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  1. Durga Pooja festival in Bangalore

    I think this trend in happening across all Ethnic Cuisines of India. I never knew of any fine dining Bengali Restaurant at Kolkata 20 years back. But now there are dozens of such restaurants and doing a rocking business. Similar things are happening for Coorgi, Kerala, Mangalorean and even Naga Cuisine.
  2. hyderabadi kachche gosht(mutton) ki dum biryani recipe

    Thanks for the detailed recipe
  3. Belgian food

    Had great Mussels and Fries at Brugge. But honestly speaking, couldnt understand much of a difference between fries we get here and in Belgium.
  4. Biryanis and Pulaos

    Add a couple of spoons of ghee while cooking and stop cooking just when the rice is 75% done and cover it with a lid.
  5. Doi Mach

    Jyothida...In my version, I avoid using chilli powder and turmeric powder for Doi Maach to ensure a white coloured gravy. I generally add few cracked peppercorns, few red chillies to add get the right levels of spice. If I am cooking for guests, I would add two table spoons of fresh cream towards the end. Your thoughts??
  6. Patoler Dolma

    This is one of the challenging Bengali delicacies, not cooked for a regular meal but for a special occasion spread. I try to look for the large cylindrical shaped fresh Potol/Parwal ([i][b]Trichosanthes dioica[/b][/i] is also known as the [b]pointed gourd[/b]). Clean and scrape the skin very lightly with a blunt knife. Cut the ends and scrape out all the seeds and flesh with the back of a tea spoon. Depending on the filling you choose, Patoler Dolma can be both Non Veg and Veg. Here are some suggestions of filling 1. Mutton Keema sautéed with Onion, Garlic, Tomatoes, Green Chilies 2. Mashed Boneless Rohu sautéed with Onion, Garlic, Tomatoes, and Green Chilies 3. Small Shrimp (Bengali - Kucho Chingri) sautéed with Onion, Garlic, Tomatoes, and Green Chilies 4. Mashed Potato sautéed with Onion, Garlic, Tomatoes, and Green Chilies 5. Paneer (Chana) Bhurji 6. Khoya and Coconut Stuff the potols upto its neck tightly with any of the stuffing and fry it in a mixture of refined oil and ghee. To avoid the filling from spilling out while frying, you can close the open sides with the previously sliced portions of the potol ends and fix it with a tooth pick. Fry it in a low flame till it is golden brown. You can serve this as an appetizer. Alternatively you can make gravy of Onion, Ginger, Tomatoes, Garam Masala, and Hung Curd and simmer the fried stuffed Potols in the gravy. If you are using filling No. 6, fry the Potols in Ghee lightly and immerse it in boiling sugar syrup and cook for a while till it becomes translucent.
  7. Patoler Dolma

    Jyothi Da...if you happen to visit Bangalore...I will cook this for you. In the meanwhile, I am looking for the right sized Patols to cook this delicacy and post some pics. Without pics this recipe is difficult to emulate.
  8. these are much better than the regular white rossogollas unfortunately available for few months in a year
  9. Shark Fry

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    © Raunak

  10. Random Clicks

    I am a novice food photographer. Uploading soem pics to share the recipes with fellow foodies
  11. Omlette

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  12. Almond Croissant

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    The best croissant I tasted in India
  13. Le Cafe ...

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  14. Fresh Catch

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