated birthday Phantom. If I'm right I would say that must be the big [size=6]3 ZERO????[/size][/quote] Thanks for wishing & reminding me Malk... ..... grrr.... !!
  9. Phantom

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Thanks to torryquine, hyderabadi, dzibead, Dr. Funkenstein, Ray and Batistuta.. all of your wishes certainly brought a smile to my face
  10. Phantom

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Thanks a lot for your wishes, yash, priya, iwtgb..
  11. Phantom

    Hair Cut For Women

    Whichever area in delhi you will be staying in .. there invariably will be a "beauty parlour" (cheaper comparatively). Those are exclusively for women.. or there are "unisex saloons" (costlier/snazzier) but you have to look out for them.
  12. Phantom

    I Can't Stand Indian Food!

    [quote name='batistuta' post='27150' date='Jul 2 2007, 03:18 PM']I Prefer South Indian food any given day over North Indian food. I prefer Chinese and even Thai Cuisine over North Indian food.[/quote] I also prefer it ..... but only once a month but 3 meals a day of dosas or bissi bele bhaath.. naah.. not my cuppa tea !!!
  13. Phantom

    I Can't Stand Indian Food!

    [quote name='panipuri' post='27112' date='Jul 1 2007, 06:28 PM']I am married to an Indian and have lived here 14 months now.. in a South Indian household (I [u]truly [/u]love my inlaws) and I really don't like most Indian foods! Almost every Indian curry/salen/whatever tastes the same. ginger/garlic paste, turmeric, chili powder, etc. I like to TASTE my food, not the flavoring added. My inlaws will cook a vegetable and you wouldn't even kwhat it is, not by looks OR taste!.. you can only taste the typical Indian flavoring. What I hate the most is how they cook meat. My MIL is very fond is garam masala. I can't stand it. I just want a plain steak with some salt and black pepper![/quote] I can understand your problem.. having stayed in bangalore for quite some time. I never could like the food there.. every vegetable just taste the same.. add to that, every meal means more rice, more sambhar, more rasam, and more coconut chutney. Every vegetable had a lot of coconut and a mixture of other spices that somehow used to make each dish taste sour... Even I lost quite a bit of weight and used to crave for the variety that I could find in north.. be it mattar paneer, peas-mushroom curry, or simple potato curry, a nicely cooked ladyfinger or a spice filled Bitter gourd. Anyways, just want to say that the indian food you have tasted so far is just a small percentage of the whole gourmet.. maybe you could be more adventurous and try out different eateries in your neighbourhood..
  14. Phantom


    This business is pretty profitable these days.. as the majority of India doesnt think of this as a joke What better way to meet your suitable partner then to hook up to internet, select a few, have a chit chat over samosas and then simply marry
  15. Phantom

    Fabric Shopping In Delhi

    Had you been a delhite, I would have told you to get it from the wholesale market near chandni chowk. At least thats where we get all our stuff from. Apart from that there are quite a few shops in karol bagh and kamala nagar, which are out of tourist circuit and hence the prices will be better. If you have a friend in delhi, (s)he can take you over there.