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  1. Fanchon

    Dal payasam

    Here's the recipe : Ingredients: 1/2 cup Split Bengal Gram (Chana Dal) 1 cup grated Coconut (Khopra/Narial) 4 tblsp Clarified Butter (Ghee) 1 cup Jaggery 5 crushed Cardamoms 2 tblsp chopped Coconut (Khopra/Narial) 5 Cashewnut (Kaju) How to make channa dal payasam: Wash and soak the gram. Melt a part of the ghee in a pan , add the coconut pieces and fry till golden brown over a medium flame drain, remove and keep aside. In the same ghee add the cashew nuts and over a low flame fry till golden brown and keep aside. Extract coconut milk by soaking the grated coconut in about half a cup of hot water for 10 minutes and then pass the mixture through a strainer. Boil the gram in a sauteuse with just sufficient water to cook the gram. When the gram is cooked add the jaggery and the coconut milk. Cook till the mixture is thick stirring once in a while so that it does not get burnt.(make sure the mixture does not become very thick, it should be of pouring consistency). Add the remaining ghee and the cardamoms. mix thoroughly. Serve garnished with the fried coconut pieces and the cashew nuts.
  2. Welcome back Fanchon! Been a long time, looking forward to your posts!

    1. Fanchon


      Thank you Chetan ! It's good to check your posts again !

  3. Fanchon

    Apple Custard

    Are these cucumbers ?
  4. Fanchon

    Paneer Tikka

    I used to love paneer and I could make it at home but once got very sick on the bus (Delhi-Shimla) after eating palak paneer for diner !
  5. Fanchon

    Chicken Tikka Roll

    Looks yummy !
  6. Fanchon

    Dal payasam

    Hi Lady,   Thank you for your answer (and sorry I'm replying so late : I was on hols, then I had a three week training course) . I checked Chana Dal Payasam and yes this could be what I'm looking for, so I'd be very thankful if you could post your recipes
  7. Fanchon

    Dal payasam

    One of my favourite Indian dessert is sweet brown dal : it looks creamy like dal makhani but it tastes like kheer. Does anyone have a recipe for this?
  8. Fanchon

    Perfect Basmati Rice Every Time....

    I use Tilda basmati, do you think it's good quality?
  9. Fanchon

    What we drank recently

    Sheep Dip is one of my favourite whiskies :-) http://spencerfield.wordpress.com/sheep-dip/
  10. Fanchon

    Belgian food

    Here is another popular recipe in Belgium : Tomates Crevettes You need (serves 4) 300 g grey shrimps (peeled) 3 tbsp mayonnaise 4 large tomatoes (firm) tbsp fresh parsley Wash the tomatoes, remove the stem and cut off the top slice. Remove the pips and the flesh. Mix the shrimps with the mayonnaise, add the chopped parsley and stir. Put the mixture into the tomatoes and top them with the slice you cut. Dress a place with green salad, grated carrots and sliced boiled eggs. Put the tomatoes on the bed of salad & serve with French fries or French bread (baguette)
  11. Fanchon

    Italian Food

    CONCHIGLIE DI MARE 4OO gr big conchiglie 300 gr mixed seafood 1 clove garlic 1 small carot 5 celery leaves 20 cl cream 50 cl broth (veg or chicken) 50 gr grated parmesan cheese 2 tbsp olive oil Salt & pepper cornstarch Mince the garlic, carrot and celery leaves( you can use a kitchen robot for this) . Heat the olive oil in a pan & fry them for about 1 min. Add the broth & the cream and bring to the boil until it thickens a little . (You can use a little cornstarch to thicken the sauce) Add the seafood. Cook the pasta al dente then stuff them with the seafood. Put these in a plate, sprinkle with parmesan & cook in oven 5 min at 200° .
  12. Fanchon

    Hi !

    Apparently I can't upload bmp files, only jpeg ...
  13. Fanchon

    Hi !

    Ok, thx for the info :-)
  14. Fanchon

    Hi !

    Thank you Chetan, I actually had difficulties in uploading my profile picture ( the ones i selected were too heavy or not the right format...) I haven't checked the gallery yet . I'll go & see first and if I need help, I'll call you ok? [img]http://www.gourmetindia.com//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]