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  1. lady_on_recipe_hunt


  2. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    Food Photo blog II

    My last Saturday lunch...Buckwheat sambar with lots of vegetables, Kalijeera rice, small piece of griddle fried Bangda. Vegetable loaded Buckwheat sambar in Preparation stage.
  3. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    Random Stuff

      Yesterday night I made salad by adding kadhai roasted black beans, it was very tasty...I had to cut extra lettuce because my daughter and husband asked for extra serving...black beans made the difference. This was my first time to add black beans to salad, I remembered Phodni  talking about taste of black beans so sharing this salad image which I packed yesterday for lunch. I repeated it for dinner by adding some tofu cubes and today again packed salad with some variation, added great northern beans and  pan roasted chili lime tofu cubes. This recipe I will share separately.   Salad is made with Cherry Roma tomatoes+ lettuce +  chopped cilantro + sauteed onions & black beans with hing and turmeric, green chili  seasoning.      
  4. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    Samoon - Iraqi flat bread from Baghdad Bakery

      Chetan, This is wonderful tasting bread, people who make it are very hard working and passionate, they start at 4 a.m and stop baking at 4.p.m. This bread makes very special impression because one get to see the baking process.   I have good recipes for pav bhaji, I  prepare it in two ways one is with potato and one without potato also one is butter free pav bhaji where I add red capsicum and color pepper infused olive oil.  I have taken several images but never shared them, let us start new thread...I will pull all of them from my folders and share with recipes.
  5. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    Samoon - Iraqi flat bread from Baghdad Bakery

    This is Iraqi bread Samoon from our local Baghdad Bakery. This beautifully shaped bread is baked in  the brick oven which is  set open in the shop. Customers can see the rising bread  through  the small oven window. It takes around 8 minutes to finish baking one batch of bread. Sesame seeds are sprinkled just before sliding them into the oven.  It is made with flour, yeast, water and salt.  I am enjoying this bread with veg & non veg curries, pav bhaji, made  different sandwiches.      
  6. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    Guess what?

    sounds amazing!     Thanks Suresh, I > posted chutney  recipe. I will soon prepare this chutney and add more images.
  7. This Onion and Plum chutney was made to go with vegetable spring rolls. It is infused with ginger and mango ginger, flavored with chat and Jaljeera masala. You can serve this chutney with any chat dish. This chutney recipe is created by keeping in mind senior citizen crowd.       Ingredients :- 1 + 3/4 Cup - Chopped onion 6-7 - Plums 1/3 Cup - chopped mango ginger pieces with skin. 1/3 Cup - chopped ginger. 1 Tbsp - Chat Masala 1 Tsp - Jaljeera Masala 1/2 Tsp - cumin seeds 1 Tbsp - Agave nectar or honey (optional) 1/3 heaping cup - organic jaggery powder or brown sugar. 1/4 Tsp - red chilli powder ( add more for  extra heat.) 1/4 Tsp - Turmeric powder 2 Tbsp - cooking oil ( I used rice bran oil.) 1 Cup - water or more as per desired consistency.   How to prepare onion Plum chutney :- Combine chopped ginger and mango ginger in a small jar, grind to coarse texture without adding water. Cut plums into small pieces, remove seeds. In a medium size pot (2.5 quart minimum)heat 2 tbsp oil, add 1/2 tsp cumin seeds, sizzle for 15 - 20 seconds. Quickly add chopped onions, saute over medium heat for 8-10 minutes, stirring often. Add 1/4 tsp red chilli powder, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder and  ginger-mango ginger mixture. Mix all well. Stir fry over high heat for two minutes, stirring often. Now add sliced plums, mix and continue to cook until plums are softened. Add 1 tbsp chat masala, 1 tsp Jaljeera masala, 1/3 heaping cup jaggery, mix and continue to cook for another 4-5 minutes over medium heat. Puree chutney by using immersion blender. Add around 1 Cup water. mix well, continue to simmer over medium low heat for 4-5 minutes. Check  the taste, add more chili powder for extra heat. I added 1 tbsp agave nectar to balance sweetness. If plums are too sweet then you may add 1/2 tsp vinegar to balance sweet and sour taste.
  8. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    murg kali mirch

      EarnesTaster, Thanks for your kind words...It was a long break...cooking never stops but my online visits and sharing affected, I should have been little aggressive and kept my participation on. Last  I used  Chia seeds  in Watermelon rind Halva and in  sattvic sabzi...that is on the list to share. About the top garnish, I am always inspired from the content and images posted on gourmetindia.
  9. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    Guess what?

      That is almost close, I have used spring roll pastry sheets. After making around 40 spring rolls I was left with 10 sheets...first two I deep fried like papadam, next two I tried to give some shape by making knot...then for remaining two I inserted  one ripe chili, green beans and in the last one I packed few curry leaves.   Sauce/Chutney  in the image is made with Plums,onion,ginger, Mango ginger, Chat masala, Jal jeera masala, organic jaggery powder. Plums were used to avoid tamarind. This chutney has approval seal from senior citizens.      
  10. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    Guess what?

      Chetan, There is no rice flour but wheat flour is used to make them, I have not made them at home, It was a pack of 50, after using around 40 I played around with remaining  square sheets. Now you have more clue, few years back I have posted image of this appetizer along with sauce.
  11. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    Guess what?

      Answer is not really difficult...it is not pasta dough. These knots are deep fried, I was surprised to see crisp texture at knot junction after frying ... Sheets are not home made. Let one more answer come then I share more images. This fun activity was done after I finished   preparing (                        ) This can be very good appetizer item after few more tweaks and garnishes.
  12. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    Guess what?

    What is used to make these knots / bows?     
  13. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    Help me recreate KFC's Fiery Grilled Chicken at home

    ebirbal, thanks for sharing the KFC's Indian grilled chicken image. It looks very similar to American version.  You need to add  very little turmeric because there is more yellow color than red or after you add chili powder you may get similar color. You can add onion powder too.   Read this KFC's grilled chicken review.. well written with details, you will get few cooking tips.    Also check this  news article from KFC's website about  introducing better version of grilled chicken.     If bottom chicken portion is not holding spice coating, just turn them..sprinkle some more  seasoning  paste not just powder and broil over high temperature for 2-3 minutes. Do this at end.
  14. lady_on_recipe_hunt

    Parval stir fry with Parsley garnish...Everyday Indian sabzi.

      Thanks Suresh, I have few more stir fry recipes to share which I  cooked in the morning to pack for lunch...short time frame works best to create interesting subzis.