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  1. edibleindia.com

    Street food!

    I normally, do not indulge in road side foods irrespective of its taste or whatever it is that appeals all and sundry. But sometimes, I tend to act against sound reasonings and logic and give in to their rich taste and aromas. I recently binged on street food, here is a blog post about it, [url="http://www.vindadravid.com/food/fill-me-up-with-junk/"]check it[/url] out people!
  2. edibleindia.com

    Domestic automatic bread makers

    [b] [/b] [quote]Having shifted to Mysore from Mumbai recently, I find a peculiar problem here. Local bakeries sell "sweet bread" when you ask for ordinary bread. Ordinary bread is called "salt bread" and is available but less frequently and one may need to go and ask at different places. I have seen a number of websites that offer automatic breadmakers, mostly American. there are also Japanese and Chinese brands. Some questions: 1. Are they available in India? Where? costs? 2. Which are the best brands, in terms of usage and sturdiness? 3. Do they run on 220V. What about guarantees/warranties? 4. How good are they in practice? I remember an early "washing machine" that came on the market some thirty years ago that was little more than an asymetrical churning machine. It made damn good lassi but it did nothing much about its primary job of washing clothes! One does not wish to spend money on something inherently useless. Hence the query.[/quote] Sharad Bailur
  3. edibleindia.com

    Tandoor Oven construction II

    All Credit to Steve and Gwen Nathan , its their tandoor !
  4. edibleindia.com

    Vidyarthi Bhavan

    The best dosas in the world. Some times sight is stranger than taste ! Address: 32, Gandhi Bazaar Near Gandhi Bazaar Circle Basavanagudi, Bangalore Phone 26677588
  5. edibleindia.com

    Harnik Lollypop

    I remember those Candy cigarettes but cant rember the name.... It just could be this one...
  6. edibleindia.com

    Rasna Drink

    The video... ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"> ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
  7. edibleindia.com


    This one is surprising... well how may of u knew this is shahid kapoor and ayesha takia as kids.... ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
  8. edibleindia.com

    Gold Spot

    And here is the video of the ad I found on you tube,,,,
  9. edibleindia.com

    Food Photo blog II

    What about the Spa cuisine?
  10. edibleindia.com

    what this topic is about

    from wikipedia So people lets get nostalgic...bring out all the good old thing you can remember...but please make sure its related to food & drinks...... and if its closely related to any edible its still eligible in this forum Let's revel in this section with memories of years gone by,...... Quoting this from a friends site.....
  11. edibleindia.com

    Vadilal's Ice cream

    Vadilal's Ice cream this used to be one of the best and then there was dollops.... but both dont exist any more Kwality's rule.... Joy is unknown,,,, Dollops anyone?
  12. edibleindia.com

    Venky's Chicken

    Venky's Chicken ... I ve had it a couple of times... back in the days...wasnt too great,,, but then again... everyones different
  13. edibleindia.com


    Egg ...I love em... But do people really need to advertise?
  14. edibleindia.com

    Taj Hotels

    ....its says for itself...
  15. edibleindia.com

    Dabur ChyawanShakti

    Dabur ChyawanShakti ...seriously did anyone ever taste this? If you did let us know...cause I didnt... Thats good old Mr. Nasir Abdulla ... the one