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  1. I saw this video again after over 2 years....HAHAHAHA... This fellow never fails to make me laugh with his antics.  
  2. Pipli is also known as Pipari Mula or PIPALI MUL in Gujarati. It is available in all Ayurvedic medicine (Raw) shops and in USA in Indian Grocery shops .
  3.  Pipal Peepul or pipal , piple tree is Ficus Religiosa  a tree .  
  4. He is from Norway but now international. A friend was planning a chain in Middle east but situations in those countries made it impossible to do so. Now US is a pasture he is looking out for.
  5. Sandeep, Grind 5 grams of Cumin seeds and add it to 50 grams of common salt and mix . Zeerawala Namak is ready.
  6. Anil Bhai, If all goes as expected, we are tying up with a 400 Million group for marketing our products in East coast come April 2015. We are also expecting to rope in one of Europe's top chefs, Per Cristiaan in Norway,for setting up food Botiques all over US starting with Austin, LA and SFO etc.  But the plan is still in discussion stage. Thus things are looking bright !! I am not complaining.!! Chef Hemant Iyer.
  7. Anil Bhai, Great posts and great Photos. You are our Indian Mark Weins.!!
  8. But why they added Saffron color instead of Saffron ? Beats me.
  9. Sheer torture you are giving me Chetan Bhai.....Ahhhhhhh.How I miss Bangaluru.
  10. Having eaten Basmati rice of All Major brands here in USA, I would love to say that I find Kala Jeera of Bangladesh to be  wonderfully delicate in flavor and taste !! It does not overpower your senses but its flavor just captivates the senses. Sweet  taste is just out of this world. Presently I am onto it more than any other rice so far. Those small rotund pearly grains sure pack magic. !!
  11. Anand Desai, Why pity? Do you expect that as soon as you post your appeal for help, people will jump over each other to reply you? patience  is a virtue to be developed my friend. You need to Go to Jamnagr for RAJWADI NA BHAJIYA and Dry Samosa. Mukhwas of hundreds of types in Jamnagar. FAFDA of Rajkot. Bhagat Na Peda Of Rajkot. Kathiawadi Jaman in Ghanteshwar near Rajkot. Vankaner Na Batatawada, Than Na Peda  there are many more of Non Veg dishes that you need to explore  in Ahmedabad . For that, watch FOODIES Video On Ahmedabad.  
  12. Suresh Bhai, It does sound really interesting. I think the real kingpin in the recipe to be Mustard oil. Why not give it a go and see how it tastes and smells ?
  13. Jhalmuri aka Masala Mudi is my MF street food from Kolkata. This is followed by none other than Shingada.
  14. My friend Sadanand Mayya (Ex.MTR Foods) has his own Restaurant now (I believe. It is called Mayya's).