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  1. Cartwright

    Indian Nouvelle Cuisine

    Talking about Nouvelle Cuisine, has anyone heard of Nisha Katona? She's the [url="http://hungryhouse.co.uk/blog/nisha-katona-home-cooks-recipe-for-success/"]new face of British Indian cooking[/url] and is leading a charge to change the cooking habits of Curry lovers across the UK, so that we move from using pre-made Curry gloop from a jar and instead opt for whipping up our own curry recipes using just a few tricks and simple ingredients from the local supermarkets!
  2. Cartwright

    Giving to Beggars

    I never give to beggars. I'd rather give to a recognised, official charity that works with the poor children.
  3. Cartwright

    Indian breakfast

    Absolutely, Indian cooking is delicious and I've recently taken to having Lentil Soups for breakfast to get my day started!
  4. Cartwright

    Mulled Wine

    The best Mulled Wine I've ever tried is right here in Germany, at the famous Christmas Markets.
  5. Cartwright

    How to break an egg - a simple method

    And once you cracked the perfect egg; - Now to make the perfect Omelette!
  6. Cartwright


    Thanks, although I'll leave out the peanut as I'm allergic!
  7. Cartwright

    Salsas: My way

    Thanks for the recipe, although does the recipe suffer if you don't use the two shots of tequilla?
  8. Cartwright

    Italian Food

    I put a little twist on the traditional lasagne recipe, I used edam cheese and Rose wine. It goes down well at parties I can assure you!
  9. Cartwright

    Biggest Sushi attempt

    Hmm Chicken Rice, that's my favourite Sushi item..
  10. Cartwright


    Stop it, all of those beach bars are making me very jealous!
  11. Cartwright

    London & England

    That's a nice hotel Bar. The worst one I have experienced was in Prague, because we weren't allowed to bring food in - even though they weren't selling any food for us to eat instead!
  12. I thought the oldest Indian restaurant in the UK was the Hindoostanee restaurant that was opened in the 1800's. I might be wrong, wiki is not being my friend today!
  13. Cartwright

    My Vacation in Europe

    Thanks for sharing your pictures, It's always beena dream of mine to go backpacking and hiking in Switzerland.
  14. Cartwright

    Green Tea Good for Health..

    Yes Green tea is great for your health, I prefer lemongrass and dragonfire tea though myself.
  15. Cartwright

    Indian Nouvelle Cuisine

    There are a number of British Indian restaurants cooking great Nouvelle Indian cuisine, especially up there in Scotland!