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    Are Indians Greedy To Want A Better Life?

    I point I am trying to make is that a truly free market will operate independently of a system with no rules/regulations than need to be enforced. The more rules and regulations you have, the less of a free market it becomes. As an example, think of the old days, before the days of currency and law and order. Those were the really free markets. Goods and services were traded/bartered. Each deal different from the next. Today, the caiptalist praises the free market. But, is it really "free" ? I am merely suggesting that the taxi service in some parts of India is more of a free market than free markets in the west.
  2. crvlvr

    The City Colored Indigo (the Blue City)

    desertrose, thanks for the detailed description of Jodhpur. I have added it to the list of must see places. BTW, why are many homes pained blue? How did the practice start? And what allows it to continue ?
  3. crvlvr

    Getting Ripped Off

    So true. I always make it a point to ask a local what the prices are before beginning to negotiate.
  4. crvlvr

    Are Indians Greedy To Want A Better Life?

    Another spin on the discussion.... I think the issue, in broader terms is, SYSTEM v. MARKET. Generally speaking, in any commodity/service, the Market (where prices are free to move based on supply and demand) always exists until a System is created. In the west many areas of commerce, that used to be free markets, have been systemitized (sp? while in India it may still remain a market (or even if a System has been created it does not work and Market forces take over -- like taxi/auto rates). Now, it is when a western tourist has to deal with a Market in an area where he/she is used to dealing with a System is when they are taken aback and starts complaining. Little do people realize that if a System did not exist in their country, it would be the same as in India -- a free Market. Indians, on the other hand, do not expect any system to work So, at the end of the day, it is the Free Market advocates who start telling and screaming for a System when the Free Market does not work to their advantage. What is interesting is that the so called Free Markets in west actually work within a System. For example, the stock market, a free market, has to operate under rules and regulations of a system -- hours of trading, settlement dates etc. IMHO, the only free markets left in this world are in the 3rd world countries.
  5. crvlvr

    Are Indians Greedy To Want A Better Life?

    Indians have always wanted a better life. But the difference is that in the past money could not buy you a better life. For example, the rich would have buy the same ambassador that a working man, have to watch the same television channel (Doordarshan) as the rest of the country etc. Instead the only few items the rich could spend their money on was homes (again with no air conditioning due to lack of power) and weddings. As the saying went, "Even if you have money in India there is nothing to spend it on" With the advent of consumerism there is a lot more choice and ways to demonstrate wealth. I some ways this might have contributed to "greed". The choice for the consumer to spend their money have grown tremendously. Now there are cars with no roads to drive them on. More TV channels than most would care to watch and the need to keep up with the Jonses.
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    another funny one
  7. crvlvr

    Maneaters Of Kumaon

    Thanks for the great links. Went down to amazon and bought the Jim Corbett Omnibus Part 1 & 2. Which is pretty much the entire collection of his books. some of his books are aout of print and just My India was going for $99.99 used!
  8. crvlvr

    Maneaters Of Kumaon

    Thanks for the links. It is one of my all time favourite books.
  9. If the what OP says is true, man will ultimately destroy himsef. Or, the lack of sufficient resources will lead to massive decrease in population. the decrease in population will put less load on the environment allowing it to regenerate. A cycle that balances itselft out. Or, IMHO, a meteor can strike earth annd destroy 99% of life in a flash. Rregardless of what the future holds for us, it is in our best interest to live reponsibly. Unfortunately, industrialization fueled by cheap energy is affording us a lifestyle that is not easy to give up...
  10. crvlvr

    Flipping Out - Israel's Drug Generation

    Welcome Shauli and thanks for first hand report. I would like some clarification on a few things. 1. You stated that you had to work 2 years to save money for the India trip. Whereas some reports on the internet indicate that the Israeli military pays about $4,500 in discharge bonus which is what most Israeli travelers use to fund their trip. 2. What happens when the back packers return home? Do most of them develop a drug habit that becomes difficult to support? 3. Typically to Israeli retunr as tourists to India? Or is the India trip a once in a lifetime thing?
  11. crvlvr

    Flipping Out - Israel's Drug Generation

    dzi, I agree. If it was probably any other country that has 30,000 of these types of tourists "invading" certain areas, there would probably be much hue and cry by the locals. Also, it was interesting to note that some of them felt more comfortable in India and did not want to go back. One guy stated he had been in India for 5 years. And to think of the big fuss that is made on the boards about over staying 180 day visas.
  12. crvlvr

    Flipping Out - Israel's Drug Generation

    Although, I would have the liked the documentary to focus more on the impact these tourists are having on the locals.
  13. crvlvr

    Flipping Out - Israel's Drug Generation

    That pretty much sums it up for me. The kind of trauma and stress that the young kids have to go to must be incredible -- especially when they did not have a choice to not sign up. Further, ( have never been to Israel) it would seem like everyone is always on edge in the country due to random acts of violence. The only way to escape is to get out. Given that Israelis are not allowed to visit almost any of their neighboring countries, India appears to be a logical choice. I would love to watch the documentary. But got the same "only available in UK" message Good news, I found this on youtube. can someone confirm if it is the same doc? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Cd0jks1huk
  14. crvlvr

    Gurkhas Hand Back Medals In Protest

    freeloaders or not, I think the real issue is that they are being treated differently than British soldiers.
  15. crvlvr


    I second Shashank's spelling for Flores. Here is my rendition of AERNAUT (ARNOUT)