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  1. Drop us a line on vandy@upnaway.com

  2. john.sw

    Bangalore Meetup

    I've just got back from Bangalore! Olive Beach for Easter Brunch.... Shiro for sushi... The Only Place for steak... The Oberoi for breakfast and lunch... Empire for kebabs... Opus for music, booze and dancing... Guzzlers Inn for beer... I'm exhausted, so no more Bangalore for me for a while!
  3. john.sw

    Cost For Hiring Car And Driver

    It depends on the size of the vehicle, but, for instance, a Chevrolet Tavera or Toyota Qualis should cost around Rs.8/- per kilometer. Foreigners are expected to pay a little more!
  4. john.sw

    Shout Box

    Hi guys and gals! OK, let's keep The India Tree alive! Chetan is going to help us by moving the whole site to a new host in the USA. The one I use in the UK is prohibitively expensive. I will have to buy the new software, and there will be a bit of disruption as the domain name and content are moved to the new server, but please bear with us... Thanks for all your support - I look forward to seeing you on the Tree when it is safely installed at its new home!
  5. john.sw

    Car And Driver Prices

    My parents used Namaste India Tours, based in Delhi, and were quite happy with them.
  6. john.sw

    Nice Nationalpark Near Trivandrum

    I think that Periyar is the closest. It is near Thekkedy, and well worth a visit. There is a wonderful lake in the tiger reserve and you can also visit spice plantations, go trekking and stock up on spices in the local shops!
  7. john.sw

    The Khajuraho Sex Temples.

    Yes - Roger's VR Tours are amazing - I would love to make some around here, but I'm afraid that I'm not clever enough!
  8. john.sw

    Going To Kerala

    Thrissur Pooram is the biggest, as far as I know.
  9. john.sw

    Indore Fort

    Wonderful stuff, Roger. I just wish that I could do something similar here in the Nilgiris!
  10. john.sw

    Real Surprise

    Yes, but all is not well. Food inflation - something that really hits the poorer members of society - is running at 15%. The price of potatoes has doubled in the last 12 months. It makes no difference to most people if the price of an iPhone doubles, but food inflation is a huge worry.
  11. john.sw

    Floods In Ooty?

    Thanks for your kind thought, Somerset. We live 30km from Ooty, on the plains, so we have a totally different climate. Ooty is actually 1 mile higher than we are! It seems that the Hill Stations have taken quite a battering, and landslips have caused many deaths... Read More
  12. john.sw

    Setting Up House

    Get the beds delivered in a three-wheeler! We pay about Rs.1000 for a delivery from Mysore, 100km away, so it shouldn't cost too much. You can always get a good discount on refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. I contacted a few places near here and managed to get our new fridge 20% below MRP! Even Big Bazaar and More! were happy to give discounts off their advertised prices. Happy shopping.
  13. john.sw

    Please Introduce Yourself!

    We're arriving in Goa on 15 December... Chris Rea? Is that Ghetto House or UK Hard House?
  14. john.sw

    Anyone Visiting Ooty?

    I was there today - at the dentist!
  15. john.sw

    House Boat

    For houseboats in Kerala, contact Jenny at www.cochinkerala.com the Kettuvallam are moored at Alleppey.