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  1. Sanjiv Sood


    Upfront it's a very modish property virtue of being the latest (2016) in the Kolkata market. It almost gives you the feel of newly launched jewellery showroom with all the glitterati of chrome finish hangings and brilliant props. The All-Day Dining restaurant was pretty well setup with 4 distinct kitchens catering an array of World and Indian cuisines. The variety and the arrangement were truly hearty and enticing, though, the quality of buffet stuff wasn't above any regular buffet of a competing 5 star. However, a special word of praise for the outstanding desserts and the patisserie, it takes the cake. The waffle counter too was indeed a tribute to Abe Doumar!! That's where I splurged in the end. Going back to the variety question, buffets are a real trying proposition. Forget what to have, one can’t even try everything. The options outweigh your desires and ability. Thus, I tried some of the most basic items from the Indian section first, the Dal Makhani and Mutton Rogan Josh. I am a believer in the culinary fact: one can judge the quality of food of any institution by trying out the most basic preparation. In Chinese a simple and popular Sweet Corn Chicken soup can tell the entire story of the kitchen hands expertise. As a thumb rule I did not go with a pent up expectation from buffet. Thus, I would say that the fare was just about above average. On the flip side at 899++ for Lunch and 999++ for Dinner, which of course are promotional rates, this buffet is far too good to miss out on, while it is there. The interesting stuff is always in the A La Carte menu and Chef’s specials, for which, I had reserved a section and must say that I don’t commend myself for it. The Lamb dish with Asparagus and Cherry tomatoes on side was truly delicious in sight and prep. The lamb was juicy and smoky as well as surely char grilled to perfection. After this I gave a shot to the live pasta counter and tried a well made and a very robust seafood pasta, which also was a delight. In all it is a welcome addition to the Kolkata Epicurean map and surely many more outlets are planned out here, including a specialty Asian restaurant, night club and a rooftop lounge. Overall a rather prestigious change Kolkata deserved to have. A line to compliment the service is most deserving and the entire gamut of the hierarchy are bent on displaying that true to their breed and virtue of being a rated property. Kolkata, we are beginning to get happening.
  2. Sanjiv Sood

    MamaGoto in Kolkata

    MamaGoto Much anticipated MAMAGOTO has created quite a deep stir in the Kolkata’s Dining-Out space. My first take is on that name. ‘MAMAGOTO’ itself has something quirky about it that stirs up the imagination of a prospect to Go To!! And trust me the imagination meets up with reality in the form of a very quirky exterior and an even quirkier interior. An interesting experiment you must try after you’ve been there; tell someone who hasn’t heard of it before “I went to MamaGoto” sure enough you will hear the word “MamaGoto” repeated by the listener. Now try that again with a Golden Dragon. The first impressions, scores are rather high…The design team has done an exceptional job of the space. MAMAGOTO has almost earned a legacy status among the food connoisseurs of Delhi. I’m sure the Delhites here would agree. Although there is no dearth of Asian/Oriental outlets in Kolkata and over that the market has tough ham shackles to be dealt due to its own home bred Chinese. MamaGoto was a welcome change waiting to happen. Name, fame, location, interiors, service and affordability aren’t enough to earn the patronage of Kolkata’s nobility; end of the day it has to be the food. MamaGoto brings out the best in Asian cuisines with a super quick order to delivery timing. No more ‘saliwaiting’. Even in a sardine-packed Sunday afternoon, one doesn’t have to wait!! Although, if you walk-in as a guest it could be over an hour to get a table. Starters were on the table in less than a jiffy. Trust me it‘s very important when you are undergoing pangs and salivating in expectation. Every second passes with a curse. For starters, the Basil Cup Chicken is prettily packed in lettuce boats were really flavorful and filling as well. I quite liked their Honey glazed chicken as well, which was quite different and is coated in a punch of fiery and soothing honey well balanced. Icing on the cake fortunately was not a dessert but their celebrated “ Chiang Mai Train Station Noodle” Again this name conjures up an imagination and if yours is fertile you would surely be in Thai countryside. This one dish lives up to my expectation of a perfect Coconut milk based curry. It was wholesome and unlike a Khaoksuey comes ready to eat, but, you do get accompaniments to beef it up further with some chilly / lime / peanuts and burnt garlic. It was utterly Lip Smacking and will surely take me back again soon for ‘once more’ for the Chiang Mai Station Noodle
  3. Sanjiv Sood

    Vegetarian Enlightenment

    Vegetarian Enlightenment I chanced upon a quote from none another than the Enlightened Great Albert Einstein. “Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” The startling thing is that one can’t be more far removed than him in the subject of Food. I may never evolve into a vegetarian, but having been an extremely hardcore non-vegetarian for the past half a century, I am slowly getting there. Well, if not getting there, I am certainly getting more enlightened to its varied advantages and also appreciating its flavour as a hard core foodie. As a self-respecting gourmand I have realized rather late the myth that a vegetarian gourmet spread cannot be as much a wholesome culinary experience as ‘Carnivore’ affair in Nairobi. I owe this lateral shift to two fabulous experiences in the past month. One at my sisters place who introduced us to a vegetarian ‘Pahadi’ cuisine from the Himachal region and the other was at the home of a friend who created what I would say a Michelin experience at the Bajoria’s home, that too packing the entire evening with 10 different Vegetarian starter dishes, each one a killer. I will post about that later in detail another time. Lets delve into the ‘Pahadi stuff for now. Every region in India has a distinct vegetarian tradition which is cooked as parallel to its Non vegetarian counterpart. Just as much, every region also has a parallel Muslim delicacies to counter the Hindu / Brahmin cuisine. Himachal cuisine is a bit removed to this practice, as there isn’t much or rather zero influence of Mughal/ Muslim traditions in the region. The upper regions of Himachal does have a tradition of Non vegetarian dishes which I have yet to explore. Sangeeta made the evening special as she even organized some traditional Thalis and managed to give the experience a truly traditional flavour by getting small knick-knacks, which created an ambience of the region. Traditional Pahadi – 1) Instant Raw mango and onion PICKLE called ‘NIMKI’ –Sliced raw mango and onions in Mustard oil with salt red chillies and Kalonji ( Nigella seeds) 2) A refreshing CHUTNEY – called ‘CHACHA’ - Raw mango, Mint, Curd green chilli with a dash of coriander leaves minced together with pinches of the traditional Masalas. 3) Sweet and Salt gravy Chutney ‘GUDAMBA’ – Whole Raw mangoes cooked till tender and flavoured with Jeera powder and sweetened And the usual I) Sliced Ginger with split green chillies in Lemon juice and salt II) Pickled Button onions III) The Traditional Smashed onions with the skin and squashed to remove juice and raw green chillies DISHES All dishes have a lot of Coriander powder along with all other masalas of course and lot of ‘Hing’ Asafoetida added when cooking and are topped with lot of Coriander leaves. All are cooked in curd based gravy, which require skill and timing. 1) Black lentils with Kidney beans – MAA KI DAAL – Cooked in ‘Mustard’ oil and to it was added COAL Burnt red hot in a mesh case and Asafoetida liquid poured over it. No Tomatoes or Cream but instead some curd was added to the onion ginger garlic 'tadka' 2) Chick peas in Curd – ‘MANDRA’ – This one is in Pure Ghee - A tricky one to do as the curd needs to be stirred continuously on high flame till it starts boiling – and then pre boiled chickpeas are added – The Masalas have lot more of Dry Coriander powder along with Garam masala etc. 3) ‘JIMIKAND’ – Cooked in the traditional Pahadi style gravy made of DRY COCONUT called ‘GUTT’ little onions, green chiliies, coriander leaves, curd and DRY AMLA to add the sour taste along with all masalas ground together and cooked in Coconut oil. Almost tastes like a Mutton dish….wow 4) Special RICE Dish – ‘BALAI’ - Rice with ‘BADI’ ( Not sure what it would be called in English) traditionally cooked in a gravy of butter milk– the water that you get when butter is made from malai ) – She just used Curd and a bit of malai as now you don’t get Makhan from packaged milk. DESSERT: Absolutely Marvelous. 1) Traditional KADDU HALWA – flavoured with ground cardamom and garnished with Cashew Nuts and KISHMISH topped with silver foil.
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    Vegetarian Enlightenment

    Vegetarian Enlightenment...Pahadi Food from Himachali Hills!!
  10. Sanjiv Sood

    Heritage Food

    Since early 1900’s, over 110 years since the Nayeem's/ Monem's built their Calcutta home, the legacy of their culinary skills and connoisseur habits still continue. The sprawling heritage building on Rawdon Street that still house some of the Nayeem/Monem brothers is almost a relic now, but years ago it used to be a throbbing epicenter of culinary delicacies that the East Indian Mughlai food is celebrated for. I captioned this as ‘Heritage Food’ because: although clone of this food is abundantly available in Calcutta's many restaurants, but the real, to die for is hard to come by unless it is from a family that has reared the art and conveyed its legacy through the times. The Khansamas are commendable too, they have lived there for generations, reposing their trust and faithfulness towards the family and preserved the legacy of the delicacies through times. Seher our hostess was on her toes all 3 hours of our festivity like a bee running errands to and fro the kitchen. The summer heat was no deterrent rather it boosted the desire to do complete justice to the spread. Jaffer took interest in explaining the history of all he prized skulls and stuffed heads of Tigers / Deers etc that adorned the walls. Especially the real big kill a 14' Foot Bengal Tiger which still looked majestic as it was. The spread was basic Calcutta Mutton Biryani sans the Egg though! Mutton Korma, Chicken Champ and Shammi Kebabs. It was just the right variety in wholesome quantity. Each item was a delicacy in its own right and one could say nothing but devour the perfection of the cooking and delicate flavours. Proof of the pudding can be seen in one of the snaps, that could be half a Kg of Meat bones!! It was one of those great evenings wherein I could not find any if’s or buts nor could I have said “had it been better this way or that way”, nor any such comment about the food, although being quite capable of doing it to a Michelin Star Chef’s spread.
  11. Sanjiv Sood

    Ramzan and Eid

    Salaaaaaaam Suresh Mia!!   Pista House nahi ...to no problem.... apna haath Jagganath.  I take a bow. Thanks for the gesture, I truly appreciate this, shall surely take shots of the result and post for you.     
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    Hi ! That seems like a nice Biryani. Are you from Hyderabad?   I was rather disappointed to have Paradise Biryani on my visit to Hyderabad last week. That Biryani was good for nothing. It seems even the most 'supposedly' famous/talked about places, that is thronged by a huge footfall, can't afford to cook up an authentic Biryani.   I used to frequent a place called Nayagra (near Charminar Area) cant remember the name correctly though. That place would serve something truly delicious. Wonder if its still around. Any more places worth the salt in Hyderabad. Please suggest for posterior. 
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    Imagined   Yeh kya tha? Intrigued. Sangria as in the Cocktail with Red Wine, Cut Fruits etc.