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  1. Welcome to Gourmet India kullukid :)

  2. kullukid

    Hello Strangers!

    Wow lucky you & miniyou, sounds wonderful. Have fun! Namaskarji Priya. KK
  3. kullukid

    Hello Strangers!

    Namaskarji Iwanna, I was in India most of Jan/Feb Delhi (dinner with Jyoti Da) -Varanasi-Mcleod Ganj-Rewalsar Lake-Haridwar (Kumbh Mela) Rishikesh-Delhi flight to Chennai Mahabalipuram- Kanchipuram-Thiruvannamalai-Varkala-Kovalam. Mrs KK's trying to get rid of me & keeps suggesting I go again in September, but not sure yet, awaiting India's Call! :indiaflag: KK
  4. kullukid

    Hello Strangers!

    As long as The Indiatree hasn't kicked the bucket, that's all that matters. KK
  5. kullukid

    Hello Strangers!

    Namaste! How are you all. Just stumbled upon this, I thought it was all over I must have misread something somewhere at some point?? Anyway great to find you all alive & kicking. :yahoo: :yahoo: :party: KK
  6. kullukid

    Shout Box

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Gone India! KK
  7. kullukid

    Nice Backwaters Near Trivandrum

    Good Vibrations! KK
  8. kullukid

    Nice Backwaters Near Trivandrum

    Same Same,but different! It's the Himalaya's that keep drawing me back, like a magnet. KK
  9. kullukid

    Nice Backwaters Near Trivandrum

    Just Kerala, Ive been North 5 times since then.KK
  10. kullukid

    Nice Backwaters Near Trivandrum

    However much they can squeeze out of you!! It's 10yrs since I was in Kerala, so I wouldn't like to hazard a guess. KK
  11. kullukid

    Nice Backwaters Near Trivandrum

    Try the backwaters on the road between Trivandrum & Kovalam. Best to get to Kovalam & ask for backwaters, someone will take you there, the boatmen will usually drop you off on one of the islands with a guide who will walk to the other end with you pointing out varies flora fauna spices etc. KK
  12. kullukid

    Good Coffee House In Trivandrum

    Try the famous spiral Indian Coffee House in the centre of Trivandrum. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurie_Baker
  13. kullukid

    Delhi, D'sala, Kumbh, Chennai, Andamans

    Hi Conor, I've just been told on another forum that all the hotels are infested with rats, that climb on your bed at night,something Mrs KK won't be happy with since I've told her that it's like the Seychelles. What's your experience regarding rats in your room??? We are planning on staying at Wild Orchid on Havelock, how do they fair on the ratometer??? KK
  14. kullukid

    Rent A Baby

    You've got to laugh or else you cry!! You are right it's not funny, nor is it something new, this as been going on in India for a long time.KK
  15. Wow!! Great photo's Somnath. They've given me itchy feet! KK