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  1. malkers

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Happy Birthday Jyoti. Gosh you must be very old now!
  2. malkers

    Look Out.... Only 2 Months To Go!

    Afraid not Jyoti but likely to be there for a few days in April if the business picks up enough, will be sure to let you know if I do of course!
  3. malkers

    Look Out.... Only 2 Months To Go!

    Aw, sad about Haroon, I had no idea. Thats one chap that packed a lot into his life so it shouldn't be measured by years, I think he was 73 or 74 as he celebrated his 70th birthday whilst we were there! Also sad was the tragic death of Gina Braganza last weekend, wife of Carlton and co-owner of the Opus brand of restaurants and hotel, sat on a rooflight that gave way, just 37 years old and a beautiful person! But the show goes on, can't bloody wait to touch down in Bangalore again after a long 3 years away! Malc
  4. malkers

    Digital Camera Or Camcorder, Both Or 2 In 1?

    I'll second that, I have one and it is brilliant, I won't bother with a camcorder ever again, pictures and video are supreme quality, if going on a long holiday though you might want a handful of 16gb SDHC cards as the video uses the memory very quickly!
  5. The chap filming this is the guy that taught me to fly, he goes to India every winter now and I hope to join him for this the next time, stunning scenery, make sure you hit the HQ button! Cheers Malc
  6. malkers

    I Am Ashamed And Very Upset!

    Well, in a world full of doom and gloom don't we just need a feelgood story like this to cheer us up! Thanks for the update BDR and well done for sticking with it!
  7. malkers

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Thanks folks, not much excitement happening today but had a nice day out yesterday in the gorgeous sunshine and a successful gig last night too. Have to do some office work today but taking tomorrow off as if it were my birthday (weather is warmer and less windy) and taking to the skies in my contraption to do a bit of aerial photography and video! Cheers Malc
  8. malkers

    Challenge Us!

    I just remembered about these guys so thought I'd find out how their challenges went. Seems they did pretty well and had quite an adventure too! http://www.youtube.com/user/101challenges
  9. malkers

    Facebook Knicker Protest In India

    Yes, I just noticed a couple of you had! Maybe I should join too!
  10. malkers

    Facebook Knicker Protest In India

    This made me chuckle! http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20090211/twl-fa...ia-3fd0ae9.html If you have a Facebook account then the following link will open up the group discussed in the news article! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4964...&ref=share#
  11. Back in 06 in Infantry Road in Bangalore we were stopped at the traffic lights in an auto and a little girl was doing acrobatics and jumping through a hoop on the road side, then she came to me with her bowl and she had the most remarkable piercing blue eyes almost like they had been painted. So I wrote a song about her Little Girl Little girl, little girl you know your timing Down by the traffic lights you do your thing Little girl sees me with her blue eyes shining Jumps through a hoop, she can dance and sing But run run, the policeman is coming Run run he will take you away Run run and don’t stop running You’ll be back again along this way Little girl, little girl where’s your mummy? Down at the liquor store to buy her drink Spending all your hard earnt money On gin and whiskey don’t it make you think? Run run, the policeman is coming Run run he will take you away Run run and don’t stop running You’ll be back again along this way You can’t get away, you can’t run away You’ll be living out your life like this It’s a tragedy to see your agony And all the wonderful things you’ll miss Harmonica Solo (Am) Little girl, little girl it’s not funny To see you doing all the things you do Little girl I won’t give you money But I’ll come back with some fruit for you Run run, the policeman is coming Run run he will take you away Run run and don’t stop running You’ll be back again along this way Run run, the policeman is coming Run run he will take you away Run run and don’t stop running You’ll be back again along this way © Shipp / Levan September 2008 And here is a vid of me and my band performing the song in Bristol last night. Hope you like it, sound quality not to special and I fluffed the 2nd verse up a little, will post a properly recorded one soon! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=n9r-GVy_VeY Cheers Malc
  12. malkers

    Slumdog Millionaire

    well, although it is set in India, mostly filmed in Mumbai, contains 99.9% Indians, its actually a British film!
  13. malkers

    Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

    Hardly surprising really, I don't know a single person tht could afford it, well maybe John.Sw
  14. Thought you might enjoy this, this is the chap that taught me to fly, he's currently in Bangalore and doing lots of flying by the seems of it, also offering pleasure rides with his trike if any Bangaloreans fancy that!! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=YiHbEPAGTAg&...re=channel_page , if you have good internet speed be sure to click the high quality button! Oh and the theme park in the vid is Wonder La out on the Mysore Road, there are a few other vids there too which you'll see on the right! Cheers Malc
  15. malkers

    Slumdog Millionaire

    Well he does have a bit of a point, it's hardly a film that would boost tourism I guess but for those of us who've travelled India it brings back some wonderful memories!