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  1. Very disappointing not 1 member from this site could acknowledge my Xmas & New Year wishes. I appreciate many Non Christian Indians may not celebrate Xmas but surely the Majority would definetly celebrate New Year, So therefore the ALL EXPENSES PAID All India Culinary Extravaganza I was going to OFFER TO THE FIRST 3 MEMBERS (and a friend of each member) who responded, will no longer happen, instead I will now donate the money allocated for this unforgettable Luxury Culinary Experience to a worthwhile Charity in each of the cities I was considering visiting. Here is the list of the Accommodations I had intended using for this special occasion; Kolkata - Lucknow - Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Jodhpur - Udaipur - Mumbai - Kochi - Allepey -
  2. A very Merry Christmas and a joyful and prosperous New Year to everyone. Made a batch of Masala Chilli Crabs, will post in Indian Cuisine section.
  3. The Mrs went out to dinner with her girlfriends which left me to fend for myself. On Friday a friend from work who hails from Hyderabad was kind enough to give a container of some authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani, it was SENSATIONAL, right up there with the best Biriyanis I have had the pleasure of consuming. So while the wife went to dinner, I had this Biriyani, with Gujarati Choondo Chutney and coriander & chilli pickle.
  4. First time Iv'e heard of this fruit Chikoo (Chiku), Must give it a go next time when in India. Yes matey, banana smoothies are great.
  5. Chetan mate, can you take out the second picture in my post please, I have not been able to do it when I edit the post,thanks.
  6. My favourite without any doubt is the Mango. Mango season has just now started here in OZ. BRING IT ON !!!!
  7. I had some great snacks at both the Bowring Institute and the Indiranagar Club. The drinks weren't too bad either.
  8. Here you go mate, have a look. I put everything together myself. Kerala Tour 2016 - Paul Vanderputt.pdf
  9. Thanks Gordon for the Trip Report, very nice pics too. I'm also a bit of a Whisky man. I too stopped in at that Latiha Mahal Palace Hotel in Mysore for Lunch, had the Silver Thali (excellent) and had a fantastic Kulfi ice cream for dessert.
  10. G'day Matey, Bangalore is not factored into my next trip to India but who knows things could change. I have put together a small group Private Tour to Kerala which looks likely to happen, will be around beginning of September 2016.
  11. I recently took some Indian Sweets for my Dad who is now in an aged care home, he loved them.
  12. Now that's what I call a Pizza, thin crust which means I can eat more pieces compared to the thicker crusts which I can usually eat only 2 pieces.
  13. First of all my heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to you both on the new arrival, hope all is well. Re the reheating of the Biriyani, may I suggest you reheat in the oven with tin foil over the top so that it doesn't dry out, maybe also have a bowl of water in the oven during this process. Some pics would be nice, enjoy your day and I hope Piyush will be assisting not just with the food but also with the Arjun's dyper changing, haa haa.
  14. I wish I had the time to do a similar exercise as you MFP, just didn't have the time, but I have thought of this before. Please try my Burfi recipe, it's a rip snorter.
  15. Lately the wife has been adding Lentils when she makes home made vegetable soup, Love it and makes a change to adding barley. She does not make it spicy though, I just add a spoonful of pickle to my bowl of soup to liven it up.